1996 Audi A4 1.8 turbo quattro from North America


A German driving machine made like a Yugo


Loss of power when 4 months old. Serviced by the dealer and replaced control module. Despite repeated requests for evaluation, they never found the reason for loss of power. Recently had service by a private mechanic who found that waste gate rod was broken, probably when the car was 4 months old. Now runs like a champ.

Moon-roof control became erratic at 20,000 miles and finally broke when out of warranty and needed to be replaced.

A main computer module broke when 4 years old and needed to be replaced at a cost of $600. Car wouldn't go into reverse.

At 44,000 miles main control module broke again and caused car to misfire on one cylinder. Needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

Audi covers service for first 3 years/36,000 miles for free. They obviously don't give a darn and must not road test the car or just had no interest in making the appropriate repairs when under warranty. I wish I had taken the car to a private mechanic to diagnose the waste gate rod failure when the car was under warranty.

The dealer had 4 turbos in stock for this model which tells you that they are replacing quite a few. As well they had issued a technical service bulletin for this repair when the car was fairly new. This seems to be a defect.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2003

11th Jul 2003, 08:13

It's a German brand car made in Hungary, not in Serbia&Montenegro.

14th Jun 2004, 10:26

Yo do you have something against Serbia&Montenegro!!!

29th Jul 2008, 12:16

He didn't say car was made in Serbia, he just said that it fells like it was. And I must agree. While older Audi's were fairly good cars, new ones are crap. I should know, I got my second company Audi now. But at least I have an excuse to be late for work.

1996 Audi A4 FWD 2.8 from North America


Not worth keeping once the warranty expires


Suspension has made noise on numerous occasions. Control arms and other suspension components have been replaced every 12-15 months.

Front driving lights were replaced 3 times in 5 years.

Volume control on radio malfunctioned.

Some lights for speedometer do not function anymore.

General Comments:

This car drives like a million dollars on the highway.

The high cost of repairing the suspension every year reminds you that this car is very expensive to maintain.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

1996 Audi A4 Quattro AWD 2.8 172 hp from North America


If lucky!! An amazing car that has luxury and speed


Always a strange noise when you downshift.

Missing power on acceleration.

Both control arms need to be changed.

Engine light comes on and off for no reason after going to dealership.

Oxygen sensor need to be changed with only 60000 km on the car.

General Comments:

On the other hand the car handles pretty good.

Seats are really comfortable.

Very good & loud radio.

Pretty good acceleration by the end of 2nd gear and on.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2003

1996 Audi A4 Base Model 1.6 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Understated, under-rated image enhancer!


Offside lower front suspension arm needed replacing - probably due to being kerbed excessively by previous owner. Other than that, nothing!

General Comments:

Very comfortable, spacious and reliable car.

It handles very well although I have aftermarket 17inch alloys on which exaggerates the body roll. I intend to fit lowering springs which should sort this.

Excellent refinement for a 6 year old 1600 engine - incredibly quiet with good, smooth power delivery.

Having fitted aftermarket alloys, the car gets a lot of comments, being in bright solid red it stands out. A lot of people ask how I can afford it - not realizing that it's an N reg (private plate) and isn't too expensive to run!

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003

1996 Audi A4 SE 1.8 20v from UK and Ireland


Excellent family car and has been utterly reliable - Recommended


Apart from the Air Conditioning requiring a recharge the car has been absolutely faultless.

General Comments:

I have owned German cars for a number of years and have always been impressed with their reliability and build quality. The Audi has definitely delivered in these departments.

I have marked the dealer servicing rating quite high, but must stress that this is NOT at an Audi main dealer. Find a good specialist and servicing costs are no more expensive than lesser quality family cars. Parts are also relatively inexpensive - in the UK try GSF or EuroCarParts.

The car is very good to drive, it handles pretty well and although more power would be nice - buy a 1.8T then ;) the performance is more than adequate for a family saloon. Fuel consumption isn't brilliant, but it's nothing to be concerned about.

The interior is a very comfortable place to be especially with the front centre armrest. The Climate Control is also great, but I suspect if things went wrong with the control unit this could be expensive. As is typical with VAG cars the interior could be described as somewhat sombre on lesser specced models, but ours is fitted with the full leather interior and walnut cappings which lifts the interior ambience.

My only gripes are the wind noise at speed and a very light clutch which can be difficult to make smooth getaways.

Also shop around for insurance as you seem to be charged a premium for an Audi (more expensive to repair I was told).

All in all a very good family car and thoroughly recommended. In fact I'm half thinking of trading up to a newer A4...

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

18th Jan 2007, 22:29

I have always driven other car models. However, it was only after I owned an A4 that I honestly realised the fun of driving a car. Thanks to Audi.