15th Oct 2003, 16:49

I have a 10/1999 Audi A6 2.8 Avant and can confirm the problem. The car only has run approximately 33,500 miles and this is the second time I am bringing the car in for a leak. The first one was an oil leak and a gasked needed to be replace for roughly $600.00. Now I just returned it again for a leak I noticed. I got the call this morning that the water pump needs to be replaced and while they are at it the timing belt should be changed as well. They will also check if another oil gasket needs to be replaced as it seemed the leak contained oil as well. My wife loves the car with all it's luxury and the german driving feeling. That's why we bought out the lease last year. Of course, the warranty also ran out last year and up to that point I did not have any major problems. It's funny though that since the warranty ran out the car has had major problems. I might just follow the advise above and get the water pump replaced, drive it for another 30,000 miles and get rid of it. Not sure if I will buy an Audi again.

On a side note, I got my BMW 323i at approximately the same time and that engine has been running just wonderful.


3rd Dec 2003, 18:31

I can confirm a couple of problems. Just talked to an Audi representative. My cam seal is leaking and it sets my smoke (dripping on exhaust components) detector off in my garage. Can't park it there any longer. Don't feel like spending the thousands of dollars it probably costs to repair.

Also, it is leaking oil from another place in the front. Instrument cluster display has also faded. Very hard to read after the car has been running for a while.

All I got from Audi was that it was documented and it should be repaired, since I mentioned that it could possibly be a fire hazard. Since I reported the problem, well, they were not specific, but as far as liability. Up to your imagination if the car caught on fire.

I love driving the car though. Runs great (unless you pull up to a stop sign and get the smell of burning oil in your face.)

It's a 1999 Audi A6 2.8 with not many miles on it.

4th Feb 2004, 20:32

I love AUDI, I have never had any problems with the A4 series, or the A6. I have owned both and a Porsche 951. I guess the quality depends apon how you treat the car. Just a question though. If you've owned multiple AUDIs and youve had problems with them all, why then did you buy so many? 4? After multiple problems? That's just weird.

11th Feb 2004, 06:28

I have had the same problems with my Audi A6Q. It is a 2000 that I have had in for repair on the same oil leak as mentioned above. The oil was dripping onto the exhaust manifold and smoking terribly. After replacing valve cover gaskets (twice) they finally fixed the problem by replacing the cam seal (gasket?). My troubles are not over, however. I now have a very strong exhaust smell entering the cabin when I have the heat on. No one can find the source of the problem. I can't drive very long without it making me sick. I'd be interested if anyone else has had a similar problem.


20th Feb 2004, 11:22

Just off the phone with the Audi rep. I asked if the replacement of the cam seal was typical for a '99 A6Q 2.8. Was told that those statistics are not provided to the consumer. Add one more customer to a growing list of those needing to pay well over $1300 for a cam seal replacement. Is it time for Audi to own up to an existing problem? In addition, I have just learned that I have to replace the drive shaft at an additional cost of $1300--all within 2 weeks of the first repair! Has anyone else had problems with the drive shaft on a quattro? Ths sets Audi back 10 years in my estimation when it comes to reliability.

6th Apr 2004, 11:44

A6, 1999 Q.

Love the car, hate the cost. Oil leaks as above - all true. I'm doing timing now, the mechanic found a couple of leaks. All together: timing, w/pump, rollers, belts, pipes, etc. more than $4K (!).

Are later models any better?


15th Apr 2004, 03:00

I have a 2001 Audi A6, 45,000 miles, and have replaced the brakes 3 times. Every 5000 miles the brakes had to be cleaned until I finally insisted they be replaced. The same problem exists with the new brakes (all 3 of them) - vibration after about 4500 miles. They warp. Also, problems with the air conditioning. I lose all my freon every year. Love to drive the car, but the maintenance to fix problems if too time consuming. Anyone else have these problems?

17th Apr 2004, 12:04

Huge brake issue too! Transmission just went at 60,400 miles, costing me $10,875 to fix.

4th May 2004, 22:03

I purchased a 2001 A4 and love the car. I have had one on-going problem. There is, at times, an overwhelming smell of exhaust fumes and excess heat inside the cabin. It is even worse when I open the sunroof or "crack" the window. Dealer can't seem to find any problems. Has anyone else experienced this? Warranty runs out soon!

25th May 2004, 12:52

I bought a 2001 Audi A6 new in August of 2001.

I noticed an oil leak at about 55K miles. I took it in to my Audi service department and they covered it for me under warranty. In addition, they went ahead and replaced the timing belt for me. Now my car has 75K miles and I'm looking at the 80K service.

I've always had excellent service from my Audi dealer, and that is the reason why I've bought 5 cars from them (3 VWs and 2 Audis).

I won't argue that the cam seal is a defect that should be covered from the factory. Also, it shouldn't have been a problem on my 2001 model, and yet it was. But, I have to defend my Audi service department.

In the past, they have extended warranty coverage to include many mistakes I've made (spilling coffee in the climatronic!) etc. To top it off, they've always been courteous, professional, and helpful. I always get a free loaner/rental car too.

As for problems on my A6, I do have a few complaints, but nothing that would prevent me from buying another Audi.

For one thing, the writer of the original article stated the interior materials were not up to par, compared to past models. I can't say I completely agree, however, I will say that you need to compare apples to apples. Have you looked at the leather in a BMW or Mercedes Benz of recent Vintage? Interior build quality, ergonomics, materials, etc..? Audi IS the current leader of this class.

The next A6 is due out soon, and I'll most definitely be looking at it.

14th Jun 2004, 12:34

I am looking to buy my first AWD vehicle and am considering buying a "newer" A6. Can anyone speak on the 2002 and 2003 A6s?



31st Jul 2004, 11:22

Damn! What is wrong with you people?! Don't you know that Audi is the worst car ever? (Another Unreliable Deutch Invention). I had a 1999 A6, bought it new. After a year and 20.000 kilometers, and a long headache I traded it for a 1991 Volvo, which runs great (190.000 miles). It was worth it, even though the Audi cost 10 times more, I don't regret giving it away for almost nothing.