7th Dec 2011, 19:29

Hi I had this problem, the RAC came out and did an examination.

He checked the spark and found it to be good, and then said that the fuel pump was not pumping fast enough and putting enough fuel in the carb, so said I would have to find one. I only got 2 miles before it cut out, but I bought it only a week ago, and drove it 100 miles with no trouble. First trip the next day, had this trouble.

I have not found a fuel pump as yet. Does anyone know of somewhere to get one, as your problem may be the same as mine? Of course, if the fuel filter is somewhat blocked, then it could be that; you could look at that too, the same as me.

All the very best.

11th Aug 2013, 10:42

You may have already done so, but check the fuel pump?