2001 Alfa Romeo 156 1.8ts from UK and Ireland


A great drive, but would I buy another? Doubt it very much


From new, the fuse box cover continually fell off, and when on the fastest speed, the windscreen wipers regularly create a loud bang. Having read previous reviews of this car I was prepared for minor irritations like this. However at 13,000 the car would not stay in 3rd gear. The local dealer was unable to even look at the problem for 7 days, so off it went to Hilton's in Worcester. Five and a half weeks (!!) later, and 3 attempts to repair and refit the gearbox, the problem still isn't resolved. In all my years of driving, even including £150 wrecks, I have never had a car off the road for such an outrageous length of time, oh, and the dealers are unable to supply me with another Alfa!!

General Comments:

The general build quality appears to be good and the car is very enjoyable to drive. Before the gearbox problem, I thought the reliability and dealer issues had been exagerated. As I have discovered, unfortunately they definitely have not. At just 6 months old, the car has now been off the road for five and half weeks and counting!!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2002

30th Jan 2002, 04:58

Have had similar (although worse) experiences with my 156, so you have my sympathies. Forgot about the replacement car thing though - having spent 20 grand on a car, I didn't appreciate being told I couldn't have an Alfa as a replacement while mine was off the road for 7 weeks waiting on a new engine from Italy. I don't really enjoy driving 200 miles to a business meeting in a Fiat Punto. Bet you don't have to drive a MINI (must remember capital letters) if your BMW is off the road!

9th Feb 2002, 09:32

An addition to this sad story, the car is STILL off the road after seven weeks!! Will I break the 2 month barrier, I have now forgotten I own a Alfa 156, it's less stressful.

24th Mar 2004, 06:14

Alfas are designed to burn oil!!

2001 Alfa Romeo 156 Veloce 2.4 JTD from UK and Ireland


A fantastic car which I love driving


Loose fuse box cover after 2 weeks (common problem apparently) replaced under warranty.

Remote boot release which was an intermittent fault after 4 weeks but which corrected itself four months ago.

Windscreen cracked and replaced following stone chip after two weeks.

General Comments:

A great car which manages to combine strong performance with decent economy. Good on either the motorway where it is a relaxed long-distance cruiser, or on minor roads where the quick steering and responsive engine provide a great deal of enjoyment.

Wonderful engine note when warmed up.

Potentially dark cabin lifted by red leather interior.

Only drawbacks are fidgety ride on un-smooth surfaces, miniscule storage and oddment space and worry of grounding the sump which means you have to be wary when throwing the car into corners and bends and therefore detracts from the driving experience.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2002

17th Apr 2005, 09:20

156 Fuse cover was modified some time ago and is now fully secure. The modification is just a screw at the top section of the cover inside the pocket.

2001 Alfa Romeo 156 Progression 1.9 JTD from Spain


A perfect handling/comfort relation with a super design


Nothing wrong with the car until now, no noises or any other minor problems.

General Comments:

The car is really quick and the spend is low, 7 litres of gas-oil per 100 km.

The car handles is the best, the suspension has a perfect relation between comfort and effectivity. The super-direct direction is very good.

The gear box is very good, it's the same as the V6 version.

The seats are sporty and comfortable.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2001

2001 Alfa Romeo 156 Veloce 2.0 twin spark from UK and Ireland


High performance luxury at a reasonable price


Nothing, wish however I had chosen the 2.5 V6. Then again my licence probably couldn't stand it!

General Comments:

Superb handling.

Attracts attention.

Great performance.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2001

26th Jul 2001, 22:46

Whilst the 2.5 V6 is a more powerful engine, the increase in weight at the front of the car has been reviewed to hamper the 156's nimble qualities. Best to keep with the 2.0L and save on fuel efficiency.

25th Sep 2001, 06:55

I've recently sold my 156 V6. It cost me £26,000 new because I had it fully specc'ed. I got just £10k for it at 2 years and 23k miles (still immaculate too).

Quite a hit, although to be fair, I'm the victim of falling UK car prices as well.

I never really took to this car (after two years with a wicked Fiat Coupe 20V turbo). I found the 156 V6 heavy at the front end and consequently tedious in the bends (even though it hung on quite well)... essentially, no fun, just clinically, comfortably fast.

It was also quite unreliable - electrical problems in the main.

2nd May 2008, 13:46

A 16 thousand pound loss in two years... might as well throw your money down the toilet.