1990 BMW 3 Series 320i convertible 2.0 injection 6 cylinder from Belgium


Nice looking, reliable, comfy convertible


Normal wearing like rubbers, belts, tires.

Every 3 years have the "cat-eye" front-lights replaced due to rusty reflectors.

Defective gas pump replaced. was not needed because is proved to be the relais.

Driver's bucket-seat at the left side re-clothed, due to wear.

Seemes to be a general problem, also with the leather seats.

General Comments:

This was by far the most reliable car I have ever owned.

As I live close to the German border I noticed that this E30 is still the most driven convertible in Germany.

Most of them having more than 200000km on the clocks.

325i are usually blown up by high speed driving youngsters.

My wife missed the powered top, but for me the manual top is still the fastest way to close when suddenly rain starts pouring.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

1990 BMW 3 Series 318iS 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Just make sure it has been looked after and it will look after you (And your family)


- The engine chain and guides needed replacement after 150k and a 12year life on Mobil1. Stunned the professionals who felt embarrassed at such an indiscretion. Many opinions later and it was determined to be unlucky chain linkages came its way.

- Off side electric window lifter not binding due to lack of use.

- Plastic Radiator tank minor leak.

General Comments:

This is simply a great car. I still have my trusty ol'e 1990 318i sedan but found a beautiful diamond schwartz 318iS that needed me. The performance of the M42 engine makes the iS the car to have from this era. Simply put its solid, well built, reliable beyond the dreams of a Toyota and revs like few others. My old shopping basket has 250k on the clock (Most of it mine) and drives like new. I was scared of europeans prior to owning the first one, but BMW can sign me on as a regular at their leisure.

The dealers however can just stay the hell away from me. A dealer who's name begins with "A" and ends in "O" rotated my directional Toyo's after an oil service and let me drive out. I drove staight back and complained. They denied it and they told me it must be the $600 wheel bearings. I drove to the the local tyre center and they put them back the right way round and I drove of at a cost of $10.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2004

1990 BMW 3 Series 316i 1.6 gas from Italy


Long lasting quality


Since 91 the only things I had to replace were the back tires and a chip mode. I let the mechanics check it once a year for regular inspection. No power steering, and that takes me crazy to park; air conditioned wasn't included in the package (i had to spend 2.500 € to install it) ; the 1.6 engine is slow and not appropriate for its size and to pass cars you need to shift down often to have reasonable performances, so I would suggest to choose starting from the 1.8 version. On high speed the steering wheel starts trembling.

General Comments:

Excellent quality of everything, and even if my car only has few mileage comparing it to its age, is very good for almost any kind of trip, it stood under all conditions: rain, hot sun, snow, ice, hail... NO RUST AT ALL! And the engine still starts like new. Even if here in Italy streets conditions are not always at their best, I never had to replace shocks and it still keeps a good stability. The only thing I would change is the rear wheel drive, not so good on slippery.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2004

1990 BMW 3 Series I 1.8i 16v from Lithuania


Not bad, could be better. Well built


At first I got this car, it's inside lighting system was dead - no lights on speedometer, on heat knobs, etc.

Seats a weak constructed, wearing bad.

Fails any electrical part of car, except the ECU controller.

Clamp is not working so soft as in my previous Audi 100 - it's not easy to begin ride from the 0kph - it pulls strongly than acceleration disappears, makes you feel discomforted. Especially, when car is filled with 3 persons or more in 1st and 2nd gears.

The fuel pump makes a big noise - it's gonna fail some day, and need to be changed. But with this noise I drew almost 20.000 of km!

Some kind of convulsions, when going at low speeds in low gears. No body can solve this problem.

Front ant rear shock absorbers are near to end.

Drive colon is need to be changed, because bigger amount of parts of this unit is unfixable failed.

Replaced the front sway bar.

Replaced the front brake disc's.

Replaced the front bearings in above sides.

Strange vibration to the steering wheel - nobody also can solve this problem.

Changed rear springs, enough cheap to fix.

General Comments:

This is not a bad car. Pulls 0 to 100 kph up to 10.5 sec.

The stronger pull reaches up in 4000 RPM.

Easy to handle.

Economical, escpecially in city.

The interior design could be better - plenty of cheap details.

Too big noise of engine inside.

Seat material also could be better.

If you do a tuning inside car - it becomes more fine.

Also it starts without any problems, while standing in cold temperature all night.

Not too much rust.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2003