2001 Audi A6 4.2 from North America


Reliability is average for this complex kind of a car


I just want to say all you people with these problems, bought way too complex a car.

I haven't had any problems, beside the driveshaft at 145,000; it went out and I had to pay $1,400 to have that repaired.

All my components work just fine. I think all the 1998-2004 cars with the turbos have problems, so don't buy them... problem solved, so don't complain, you should have thought it through.

My car runs fine. The only thing I wish I could change is I wish the engine wouldn't burn a quart of oil naturally every 1,500 miles, which Audi is notorious for, even when new.

General Comments:

My car is squeak free and very nimble. I absolutely love it. Can't wait to buy a new Audi with the 4.2.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2010

2001 Audi A6 Quattro 3.0 from Iceland


Break downs aside... Good car, but the auto transmission is a let down


Well the thing is, when I saw this car for sale, it was in horrible shape. I tried it, and there were a lot of things wrong. I took the car for a test drive, and told them I would be going to an independent garage to have them check it out better before I got it. When I was done, there was more bad news to report. I told the owner about the things that were wrong, and he lowered the price down by $2500, and I bought it, so here are the thing I got fixed:

Something in the front right wheel.

Driver's door stuck.

Passenger front and back left windows were broken.

Engine had an oil leak, leaking down into the spark plugs.

Paint was in very bad shape; got it all polished; made it better, but still pretty bad.

I also made them change the oil in the engine, auto transmission and the quattro system. Also changed the oil filters on the engine and gearbox.

The car feels really solid to drive, but soon after I got it, I got all the things fixed, but there are still 2 things wrong:

Number 1 is the check engine light came on. I went and the computer reported 3 different errors.

1. Detecting oil leak.

2. Power supply low - which makes no sense; battery is good, and it is charging plenty 14V.

3. And I don't remember.

And number two thing is:

When I make a sharp turn to the right or left, or just take a turn at high speed, something seems to be sliding in the front of the car, and then hitting something. I cannot detect where it is coming from, but it's at least in the front of the car, and I can feel the shake when it hits whatever it's hitting. The sound is really loud, depending on how fast you are going, and it sounds really nasty!

Also the seat memory does not work, along with the CD player.

General Comments:

OK, now for the car.

This car is fantastic!

First of all, the power is a little on the weaker side, but it's okay, it's still a fast car.

The car is also fairly heavy; 1.8 tonnes, which is a lot! So the engine is struggling a little with the weight and the quattro system, and it shows on the economy. To fix this, Audi have tried to improve the economy a little by gearing it down and keeping the revs low, but it's not working, at all! It's just making the gearbox seriously annoying; it's changing gears constantly to be economical and I have to keep the gearbox in Sport, just to suit my driving style. The thing is, I think the gear changing would be okay if the changing was not so jerky; seriously, if you keep the car in Drive and floor it, you feel it knock into gear! And also if the car is in too low revs and you want to get up a hill, but it seems to be better if you keep it in Sport mode and the traction control off.

Another thing I like to say is that when taking off at lights, stepping on gas and going has just too much delay. I realize that this is a 4x4 automatic car, but still. It helps to take traction control and put it in Sport mode. I just hate the gearbox on this thing.

The car is extremely good to drive, and the quattro gives is a very crispy acceleration. The gearbox is not so bad when you just floor it when you take off. Also, cornering just offers so much grip and confidence, comfort is very good, and space is not a problem.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2010

22nd Oct 2010, 17:20

The sliding is probably either a damaged steering rack or worn out anti-roll bar bushes / droplinks.

17th Jan 2013, 06:34

I sold it for a loss about 1.5 years ago. The sliding sound was actually the motor sliding in the mounts. The motor mounts were ruined. I would not recommend this car to anyone unless it is in MINT condition, but you should still expect some trouble.