27th Jan 2011, 03:22

Hello Audi addicts. Well I purchased a 2001 Audi A6 Quattro. It had 109500 miles on it. I'd been doing my homework on the car. Before I purchased an Audi, I looked for the pros & cons. I found the specialty tools that I needed to do a full tune up and overhaul at blauparts.com, and I bought my tools off of eBay. I'd been a mechanic helper in the past, so I have general knowledge of tools and elbow grease.

I went to my local mechanic shop, rented a spot with a lift, and pulled out my engine to change all worn out hoses, and cleaned all the parts of the engine from dirt and abuse. Changed all the gaskets; believe me, the gaskets were so old it crystalized (crumbled like cookies).

The hair puller was the valley plugs under the cam chain tensioner; that's the biggest problem for the oil leaks. I found a way to change them (one in the front of the engine, and one in the back, both located under the cam chain tensioner) without pulling out the cams.

When it comes to the valve cover gasket, make sure the old gasket's residue left back is cleaned out of the grooves. Use a tool pick (it looks like an ice pick) to clean all the corners and get the old gasket residue out.

I'll give y'all a little secret; when you replace your valve cover gaskets, after you make sure it's clean from oil and old gasket reside, look for the silicone gasket maker in a black tube. I got advice to use that one, but hey it worked. Put a nice even spread of the silicone in every sharp bend on the gasket grooves. I have done this and saved thousands. Blauparts.com gives you instructions to do the job the correct way, but I found a way around their methods instead of pulling out the cams.

Since I've done the overhaul on my engine, I have no problems. I even feel a difference in power and fuel consumption.

If you love your Audi, it's like a woman, it's good to know her from top to bottom. AUDI, AUDI, if you don't keep, up your pockets will say ouch. So keep up or get left behind. Hopefully this will help.

15th Apr 2011, 04:21

Hey guys.

Well I see a lot of Audi problems but...

I bought a Volvo V70. And you guys thought you had problems...

I've spent now over 5000 NZ $ on repairs on the car, and this is in less than 2000 KM, and guess what, it's in the garage again. And this time it is an O2 sensor.

It drives nice, a Volvo V70 2001... But it is not the same as my Audi A4 1998...

But I am looking for a A6 Avant now... I believe everybody has his own car, and mine is an Audi.


26th Apr 2011, 20:05

Audi A4 2.8 Quatro.

Hearing about high mileage approaching? How about 261,000 miles so far. Worst problem is someone tried and failed to steal the stereo and amps. Stereo in tact, not working now. I have the chance to trade to a 2.7t 2001. But I like having experience with my car.

22nd Nov 2011, 12:49

Hi I have same exact issue, but no solution either. I have to find solution, because not only do I get sick, but I have newborn. Very frustrating.

14th Dec 2011, 16:01

I have a 2002 A6 3.0 that has a small oil leak also. Were the valve covers the source of your leak??

7th May 2015, 15:01

All of you people with tales of cam seal leaks. Let me tell you it takes about one hour to replace your rear cam seals, and that's with a lunch break. The cost of parts is approx. 28 dollars. If you have any mechanical experience, it will cost you nothing for labour, and a good repair shop should be able to do it for 300.00 or less. Audi dealers that charge 2 to 3 thousand dollars should be doing time.

Also, if your crank case vent tube is plugged with carbon deposits, it will build up engine pressure inside the block, forcing oil out of the seals (an easy fix).