18th Dec 2010, 07:55

Daughter traded an 06 Jeep Liberty for this 00 A6 Quattro. Over 1000k on it, but it looked and drove well. A preventive maintenance timing belt change has developed into a very expensive ordeal. First shop did not index cams correctly - bent two valves. Second shop fixed that, but the car won't run cold anymore. Drivers window is intermittent and half the dash lights don't work. I'm printing this blog and leaving a copy on the front seat when I tow it back to the shop.

Too expensive to repair!!! Car is truly ahead of its time technologically, but a real piece of crap.

27th Dec 2010, 00:19

The check engine light has informed me of several problems with my 2003 3.0 engine, and I have done nothing about these problems. My car is fine. After the 100000 tune up, the light has not been on.

Had the same problems with the light sensors, but a plug was loose on the right fog light.

Great cars. Considering a 2002 2.7t for my son, and a 2004 4.2 for myself, since my 03 was totaled last week. Would recommend one in a heart beat.

17th May 2011, 19:46

Well you can't really blame the car for hitting a pole can you?

6th Jul 2011, 09:24

Regarding your item 4, I can replace the red LCD instrument cluster display, I guarantee it will look exactly like the original. I understand that you are "skeptical" about the replacement, but you will be happy with the result, it will look great and stay 100 percent even in the hottest weather.


See: http://lcdautotech.com

7th Jul 2011, 16:18

I own a 2002 A6 T, and I really enjoy driving this 6 speed manual gear box. The car still looks great, inside and out. Of course I have had to pay dearly for this continued experience. I have replaced the injectors, alternator, fuel pump, ball joints, transmission/fly wheel, auxiliary water pump to cool the turbos, and driver's side window regulator, just to name a few repairs. With the car paid off and a really honest Audi mechanic (non dealer), I am able to keep up with the maintenance cost. It runs fast and like new.

I also had to have leather driver's side bolster replaced due to normal wear. My mechanic correctly told me "this is not a poor man's car" He is CORRECT. If you can't afford to put aside at least $350.00 per month for anticipated repairs, then PLEASE DON'T invest in an early model with significant miles. If you can, know that you will pay, but I believe so far it's better than a large down payment and 60-72 month payments. Oh... high test gas only. :) Now you do the math and decide.

8th Aug 2011, 00:59

Hi --- I have a 02 A6 2.7 T 6 speed, which we purchased new. It now has 102000 miles, and my wife and I still love the car.

For the first 6 yrs it was a daily commuter into Manhattan, 55 miles r/t. It never got stuck or failed to start, winter driving with winter tires was a snap. Everything great, under warranty.

After warranty, aside from usual maintenance; timing belt, power seat actuator, front engine seals, wiper fluid reservoir (2x),and now headlights that blow out constantly. Overall, not a lot of problems, but not cheap fixes.

I never push the car, it has seen 100+ many times, but not under hard acceleration. At 75-80 it still gets 25+ mpg and is still quiet, tight and fast. I'm not unhappy with my 2.7T, just sad that it's getting old and I have to make the decision to maintain it or replace it.