1996 Audi A4 Avant SE 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Over rated, overpriced slow and unreliable


My timing belt tensioner started to whine loudly at 65,000 miles.

Viscous cooling fan bearing failed resulting in a horrible whirring noise.

At 71,000 miles the coolant became contaminated with engine oil! After having the head gasket replaced and the cylinder head pressure tested the fault remains. My local dealer thinks the engine block may have to be replaced.

General Comments:

The wind noise from the drivers window at 65 MPH plus is excessive.

The standard stereo system is very basic.

Climate control is superb.

1.8 litre non turbo is very sluggish.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2002

2nd Jan 2003, 03:37

When you say the timing belt tensioner was making that sound at 65,000 miles, that might be because you didn't have it replaced at 50,000 miles. Did you replace the timing belt at 50,000 miles?

1996 Audi A4 SE 1.9 TDI from UK and Ireland


A solid reliable family car


Three sets of front brake discs have been fitted to this car from new. Replaced at 31,000 and 58,000 miles.

Fuel gauge went through a period of intermittent failure. Seems to have kept working for the last two years.

Climate control illumination display has failed (few years ago!).

Timing belt replaced at 51,000 miles. This required seized V-Belt tensioner replacement at the same time. (expensive!)

General Comments:

This car does feel very solid. Powerful door closure shows high material quality here.

Audi parts are very expensive! no surprises here.

Niggling electrical faults are not worth taking to an Audi dealer, once out of warranty period. Costs are too high!.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2002

1996 Audi A4 1.8 20 valve from UK and Ireland


Classy and built like a tank


Squeaking front shock absorber.

Faulty window motor.

General Comments:

AUDI A4 vs BMW 316.

Having previously been a huge fan of BMW I recently decided to give Audi a try and treat myself to an A4.

The Audi is a 1.8 20 valve whereas the BMW was the 316i, so obviously the Audi scores better in the performance stakes. The engine is silky smooth, feels more like a 6 cylinder than a 4 and delivers its power to the wheels effortlessly, pulling strongly uphill and cruising smoothly on the motorway.

The car is an absolute joy on country lanes too, never feeling unsettled when pushed hard through the bends, although I must admit there is more body roll than the BMW which rightly deserves its reputation as a true drivers car.

It's a difficult task to decide which is the better car as they both drive superbly, but for me the Audi comes out on top. I find the Audi to be more comfortable than the Beemer and the interior is an absolute work of art, it exudes class and quality without drawing attention to itself. It's a really beautiful car.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2002

1996 Audi A4 1.8 from Malaysia


Chose this over the 3 Series and did not regret it!

General Comments:

The A4 was a good car, with engine performance satisfying.

Only fault is perhaps the rear seats, which were short and therefore uncomfortable for passengers.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2002

1996 Audi A4 TDI 110 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Economical family car


Worn ball joint on front multilink suspension.

General Comments:

Very economical and comfortable car. Returns 55mpg easily on day to day journeys.

Handling could be better and power steering is very light.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2002

1996 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8 liter 12V V-6 - 172 hp from North America


Very nice near-luxury car - makes a change from a BMW


Replaced the driver's window motor under warranty (window went up when you hit down).

Replaced the entire dashboard surround under warranty (warped in the sunshine).

New radio head unit (LEDs wouldn't light up) under warranty.

Sunroof rails replaced and lubricated under the extended warranty.

New driveshaft boot gasket (or something) at 60,000 miles.

That's it.

General Comments:

Beautiful design, very solidly built. Driving the car is a delight - tracks well, corners well, acceleration with the 1st generation V-6 is not very good, particularly with the Quattro AWD.

Comfort is great, the Bose stereo is very good.

Not the cheapest car to service, but the number of repairs has not been excessive for 65,000 miles and 5.5 years - unlike others I have not had any significant electrical problems or suspension/steering problems.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2001

21st Dec 2007, 01:00

Acceleration is OK-7.8 sec 0-60 for 1996. It is kinda slow in first gear, but as soon as you get into second it goes quick enough for most drivers. Otherwise buy S4 bi-turbo and you will never complain :)