11th Dec 2009, 13:53

We bought a 2002 A6 Quattro 2.7 T in 2005 with 25k miles on it. The car has been a dream to drive, my wife says it must have Velcro wheels to the road. It is especially a joy to drive in the mountains, even in snow.

We've had some of the usual problems of engine, problem lights go on, but have always been fixed. Upon having the water pump replaced, the bearings were squeaking, we also replaced the timing belt at about 90k miles to remove any problem with broken timing belts, they become a high probability problem from about 80k on.

My biggest gripe is a water leak in the front passenger compartment... when it rains the floor is wet, not damp, but wet. The Audi dealership maintenance people said that it is a bad seal where the pollen filter sits, they replaced it for about $350 and at the next rain.. as much water as ever. Has anyone else had this problem with the A6's?

One Audi mechanic said that it was from a clogged drain underneath the battery, I'm checking that next. The dealership told me that didn't have anything to do with it. We have a trip coming up to visit relatives in the northwest where it will be rainy and cold. I hate to go up there with the car like this. It is still a dream to drive, gets around 25mpg at 75mph... but.. it's a money eater on maintenance if you want to keep it in good shape.

The mileage is now at 104k. There is a bearing leak on the front of the engine.. will be about $4000 to repair. We're undecided on whether to repair it, or get a newer car. The Audi is nice, but not rated too highly on maintenance in Consumers Reports.

1st Mar 2010, 12:12

My Jetta was having a similar problem of the floorboard getting wet. It turned out to be that the drain for the moonroof had clogged. You can test by pouring water directly into the drains. You will see the water pour into your floor. To fix it, all you have to do is use a high pressure hose to blow air through the drains. Good luck.

8th Mar 2010, 18:31

Just purchased a 2000 A6 with 114k for $5800.00 (expecting to purchase new tires). What can I say, during the test drive... I fell in love with the car. The only thing I can find "wrong" with the car so far is the air bag light remaining on. But it is good to know of all the issues many have had, so I can start saving now.

I have had several Hondas (mostly Civics), most of which had fairly expensive repairs before hitting 150k. While the cost of the repairs weren't quite as expensive as the amounts listed above, they weren't nearly as enjoyable to drive, especially compared to the '92 Caprice I just upgraded from ;)

25th Mar 2010, 10:57

I bought my 2001 A6 2.7t 6spd in early 2009 with 84000 miles from a dealer in NJ. The car appeared to be in great shape, so I ignored that it didn't have an inspection sticker on it.

I then took it to get an inspection sticker, to find out I needed a new tie-rod on the driver side, and that the reverse light switch didn't work. Since fixing those minor problems, the passenger tie-rod went at roughly 96000 miles.

I put a new clutch in shortly after, and when I got it back, the ABS light came on soon after. The light won't go out.

To make things worse, at 103,000 miles I just found out I have two broken front axles. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get axles?

16th Jun 2010, 18:36

I purchased a 2001 Audi A6 2.7t 6sp new. It now has 91,000 miles on it. I still enjoy driving the car, but the maintenance has been expensive.

Things I've had to replace or repair:

1) Warped rotors (both front and rear). Replaced or resurfaced under warranty and by me. Finally fronts replaced with after-market (Zimmerman) slotted and drilled rotors ($249) and rears with Brembo (can't remember the cost). I haven't had a problem since, (except that the slotted rotors feel much different, so take some getting used to (I still don't like the feel).

2) Creaking in the front suspension at about 80,000 miles. I replaced the entire front end myself ($500 in parts and $90 for a four-wheel alignment).

3) Airbag lights - I purchased a VAG COM and found that the connection to one of the rear side airbags was bad. I cleaned it up and cleared the code.

4) Instrument panel center display. Faded in hot weather. I tried to replace the LCD panel myself as a first try. It was not easy (50 tiny pins to desolder and resolder). Now is totally blank. Options are to have Audi replace ($1200) or send it for repair for $150 (I'm skeptical whether this will work).

5) Front auxiliary fan starting to sound like a plane taking off. Aftermarket fan is $200. Put it on the to-do list.

6) Timing chain. Also on the to-do list. I've looked at doing it myself but may just send it to a repair shop (estimate $1000). Audi wants about $2000 I think.

7) Secondary coolant pump ($668) dealer repair at 67,400 miles.

8) Crank Sensor replaced ($334). Car would not start - dealer repair. 82,000 miles.

9) ABS light on. Yaw sensor replaced ($884) dealer repair at 73,800 miles.

10) Replaced Faulty fuel pump. Car would not start. ($768) dealer repair. 73,500 miles.

11) Faulty O2 sensor and exhaust temp sensor ($805). 73,500 miles.

12) Turn signals inoperative. Emergency switch (behind flasher) replaced under warranty at 15,642 miles.

13) Turn signal chatter. Replaced emergency switch myself - not the problem. Bought a new turn signal stalk on ebay and replaced myself (not a repair for the faint-hearted). Less than $100 at 89,000 miles.

14) Torn driver's side CV boot ($248) dealer repair at 67,400 miles. I've also replaced a couple of these myself.

15) Driver's window won't roll up when wet (on the to-do list to fix).

16) VAG COM indicates poor continuity at the EGR sensors. On my list to clean the connections and/or replace.

Lots of work done under warranty. Significant problems started after 60,000 (on my nickel). Much more than any other cars I've owned, but repairing it is still cheaper than buying a new car. Bentley service manual CD is a nice resource. VAG COM will pay for itself in the first one or two check engine light scenarios.

8th Aug 2010, 01:48

I have a 2001 A6 2.7t. I love this car. It's my third Audi. I bought mine used from a dealer with 96k on it. I have a "to do list" and a "wish list of aftermarket parts."

I barely drive this car, it just sits in my garage. Just imagine, with the proper maintenance and tasteful upgrades, in thirty years I could be at a car show or an auction to see how much my 2001 AUDI A6 2.7 BITURBO QUATTRO is worth, I love how that sounds.

I stumbled onto this page, and just wanted to let my fellow Audi lovers know that all the posts have helped me and gave me ideas for my A6. Keep up the good fight.