2001 Audi A6 Avant 2.7T from North America


Nice drive - very poor reliability


1. Lamps burning out

2. Cam Tensioner gasket replacement for oil leaks. Oil leak was dripping on exhaust. On further examination Audi said that this was the problem, and charged $1800 for the repair!

Looks as though this is a chronic problem on Audi A6s.

Audi doesn't want to acknowledge this.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004

2001 Audi A6 2.4 gas from Costa Rica


A feast for the senses


Premature suspension ball joint replacement, dealer refused to cover under warranty.

Premature wear of leather finish on bin box between the front seats.

Tire/suspension noise on highway.

General Comments:

Very original, elegant and timeless exterior styling, and at the same time it is generally more discreet than other higher profile German brands. Handling is consistent and reassuring - just like a 5-series BMW.

Serious build quality - fit and finish almost flawless. Great room and the cabin is beautifully designed and appointed - first class everywhere. Audi's leather has a particularly exquisite finish.

Excellent perceived value and general quality - you then get into a C- or E- class Mercedes and start nitpicking their quality problems!

Power delivery is creamy and seamless. However, 170 brake horse power and 230 Nm torque from 2.4 litre V6 engine seem to be not enough to motivate a car this heavy. Feels considerably less performing than my old Nissan Maxima V6.

An A6, any A6, is a rewarding car to drive and possess. However, if you prefer a quicker vehicle, I would recommend opting for a different A6 - the 3.0 or the 2.7T, particularly the latter.

When the moment comes to trade it in for a newer vehicle, I will be hard-pressed to find one as generally pleasing and satisfying as this one.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2004

2001 Audi A6 2.8 from North America


OK if it were not for some inherent problems


The brake drums and pads need to be replaced every 10K miles. The problem seems to be the brakes run hot and warp the drum. The service tech at the dealership said this is a common problem with the A6's. While it's under warranty that's fine, but the warranty runs out in 5K miles. This could be pretty expensive every 10K miles. Has anybody else had this problem?

Also I know theres a class action suit about the front bumper coming off when when pulling out of a parking stall because the bumper gets stuck on the posts holding the cement parking guard.

The radio was defective when I first got it and it took 1 1/2 years to replace it.

General Comments:

Over all the car has some problems that would have made me choose another car if I had known. If it weren't for the warranty and it was a lease I would have lawyers get involved.

The car does have a lot of options and pluses, more so then the BMW 5 series. I don't think the BMW has as much expensive problems though.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2003

21st May 2008, 17:42

I just bought an A6 2001 and 2 days after owing it lost my front bumper on a parking space. I would like to know more about the class action suit.

2001 Audi A6 quatrro 2.7t from North America


A nightmare any way you put it


First vehicle blew a transmission at 178 miles in the middle of nowhere. Second transmission last to 350 miles and blew. Car was bought back. The current car is a 6 speed that has been littered with problems. I have xenon headlamps that will drop to the ground. This makes night time driving impossible. Dealer is unable to duplicate problem. Rough idle at all times especially if you are on a hill. Radio goes black and changes all your settings. Thumping comes when going into turns as if power transfer is 10 seconds late. I thought it was only myself experiencing so many problems that I feel insane. I have already had the wiring harness replaced, manifold gasket, radiator, cooling fans, speed sensor, inter-cooler, and moon roof. I thought my Rover was bad, this is the worst. I wanted to save money and go all wheel drive. I ended up purchasing a car I could drive. BMW 540 6 speed until my lease is done with the A6. Never again Audi.

General Comments:

Fit and finish is nice.

Navigation works well.

Poor park tronic.

Sport wheels not a good option.

Sport seats not a good option.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2003

8th Aug 2009, 16:55

I agree, I keep having oil leaks. This will be my 3rd time changing the manifold gasket. The car looks great, but has too many problems.