27th Aug 2008, 08:03

I am assuming that you have checked the level of the mineral oil and it is remaining full up?? If so, it sounds like the same symptoms I had on my '90 Turbo R last year. You need someone to check out the level ride system. It is probably leaking past, but not out - yet. The front brakes are tied to the leveler balls in the boot. Good luck.

19th May 2009, 10:11

I'm in my 50s and have owned a 1990 Turbo R for 6 years. I bought it for $42,000 US in 2002 with 26,000 miles on it. I absolutely LOVE driving it and have put 39,000 miles on it since I bought it. I average 10 mpg to 12 mpg and it is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. This car turns heads where ever it goes and is a fantastic highway cruiser. When I park it there are always smudges on the windows from people looking inside.

I've spent $11,785 US in 6 years on maintenance. I replaced two brake rotors (1500 US dollar brake job), the seals on the power steering pump twice (common problem), a window lift motor (900 dollars), heater blower, gas tank sending unit and gauge, new tires, radiator hoses, and the motor in the power seat. The engine and transmission have been very trouble free.

Nothing drives like a Bentley, and this car has become my hobby and passion as well as reliable transportation!

2nd Aug 2009, 09:54

I have a 1991 Bentley Turbo R and luckily I live in a big city where it's easy to get service. My Bentley had 36,200 miles on it when I bought it, a little over two years ago and now it has 66,175 miles on it. It drives like a dream and I find excuses to take it places. This is the best highway car I've ever owned.

Problems have not been that many: new muffler and tail pipe $270, new belts for the engine at 50,000 miles $462, new brakes at 50,000 miles $1105, and a new heater core $1830.

I have been very pleased with this car and it has the performance of a sports car. Highway mileage is in the 13 mpg range, while spirited city driving gives you about 10 mpg.

This car draws more attention than I thought it would. You're going to notice fingerprint smudges on the windows when you park it from people looking in the windows at that gorgeous wood dash. You just don't see many of these on the road here. I hope to keep and maintain this car for a VERY LONG TIME!

25th Oct 2009, 08:36

I have a 1989 Turbo R in first class condition until the engine decided to run on two cylinders instead of eight necessitating breakdown recovery to a local reputable garage. After examination they concluded that one of the two distributor caps was worn to the extent that it requires replacement. I will have two new caps fitted later this week but wondered if anyone with a Turbo R has experienced similar problems.

6th Nov 2009, 21:16

I keep looking on ebay for a deal on a 97 Turbo R. Not in love with their rear; too plain. The front is awesome. Would love to have one, but the wife thinks it is sending the wrong message. My Range Rover is great, love it. Would like to hear some negative experience if there is any? Hear that Bentley's electric system is a nightmare?

9th Nov 2009, 15:46

I recently purchased a 1991 Bentley Turbo R that runs well, but needs a decent amount of overdue maintenance. I have seen some of the prices listed on here and was wondering if people had suggestions of where to order parts. I will need to replace many of the wear items as well as many of the hoses that have become somewhat hard with age. If anybody has a decent mechanic in the Philadelphia area they could recommend, I would appreciate that as well.



15th Nov 2009, 02:29

To the gent looking for a reputable mechanic in the philadelphia area, try DiNardo Foreign Motors in Horsham, PA 215.443.5335. They've done excellent work on several Mercedes and BMW cars of mine and are very honest and affordable compared to dealer; But most importantly, I know one of the guys there has personally owned two Turbo Rs in the time I've known him and thus should be very knowledgeble about the car. In case you're wondering why I'm on this site in the first place, I too am seriously considering purchasing an "R" of my own and had been reading the comments here to get a realistic perspective from actual owners. Good Luck.


14th Mar 2010, 12:59

I have a 1990 and a 1992 Turbo R. 1990 has 38,000 miles and the 92 has 76,000 miles.

On my 90 the brake calipers started to leak, and I took it to a Rolls dealer and an independent Rolls shop, and both wanted between $3,200 and $3,800 to rebuild the rear calipers.

I checked on Google and found out that the calipers can be rebuilt by several outlets locally and nationwide. A local brake shop took the calipers out, sent them to the rebuilder, and had them put on with new brake calipers, and all of this cost me $439.00 with 12,000 miles of 12 months warranty. I've driving the car for over 3 years now without any problems.

On my 92, one of the rear shock absorber was leaking. Rolls prices were to replace both of them for $1,695. I took it to the same local shop they replaced them with a KYB shocks with better specs than the Bilstein, and for less than $500.00, and they have been working perfectly for last 2 years.

Yes, I agree with all those who say that these cars cost too much to maintain, but if one investigates the market and the parts of these cars, you will find that most of the parts are American made or imported by non-dealer importers.

Bentley Turbos have two distributors that are synchronized by a flimsy rubber belt. On one of my Turbos, the belt went bad and the Rolls shop wanted $650.00 to reset it. My local shop did it for $128.00 with new belt.

I've replaced the water pump, power steering pump, AC compressor, motor mounts, rebuilt the rack and pinion, and replaced the brake pads, all from the local shop at a savings of over 80% if compared to the thieves at the dealers and high end independent shops.

So my advice is to drive these cars just like any other car, and don't ever take them to the dealership and indy shops. They always say if you discuss prices with them "well don't drive a Bentley or a Rolls if you can't afford to pay for repairs". But if you tell them that the same job can be done for less than quarter the price with the genuine parts, they get very defensive.

I bought a 2002 Arnage a year ago, and my first tune up was done by the local at a cost of $245.00 VS $985.00 quoted by Rolls dealers. My wife can't stand the Bentleys and the Rolls, and prefers her Mercedes S600 sedans, and having the dependability and pleasure in driving an MBZ 600 sedan beats any Rolls or Bentley including my Arnage. So it's an individual choice!