1978 AMC Concord DL 4.2L straight six from North America


Wonderful car that we miss


Water pump went out at about 80 thousand miles.

Car needed a new muffler about every two years.

General Comments:

We bought our new mocha brown '78 DL 4 door in may of 78.

The Concord was the best American car I have owned.

It started every time.

It drove smoothly, even when it had over 100 thousand miles.

It was our first and last AMC car. When it was time to buy another new car, AMC was gone.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2009

11th Feb 2009, 12:50

Yes, AMC built some very nice, dependable vehicles.

It is a shame that AMC went the way of so many fine automobile makes.

The quality of Jeeps was excellent when Jeep was a part of the AMC family as well.

7th Oct 2009, 11:01

I have owned 4 AMC Concords. I have also owned Cadillacs, Chryslers and the like and am a fair judge of cars. My AMC cars gave as good service as any cars I have ever owned. I believe, from my experience, that what came to be known as quality control was the only aspect where these cars are possibly not quite up to industry standards of the time. But, overall, a great little car. Great to drive and ride in, often giving the impression of a much more expensive car. I still own my fathers 1978 D/L Limited wagon, which he bought new off the showroom floor. It is in fine original condition.

9th Oct 2009, 12:46

Your car is a keeper. I used to sell AMCs and they were great cars. Unfortunately it seems some of the best makes were the first to go out of business. (Well Chrysler killed a good thing when they bought and basically killed AMC).

1983 AMC Concord 258ci in-line six from North America


Long live the memory of American Motors and the other innovative "independant" forebears


The plastic valve cover was a chronic leaker until replaced with a new design with thicker cork gasket (after-market dealer fix).

General Comments:

I ordered this white 4 door sedan new from the factory to my spec, with 5 speed, manual steering, and blue broadcloth interior.

I drove it for a decade daily commutes, camping, desert drive-abouts. It had very low numerical axle ratio, plus the overdrive fifth gave final drive under 2:1, which yielded 26-28 mpg on the highway if kept under 70mph.

These were the last of the 2WD's from American Motors, althouth the 4WD eagles were made til '88.

I loved the car and would buy another in a heartbeat. At about 200,000 miles, it gradually became even more of a slow turning/high torque at low engine speeds character. I could not spin the engine over about 3000 rpm and it chugged like a diesel. Eventually on a 2500 mile trip it pulled 34 mpg (!) but I noticed a timing chain noise. Replaced the chain, which recovered the correct valve timing and original character. I had removed the catalytic converter, air pump, etc earlier, which no doubt helped gas mileage also.

This engine never had the head off --- only replacing several water pumps plus an alternator.

I gave it to eldest son at about 250k miles and he drove it until CA motor vehicle insisted he replace the converter etc removed, which was prohibitive costwise.

When he junked the car in '96, it still ran good with approaching 300k. The vehicle had a lot of galvanized panels and never showed any rust.

I now drive a cherry '82 Eagle wagon with almost 200k miles.

Long live the memory of American Motors and the other innovative "independent" forebears of Nash, Hudson, Packard, and Studebaker!!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2007

22nd Mar 2007, 16:56

AMC= American Made Classics.

8th Aug 2008, 17:45

The reviewer mentioned that he removed the air pump and catalytic converter. I believe tampering with federally mandated emission control systems is illegal.

13th Aug 2014, 00:31

Who cares!.. do it anyway!

15th Aug 2014, 12:43

Back then many of us did remove emission control devices. Now inspection has the year matched to computers in the inspection lane. Take it off even if it does run better and you fail. That means no tags.