17th Apr 2012, 14:14

Just purchased my first Bentley. 1990 Turbo R

"As is" at an auction.

No history, no nothing...

Didn't pay a lot for the car, but it runs great and no visible leaks. So I won't mind putting money into it.

Any Ontario owners that could recommend a local shop?

Thank you in advance.

22nd May 2012, 03:27

I have a 89 Turbo R with a perfect cold start, the engine is strong, no smoke, heaps of power, but a hot start always takes 20 seconds every time. I have changed the fuel accumulator, fresh fuel, good fuel pressure, has anyone got a solution?

Richard, Australia.

12th Jan 2013, 12:40

Who in the DFW area did you settle on to work on your Bentley? Curious, as I just bought one.

3rd Mar 2013, 09:23

Sounds like *maybe* you ought not to be driving a Bentley. Walter Owen probably spun in his grave when that KYB shock was put in, in place of the proper self-leveling damper!

The problem with practicing what you say is that you devalue the car immensely, as anyone who would eventually buy it will see the approach you've taken to maintain it.

Ok, so of course, the brake calipers don't have to be overhauled by a Royce dealer or indie, and in fact, are like any other brake caliper, save for the fact that they use LHM instead of brake fluid. You could've even overhauled them yourself -- it's not hard -- but please, I implore you -- don't make RR/B ownership seem 'economical' because there are enough other things with the cars that can catch the uninitiated with their pants down! How about when the hydraulic system requires overhaul? That operates the brakes, which are a bit of a safety requirement. So have you ponied up for the proper overhaul, or are you waiting for a valve/accumulator/line failure?

If the cars are maintained in the manner which RR advised (i.e. all scheduled services adhered to and cheap parts not substituted), then the cars are indeed reliable as anything else.

22nd Apr 2013, 11:07

Were the original shocks the leveling shocks, and did they replace them with regular shocks?

10th Jul 2013, 14:27

Can you tell me what exact specs the KYB shocks are that you put in? I need a pair for my Turbo R rear end. Thanks!

25th Sep 2015, 20:13

I have the same issue. One of the belts in the distributor broke. I'd rather replace both the belts, but I don't know how to synchronize them, and what is the marker that tells me that the timing is correct for each belt?

Thanks and God bless. Ed.

3rd May 2019, 19:08

Over the last 40 years, I have owned a 1962 RR Silver Cloud, a 1988 Bentley Eight, and a 1996 RR Silver Spur. I recently purchased a 1989 Bentley Turbo R, with 25,000 miles on the odometer. It had some minor issues when I first got it, all of which have been addressed. The biggest expense was a new set of Avon tires. I go to an independent service facility that only does Rolls and Bentley, NOT the local dealer. This car handles much better than the 2 Rolls I had. The Bentley Eight drove very nicely, but the Turbo has much more power. I cannot say enough good things about this car. I plan on keeping it for a long time.

27th Mar 2024, 16:00

100% agree. The are complex, but not overly complicated. My biggest suggestion for DIYers would be to learn HOW any given part or system works before tackling a repair. It will also help you diagnose the actual problem instead of pointing a parts cannon at it. These cars are the epitome of over-engineering, but can be a whole lot of fun to own and drive if maintained properly. I have found more maintenance items wrong with a RR/B than anything else. Neglect is the #1 cause of breakdowns with these machines.