10th Mar 2008, 16:46

Hello all rascal owners, I have had my rascal for two years now, and have just done a full service and adjusted the timing, but I only seem to get an average of 25-30 MPG. I also every now and then get a flat spot while driving (accelerator to floor, but going nowhere). checked my spark plugs and they seem to be very sooty, indicating too much petrol, but when warm, the engine idles very quietly. Could this be petrol pump putting too much petrol in carb, or is there another cause?

Please help with this as I don't want to part with my Rascal for costing too much on fuel

Thanks John.

9th May 2008, 09:58

To the person above me with the flat spot problem, Check your inlet menifold, I had a similar problem with my motorbike, And the stopper for my inlet manifold had dissappeared, Replaced it and it was fine, But the Idle was REALLY high after adjusting it to the broken setting.

11th Nov 2008, 14:48

Hi all, I am a Rascal owner for a month now. Can someone give me advice? It runs for about 3 miles, then cuts out. I've been told it could be the condenser, it has a new timing belt, full service, new coil and still cuts out. Can anyone help?

12th Nov 2008, 06:02

It may sound daft, but is the fuel cap original? If not and the cap is not vented it may cause fuel starvation when air is not pulled in to replace the used fuel quickly enough.

Just an idea...

1st Dec 2008, 12:36

Hi, I have a Bedford Bambi camper van which needs a new engine and I can't find one of a 990cc with low miles as a donor. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to demount the camper van bit and re mount it onto a newer Suzuki Carry chassis? Obviously our garage will be doing it and he seems to think it would work. I just wanted comments if anyone has already done this. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks.

20th Mar 2009, 13:33

Hi fellow Rascal owner here.. I've noticed there are no sites or forums for us.. Anyway I'm in need of the PDC for some alloy wheels or good looking steel. Does anyone know if any other wheels are compatible? I've heard that mini wheels might fit?? Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.

Regards Lee.

23rd Mar 2009, 13:55


There is a forum for the Rascals & Super Carrys, but it is presently having technical problems.

I get it from my 'desktop' so not sure of the address. Do a search for Rascal Forumarena


26th Apr 2009, 08:12


Thinking of changing the engine in the Bedford Bambi camper van. Does any know what other engines will fit?



20th Jan 2010, 14:56

Hi, I have a problem with my Bedford Rascal. This only happens every so often; well what happens is that when driving along as normal, it will suddenly lose power and sometimes pick up again, but lately when this happens, it dies completely, but after taking out the air filter, it drives as normal again. Can anyone help?

25th Mar 2010, 16:31

I've just bought an 87 Bedford Rascal. Advice please, it keeps over heating, the temperature goes to MAX and it uses all the water in the radiator.

Is this a regular problem? Any ideas? Please e-mail me scoddy01@hotmail.com


9th Apr 2010, 06:29

Finally got a cheeky little Rascal pop top camper van.

I'm planning a 2 week road trip down through Italy in July.

Apart from obvious problems I may incur; slow speed, heat, discomfort etc... am I bonkers?!

Anyone else traveled long distances, or have any advice or suggestions?

21st Apr 2010, 17:56

Regarding scoddy's problem of losing all the water and overheating, I had the same problem back in December and it turned out to be the head gasket. Saying that though, good old reliable Beddy coughed and spluttered for 5 miles before finally giving up right outside my front door. Since having a new head gasket, she runs like a dream.


3rd Jul 2010, 11:49

Does anyone know if there are compatible wheels for a Bambi Rascal 1987?

3rd Nov 2010, 04:40

There's a new forum for any Rascal based campers, primarily, and other campers at www.rascalcampers.com.


19th Feb 2011, 11:05

Hi Rascalteers, I have a tatty but serviceable 87 pick-up. After an oil change/filter/new plugs, it now runs too fast at tick-over. ie it won't tick-over and races. Checked the return on the throttle control, and if I hold the actuator hard over, it goes to tick-over, but when I lose it... back to too fast again. Same without the throttle cable connected and loads of play on the choke cable. Everything looks the same! Is there an adjustment for the tick-over hiding somewhere? Any ideas?

Cheers, Phil.

19th Jul 2011, 00:53

Hi, check your exhaust inlet manifold gasket for leaks. I had the same problem. Changed it, and it's running great now.

7th Dec 2011, 19:02

Hi, I have a Bedford Rascal Bambi camper, and behind the lower panel driver side, there is a summer winter lever, it is near the fuel tank. Hope it's the same for yours.

7th Dec 2011, 19:29

Hi I had this problem, the RAC came out and did an examination.

He checked the spark and found it to be good, and then said that the fuel pump was not pumping fast enough and putting enough fuel in the carb, so said I would have to find one. I only got 2 miles before it cut out, but I bought it only a week ago, and drove it 100 miles with no trouble. First trip the next day, had this trouble.

I have not found a fuel pump as yet. Does anyone know of somewhere to get one, as your problem may be the same as mine? Of course, if the fuel filter is somewhat blocked, then it could be that; you could look at that too, the same as me.

All the very best.

1st Feb 2012, 08:05

Hi. We had a Bedford Bambi, bought back in 1990. We had a holiday down to the Costa Brava. We had a fantastic time, but problems started on the way home. The van itself started playing up at the French border with a jerking problem. The van was fine when we bought it in May that year, and the trip down to Spain was fine, but the journey home was a nightmare, and it nearly overheated in the city of Lyon.

We don't have the van any more, as we sold it in 1991. Just wanted to find out whether it was a common fault on all Bambis and Rascals.

29th Feb 2012, 03:35

Please can someone out there help? We have just brought a Bedford Bambi, which is at the moment at the workshop having a few what we thought were small jobs done. However we have been told she needs her carburettor replaced. Please, please can you tell me where I can get one?


Thanks so much.

8th Aug 2013, 16:54

Hi, I am also thinking to put a bigger engine into my Bambi. Did you have any feedback on which bigger replacement engine could fit? I use to have a 13 Daihatsu van and she drives like the wind. 70 miles is no problem and she was cheaper on fuel than the Bambi. Was kinda hoping that the engine could work.

Cheers, Steph.

11th Aug 2013, 10:42

You may have already done so, but check the fuel pump?