2001 Audi A6 2.7T 2.7 turbo from North America


Terrible car mechanically


Purchased a new 2001 Audi 2.7T.

Lots of problems with the brakes. With even a modest pedal pressure would warp the disks, resulting in excessive vibration. Three times the dealer service department worked on this brake problem. The service manager even suggested that perhaps North American Audi had different brakes then the German cars??

Two weeks after the four year warranty expired, I had to pay $1200 to replace cam cover gaskets. I checked with the importer and was advised that only the 2000 model had an extended warranty on this situation. Even though the 2000 and the 2001 engines were supposed to be identical.

Buy another Audi? Never. I do not think that Audi cares about repeat customers.

General Comments:

Good riding and handling.

Great for long distance driving.

Annoying pause on start out, resulting in a jerking start, even with gentle acceleration.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2007

7th Jun 2007, 09:36

OK, maybe you are right, your new used Audi is not perfect...let's first keep in mind that it is a used car and there is no way of knowing how the previous owner has taken care of it.

Secondly, there are issues with the brakes on the 2.7T, both the A6, allroad, and S4. There is an updated rotor that will correct your vibration issue, also keep in mind that precision made German automobiles do not allow for shaving of the rotors which would make them unsafe and more prone to warping.

Last, but not least, please check your facts before posting incorrect information on the web for all to see, folks lets keep in mind that just because you saw it in black and white does not mean that the person writing it has a brain. The A6 2.7T did not make it to North America until the 2001 model year, the 2.7T was a new engine for Audi at that time. Let's also keep in mind that your dealership's service department is there to make money so what they are calling a leak is more than likely seepage. All cars with a little age on them will have minor oil seepage, it's a quick repair that the technician can bill multiple hours because of the flat rate manual.

In closing, you have a great car, it will run circles around your old Lexus. It may be like having a really hot girlfriend, she may give you a little more of a hard time, but it pays off in the end!!!

26th Sep 2010, 14:45

I just traded my 2001 Audi A6 2.7T. It leaked oil like crazy. The torque converter had to be replaced, the car died constantly, even with a brand new battery. It struggled to start up all the time.

I don't see myself buying another Audi anytime soon.

2001 Audi A6 2.8 Quatro 2.8 from North America


Nice ride


I had the brakes replaced, then my worn brake pad light came on. Does anyone know how to reset that without taking it to a dealer. I do not want to pay the $200 to have them reset the light. Other than this the passengers front window will not roll back up if it I roll it down. Has anyone seen this problem? If so is there a fix outside the dealer?

General Comments:

Overall seems like a good car.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2007

21st Jan 2010, 14:27

I recently bought a used 2001 Audi A6 with the 2.8 engine, and the driver's door window was stuck in the OPEN position, and I had to drive the car 85 miles at about 50 degrees F.

The next day I studied the Bentley 2" thick service manual, easily removed the door panel, carefully disconnecting all electrical plugs (4 or 5) and spraying the window channels with spray graphite lube. When I reassembled it, the movement with the connectors must have corrected the problem and now it works perfectly. It has 134k miles on it.

During the safety inspection, the garage found a bad tie bar end and slight movement in the wheel bearing on the passenger side. He also said since the protective constant velocity joint on the outside of that corner is torn, that dirt may have entered and I should consider replacing the whole half axle with both CV joints complete. I went online and found all parts including the entire half axle with both joints for $78. (new) wheel bearing, tie-rod-end, and new wheel hub just in case... all the parts for $267. Free UPS freight, HIGHLY discounted from list price. Just go onto google and search for discount audi parts and look around. The parts are a bargain when you don't buy them from a dealer.