29th Jan 2008, 19:31

My 2000 A6 2.7T Quattro has over 160k on it and yes, I've had most of the problems mentioned above. The biggest ticket item for me was a rebuild of the turbos. Last winter it was very cold for a couple of weeks and I think it was a bit too much for them. Absolutely find a private mechanic that you trust. It will cost you 40% less and you'll get better service. Out of five dealers I've taken the car to, I would only recommend one. But even a good dealer is expensive. I also agree with a previous comment that you need to be able to do minor repairs yourself such as rotor replacement. It's a good idea to invest in a code reader for your laptop and a Bentley manual. A note on the check engine light - it is simply an exhaust malfunction indicator light designed to alert you when the engine is possibly damaging your cat converters. There are other lights that warn of serious engine problems.

Regardless of the troubles, I love the car and I couldn't go out and buy one with comparable looks, ride, interior, sound system, etc. for what it costs to maintain. I'll have it until the wheels fall off.

1st Feb 2008, 22:38

I have been a proud owner of a 2001 A6 2.7t for two years now. I bought the car with 45k miles for $16k. Great condition.

All I have had to do on the car was change the CV joints and that's been it.

I bought new tires for it on tirerack; cost me 380 dollars. 70 for install and everything wasn't even dent in my wallet.

Just do the oil changes every 5k miles. My local dealer amazingly is cheaper than anyone else at $50. But that's probably the only thing I will go to the dealer for. When I take it for oil changes, I just ask them to look it over. Then I go to my independent mechanic who has every tool and computer for European cars and do the work. So far, nothing.

I am about to do the timing belt, water pump, and engine seals in one shot as preventive, not because the car needs it for $1,500. I think this car is so reliable, it just depends if you take care of your car or not.

To me this car is impeccable, this car is bullet proof. No noise, smooth ride, awesome engine, roomy as hell, this car is gangster. You could fit a couple bodies in the trunk.

The thing about this car is, it's a highway vehicle. It loves the highway. It will make you enjoy your fast drives. If you drive inner city all the time, it'll cost you in gas. But when you decided to buy a German sporty luxury car, you didn't think it was going to come for free.

As to the reliability, I had a Toyota Camry, and Toyota dealership costs was just as expensive as the Toyota.

I would recommend this car to anyone; you just have to be more involved and more informed to own it. You can't just go to the dealer. Any dealer will destroy your wallet, it's their job. Be a smart consumer, SHOP AROUND for a good mechanic, lord knows I've gone through my share. Once you go German, it's really hard to go back.

8th Feb 2008, 01:53

I read every comment here, and I would like to say thanks for everyone’s input. It really helps clarify all my concerns about purchasing an Audi. Now I just need to weigh the pros and expensive cons…

13th Feb 2008, 19:30

Okay, my heart really wants to buy an A6, 2001. I just like them. I loved the older ones, but never owned one. They're cool. But should I. I read all these comments. I can pick up an A6 2001 with 100k for under 7k?

Should I?

17th Feb 2008, 19:54

Be sure to get a vehicle history report (carfax, etc) before you buy it, and ask to get it inspected by a mechanic too. I just got a 2001 A6 last year and I love it. It only had 45000 miles on it, and I got it for $12,500 (before tax and extended warranty). It was a lease vehicle and had specific terms on the lease, for example, no smoking in the car. Still has the "no smoking" sign in it, in fact. So far the only big repair was to replace the valve cover gasket and cam seals, which was fortunately covered by the extended warranty I got. I love this car. Super fun to drive, extremely comfortable (even for a big guy like me), and it looks great. I hear it's a safe car, too. I put some nice wheels on it -- OZ Canyons -- which seem to be made for this car. They are really sweet, but were not cheap. Got them at tirerack dot com. Maybe I've just been lucky that I haven't had any big problems with the car yet. Watch, now that I said that, it will probably break down tomorrow!

19th Feb 2008, 12:38

I'm considering an Audi A6 2.8L and it's an '01 model... going for $12K and has about 40K miles on it... still kind of iffy about it and if it's worth the money? All these repair issues are scaring me, but the mileage is great and the car has a clean title! Any suggestions?

21st Feb 2008, 19:05

I have an '01 A6 2.8...got it for a steal in '04 with 40k miles on it for under $17 grand... same story, different car--started with tie rods and cv boots, then went to slow windows, from there the control arms on both sides... after that I got hit with the burning oil smell and I had to have all the seals replaced... while they were in there, I had them replace the timing belt and water pump while they had the front end off... all I can say is --STAY OUT OF THE DEALERSHIP! they screw you on price. I have a local guy (i live in Pittsburgh) and he specializes in imports... i go online and buy the parts and take them to him and he does the work. if I would have gone to the dealership, I would be about $9,000 poorer... instead I spent under $3500...and the way I figure it; I have invested less than $20,000 for a car that had a sticker close to $50k, and some of what I paid was for things that needed to be done for upkeep (timing belt/water pump). The car looks and rides great, just buy one cheap and as long as you have a local mechanic that is trustworthy and knows Audis, you're made in the shade. I am 123,000 miles in, I own the car free and clear, and hope to run it into the ground for another year to 18 months. Good luck.

21st Mar 2008, 20:46

Are German cars not meant to be the most reliable n well self maintained?? Or so I'v herd anyway, I just bought an Audi A6 99' 1.8T with 192,000k for $2000, only problems are mostly cosmetic, scratches on front bumper n 1 or 2 tiny dents. car ticks slightly when hittin 30, but I'm assuming that's just light suspension damage.Anyway, expecting car to go to atleast 250,000 :-) someone please reassure me!!