12th Nov 2013, 11:24

Hello all,

I've just bought an 88 Bedford Rascal Romahome, and it's very hard to start when cold. Can anyone help with suggestions as to what maybe the cause please?

31st May 2014, 04:56

The biggest problem we find (we look after a few) is poor servicing by people that probably only see points and a carb once every two years.

A good place to start with poor starting. If she runs OK once going, it's the engine earth strap. They often break on Rascals. If you run a jump lead from the battery negative to something metal on the engine and find that she starts, you have found your problem. A new earth strap from the local Motor Factors will set you back about a fiver.


3rd Jun 2014, 14:25

Yes there is a setting change in the form of a stiff wire which closes / opens the air intake to the warm exhaust or not... Hope this helps!

8th Jun 2014, 11:34

Hi all, I have a 92 Rascal and unburned oil seems to be entering the exhaust manifold, causing a lot of smoke. Any ideas please?

15th Jun 2014, 19:13

Could be the head gasket.

24th Aug 2014, 23:54

I had an overheating problem with my 1992 Rascal. I found the radiator cap was wrong. The correct one is 0.9 bars, 13 PSI.

6th Dec 2014, 20:12

Hi, I have a 1993 Rascal and I have a problem with the gearbox. It doesn't want to go into gear in first and second. Third, fourth, fifth and reverse are fine; just those two gears. Can anyone tell me if they know what is wrong with it?

Many thanks.

7th Dec 2014, 16:35

Broken selector fork inside the box.

2nd Feb 2015, 16:21

Hi, I have a Rascal pickup, and it only runs with the choke out. Push it in and it stops. Any ideas please?

22nd Mar 2015, 16:58

Hi, can anyone help, my Rascal seems to be using too much petrol. Any ideas?

Thanks, Shelley.

15th Apr 2015, 17:50

I have a Rascal 1988 and am unsure too!

15th Apr 2015, 17:52

That's a great help thanks, no more worrying!

13th Jun 2015, 18:40

Hi, we have a Bedford Bambi that we service regularly and just flew through its MOT. Its recent problem is not starting? Checked the battery as drained it flat trying to start, but the battery is OK; could it be the fuel pump? It usually clicks when starting, but it isn't now? Any ideas please?

6th Jul 2015, 12:48

I fitted a set of 13" Suzuki Swift GT (1998 M/Y) 5 spoke alloys with Suzuki/Oz centre caps. They fitted okay, but needed 5mm wheel spacers on the front axle to clear the struts.

6th Jul 2015, 13:31

Give the bottom of the fuel pump a gentle tap with a hammer while the ignition light is on, it should start clicking again. If it doesn't then you'll need a replacement 12 volt universal fuel pump.

18th Jul 2015, 20:49

I think the valve guides are worn.

13th Oct 2015, 11:07

Hi, the points setting is .8

24th Jan 2016, 19:49

Dose anyone know what engine fits a Bedford Rascal Pick? Email me lewis@autocavallo.co.uk

4th Mar 2016, 10:41

I have a Bedford Bambi '89, which I purchased last week with no service history. She's lovely and I'm so excited about camping out in her so I've put her in for a full service.

She needs a new ignition condenser and right caliper which we can't seem to get anywhere; can anyone advise me on where to get these parts?


9th Mar 2016, 12:48

Try the Bedford Bambi forum.

9th Apr 2016, 00:45

Fascinated to know if Mini classic wheels will fit a Bambi/Rascal?


13th Apr 2016, 19:06

I'm a Bambi Campervan owner, last year I travelled the coast of the UK and Ireland for 4 months, loved it!

Points and condenser is a common problem... They're easy to pick up new and for around £12 for both... Also try Rascalvan on eBay, he runs the Bambi club... A bit of patience with the Bambi will be worth it!

Good luck.

26th Apr 2016, 14:34

Hi there, I'm the proud owner of a Rascal Bambi. I'm having some problems, and was curious if anyone can help?

1. It won't start on most mornings. It has:

New battery.

New leads.

New points.

New dissy cap.

New arm.

New fuel filter.

New fuel pump.

New starter.

New air filter.

New oil filter.

New ignition coil.

Really don't get what it could be. I have a good new condenser coming so I'm hoping that fixes it.

2. Someone has modified the electrics and I'm not sure what most people would add back in the day. They put extra buttons on the dash with six wires coming out.

3. Also I don't get how the electrics in the back work. So if a Bambi owner could get in contact, I'd be indebted to you. I don't wanna give her up. Thanks for any and all help provided.

My email is stepheng285@gmail.com

11th May 2016, 15:27

Hi there. My name's Stephen. I'm the kinda proud owner of a Bedford Rascal Bambi Camper 1987. It's a 1.0 petrol. MOT till Sept this year. She was running but kept cutting out after a few miles. I've had trouble getting her started recently. It's had loads of work done to it. I've changed loads of parts; still nothing. Also I need a little welding work done on the floor pan. Hole the size of a coin.

Parts I've changed or replaced are as follows:


Starter motor.


Dizzy cap.

Rotary arm.



Which is now:

Now electronic ignition power spark unit and Lucas Sports coil. I've heard this is better, but still no progress.

I've also done:

Fuel filter.

Air filter.

Replaced the rocker cover gasket.

Basically I'm looking for any help that anyone can provide thanks.

17th Jun 2016, 22:15

I have just purchased a 1986 Bedford Bambi and found some damp inside the cab after scraping old wallpaper off which was falling off in parts. Hoping to renovate and make it water tight. Can anyone help?

6th Dec 2016, 23:48

Rostyle wheels off the MGB will fit...

1st Jun 2017, 20:24

We're going to France from Scotland in our Bambi in a few weeks. I'll let you know how we get on.

We're hoping to try and use it to Spain later in the year, but that all depends on how our French trip goes.

12th Jun 2017, 20:01

Hope you have a great time, been thinking and waiting to do something the same from Scotland.

28th Jul 2020, 23:31

Engine earth/gearbox earth petrol cap not venting.

28th Jul 2020, 23:35

Engine or gearbox earth strap fault, petrol cap not venting or electric petrol pump.