2003 Audi A4 Avant FSI 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Overrated rubbish


Engine warning light almost always on.

Wandering on the motorway.

Rusted wheel bolts.

Loads of electrical problems.

Steaming up / faulty A/C.

General Comments:

What a load of utter German rubbish these are. I should have known better; I had 2 VW's a few years ago, and they were dire. This I thought, being an Audi would be superior; WRONG.

So many niggly things have gone wrong, it's ludicrous. The revs are up and down all the time, it steams up like no car I ever had before, you have to drive around boiling with the A/C on to clear it, or freezing/getting wet with the windows down.

The car wanders all over the motorway, the tyres/wheels are standard, but clearly too big for the car, style over practicality there I think on Audi's part.

Overall, a very disappointing effort by Audi, and I won't be falling for the German myth again. Also, I have to say I was embarrassed to be driving an Audi, given some of the driving antics of other Audi drivers I have witnessed. Without doubt, the MOST over-rated marque out there.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2010

2003 Audi A4 B6 Quattro 1.8 turbo from North America


Love it, despite the high maintenance cost


The maintenance on this car is quite costly compared to similar cars: expensive parts and expensive labor cost, even in local repair shops. One should expect a budget of up to $2000 a year in worse years. Do your timing belt and oil changes early enough to avoid much more costly repairs, as this engine is known to be quite "irritable" if not maintained correctly.

Suspension can be quite bumpy on damaged roads, such as the ones we have in Quebec.

Few parts got too old/noisy in the front drive train, which is not surprising for such an aged car (170 000 km).

General Comments:

Solid interior, no noise while the car is quite old. The car just gives me a big smile when flooring it, even if it's using only stock parts.

Being used to manual gearboxes, I feel the Tiptronic/automatic gear box can be slow to switch gear, and I don't like the Tiptronic gear switching using the gearbox lever (I don't have the wheel Tiptronic buttons, which would be much more handy). Still, acceleration at low speed is surprisingly good, given the weight and the automatic gear box when one floors it, or when one kick it down.

Gas consumption is quite high in town (10-15/100 km at stabilized speed, 20-40 during acceleration) due to car weight. Down to 7L/100 km when cruising on the highway. Range is about 400 km in town, 450-500+ km is doing highway.

The car's suspension is comfortable most of the time, but still feels like it's too soft when driving over distorted roads with potholes.

If I were to change my car, I'd hesitate between a similar German one (for the special, luxury filling and the smile-making) or an Asian one (for the maintenance cost and depending on its dynamic characteristics). Well for now, I'm keeping this car :)

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Review Date: 12th August, 2010

5th Sep 2010, 19:08

I've posted the above review. The smiley should be :D - not :|

Also it's a Quattro 1.8T.

2003 Audi A4 Quattro 3.0 from North America


Do NOT buy an Audi


Where to begin? I have had issues with this car since the 2nd year I owned it. The first notable thing was when the car stranded me. The dealer said it was the fuel pump. Right after the 50k mile warranty was up, everything started failing. This includes the radio, windshield wiper pump, both catalytic converters, ignition coils, power windows... just to name a few. Right now my car won't start, and I don't know why. The battery seems fine but it just won't start. I just had it in the shop two weeks ago too!

General Comments:

I have never had this many issues with a car. I even had a BMW before, and it only required regular maintenance. Audis may look nice, but I would not recommend one unless you have money to burn.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2010