2001 Alfa Romeo 156 JTD 2.4 from UK and Ireland


Poor radio reception on all bands. The dealer is unable to resolve. I have had a new radio and rear screen fitted, but this has made little difference. I have also noticed that the loan cars are little better.

The interior could be better screwed together. There are a number of panels that are becomming b detached and also rattles developing behind the dash and in the interior light.

General Comments:

The cars drives well. The JTD engine is very quick and economical and always gives over 40MPG on a long fast run.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

2001 Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 TS from Netherlands


Beautiful disaster


When delivered wrong leather colour, grey instead of sand.

After 2 weeks a creaking noise coming from the left front wheel. So far this hasn't been solved.

At 5,000 km all the instruments stopped functioning.

At 17,000 km the engine broke down. I lost all my oil which caused an engine jam. It took 2 months to repair the car.

Oil consumption 1,5 liter/1000km

Oil leaks.

At 18,000 km wipers stopped functioning.

At 25,000 km the gearbox broke down (2nd and 3rd gear). Gearbox replaced.

AT 27,000 km creaky noises all over when driving on bumpy roads. The dealer told me to fix it...

At 34,000 new gearbox noises...

At 37,000 I got rid of the car!

General Comments:

The Alfa Sportwagon is a beautifully designed car to drive. Nice handling, perfect steering, great acceleration and very comfortable.

This was my best drivers car so far.

Unfortunately completely unreliable and badly serviced.

The reason for never buying an Alfa again.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2002

2001 Alfa Romeo 156 TS Sportswagon from UK and Ireland


Think twice before buying the Selespeed version


The steering locked whilst attempting to turn a left hand corner (cold morning auto choke still operative), this occurred twice.

Air conditioning selector button jammed in "on" position.

The gearbox stuck in 2nd gear and would not go into any other gear using either the steering wheel buttons or gear lever.

Unable to get reverse gear intermittantly using s/wheel buttons or g/lever.

General Comments:

The car is very quick, the throaty exhaust sounds great, but does get on your nerves on long journeys.

The cabin is comfortable, but lacking many extras that a car at this price would normally have as standard.

The reverse gear problem is still under investigation.

I brought this car as a grey import. If had paid the full UK price I would be very unhappy with the seemingly high depreciation of these cars.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002

6th Aug 2002, 05:35

Depreciation is generally high on these cars, it must be even higher on the Selespeed version given their awful reliability record...

3rd Sep 2002, 11:08

Yes...have to be honest... very upset with my 156...it will be our last Alfa!!...shoddy motor for price... and lost a packet on depreciation.

10th Sep 2002, 01:08

I too have a problem that the Selespeed gearbox gets stuck in 2nd gear from time to time. I get out of the gear by pressing the City button. I am interested in how you managed to fix this problem?


2001 Alfa Romeo 156 Veloce 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A great looking quality car, erring on the expensive side


The fuse box cover was loose (and kept coming loose even after 2 trips to dealer).

Air conditioning (heating element) did not work from new.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car to drive.

However, we have the Veloce model and have found it difficult to handle in icy conditions. It cannot get up moderate inclines and skids a lot.

Also, with the Veloce model having a lower suspension, it is quite easy to scrape the bottom of the car if going over bumps at any speed.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2002

22nd May 2002, 15:37

Mmmmmmm, loose fuse box cover and dodgy winter handling - sounds familiar!!! I had the misfortune to get stranded in snow in a remote area in my Veloce and had a 3 hour white knuckle ride back home - wide, tyres, low suspension = zero winter grip!! Other than that, what a superb car!

8th Jun 2002, 10:51

No problem with that in Hong Kong. I got a 156 2.0 Selespeed, brilliant car, very fast between 4000-5500 rpm, like a rocket.

But in slow start and stop condition, it does not feel comfortable, but on open road, great car!!

17th Jun 2002, 10:58

What comes to winter handling, I can't say nothing more that it handles like a dream in winter. And we do have winter here in Finland.


29th Jan 2004, 07:18

I have a Veloce and experienced recently experienced the first snow and ice since I have had the car and found it a dream. Previous cars I have had have experienced over sensitive ABS, but the 156 is set perfectly. The only downside is the cost of servicing and quality of dealerships in the UK!