2nd Apr 2007, 15:46

Well, I was considering the purchase of a 2002 Audi A6 for approx. 10,000 (before haggling). I don't think I want to join this crowd of unhappy Audi owners. While I will agree that any auto (especially used and 5 years old or more) will keep you walking to your ATM and using your wifes van increasingly. I absolutely love the mature sophisicated look of the A6, but the last laugh would be on me. Sorry Audi.

9th Apr 2007, 18:54

My wife purchased a 1999 A6 Quattro 2.8 new and we liked the car very much until the warranty expired. Then the expensive repairs began. Currently there are only 117,000 kilometers (approx 73000 miles) on the car. Over the past few weeks we spent 2100.00 to supposedly repair the problem of oil in the coolant.

The car was recently towed back to the dealership with the same symptoms and the dealer is unsure what is causing the problem; they can't tell us how much it will cost to repair (again) but it will be in the thousands.

The dealer is very unsympathetic even though they seem to have mis-diagnosed the problem last time.

When this issue is resolved the Audi will be sold and there will never be another Audi in our garage again!

9th Apr 2007, 20:27

Audi A6 Wagon 2000 70000 miles

Tie rod ends were left loose at Audi dealership in Minnesota, now causing tire wear.

Frond CV boots broken

Had oil leak, smell - now fixed after many re-fixings

ABS light comes on without any reason

Took it in to adjust one door... they screwed up all doors

Remote quit working

Side mirror started leaking

Plastic parts are breaking fast rate

Front-end suspension rubber boots were replaced 10000 miles ago

Audi would get better points and waiting lines would be shorter if they would educate their mechanics.

If You could afford an Audi after every 40000 miles and put up with their sloppy service - buy one otherwise stay away.

12th Jun 2007, 17:23

Just stepped out of my 2000 A6 2.7 disgusted. Smoke is coming from under the hood and it looks like a cam seal or head gasket leak. I bought the car at 49k and loved it while it was under warranty. I've replace 2 water pumps, 2 timing belts, instrument panel, brakes, coolant reservoir, window controls, and numerous other issues. To the person debating whether to buy this car...DON'T!!! I've spent about 5-6k on repairs for this car and still have about a 1.5-2k repair to make.

13th Jun 2007, 17:54

Hopefully this forum has warned you if you're considering purchasing an Audi. Backstory: I've only owned Japanese cars, most recently a 1994 Lexus. I've found them to be boring to drive and have always wanted a German car that had that "German handling thing". I finally bought my dream car, a 2002 S8, three months ago.

I did a lot of research and purchased it from a dealer in PA. I live in Minnesota. This dealer had an extremely good reputation and had been selling cars online for 10 years on Ebay. They had over 850 positive feedbacks and not even 1 negative over that time. The PA Better Business Bureau had no complaints registered. In my frequent communications with them over several weeks they were responsive and honest. Nonetheless, I had the car independently inspected at another dealer of my choice (an Audi dealership) in the same town for $350. They said car was in exceptional shape, but needed a left tie rod end and four new tires. The dealer I bought it from fixed these things at their cost. Since I've owned the car (whose warranty expired 1/07,- I took delivery 3/07) here's what has happened:

1) 1st month: Car overheated due to a bad fan clutch. Since the thermostat needed to be replaced as a result of this, and getting in there meant having to take the front end off, the mechanic suggested doing the timing belt and water pump too. Cost of all this? $1500.

2) 1st month: The airbag sensor light came on. Mechanic reset the sensor to see if it would light up again. It did, immediately. Further inspection revealed that I needed a new airbag module. So, in a 4 year old $80,000 car whose airbags have never deployed, the entire safety system failed 2 months past warranty. Audi of North America blew me off and firmly declined to pay for anything. Cost? $1300.

3) 1st-3rd month: various diagnostic charges to find out about the above mentioned issues and others. $500.

3 months, cost to me? $3200 and a complete lack of trust in the reliability and safety of this car. Would I ever buy another Audi again? Never. If you've read this thread, you've been warned.

23rd Jun 2007, 16:30

I have a good story, too. I have a very sharp 2001, black TT quaatro roadster, with 65K miles that I bought used at around 55,000 miles. I took it on its first road trip and the timing belt snapped leaving me on the side of I-85. Luckily for me, an extended warranty was bought with the vehicle. This thinking ahead saved me over $3000; the breakdown cost me around $1000. Additional costs were gas for someone to come get me in another state (plus a used favor), hotel room, etc. The warranty runs out next year because of the time limit, so I will be praying daily after that.

7th Jul 2007, 23:20

I have an Audi 2001 2.7T @ 65,000 miles. Experienced almost all of the common problems mentioned in this forum:

1) CV joints + CV boots + tie rods.

2) Changed Timing belts + messed up water pump.

3) Gasket and seal problems (fixed together with timing belt)

4) Recharged AC.

5) Recently, blinkers wouldn't work. Dealer wanted $2-300 Bucks. I bought the part off an online auto warehouse for $40 and took less than 15 minutes to install the turn signal relay switch. For those of you that want to replace it, the turn signal switch is housed together with the warning signal relay. Just pop the plastic cover (located at the warning signal) out and then use a pryer to pull the relay unit out. Becareful not too pull too hard! Simply pull the old unit out and plug the new unit in. Like plugging an electronic into a power outlet.

6) Right window roll up very slowly. Currently, I'm reading the Bentley Audi repair book and will probably order the window motor online to fix it myself. I'm still debating to see if it's worth the time and money. Basically, I can fix small electronic parts, but big things like engine or seals or even brakes, I will take it to the gas station. The stealership is out of the question. I'm learning a lot about car parts, but this is becoming very costly.

Anyways, my car will reach 70,000 miles. Having fixed all those things, will I be able to squeeze another 50,000 miles into it (total 120,000 miles)?

The funny thing about Audis is that you never really see any old Audis on the road. I think I'm beginning to understand why. However, having put in so much in repairs, I'm hoping I can squeeze a few more miles out of it. Anybody here has an Audi with 100k? What upcoming problems should I expect as I reach the 70,000 miles excluding the above problems mentioned on top?