1990 BMW 3 Series 325is 2.5 from North America


Awesome car


Only thing ever to leave me stranded was a fuel pump. Other than that, nothing major to speak of.

General Comments:

Loved that car. Just totalled it November 28 and recommend it to anyone looking to buy a used car.

Had a chip, headers, exhaust, intake, springs, shocks, rims, tires, etc. and loved it.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2001

25th Jun 2001, 13:05

I think the car is great myself, I ALSO HAVE A 325IS 1990. I have also put a bunch of stuff on my car too.

Bilstien with Eibach springs, BMP stress bars front and rear, Prm cool air induction, Remus Exhaust, BMP chip. I'm also waiting on a Dinan intake manifold.

1990 BMW 3 Series 325is Convertible 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Fun to own with excellent road manners


Nothing in my hands.

General Comments:

This was a low kilometre car when I got it. It has a close ratio gear box and 16 inch factory mags with Michelin Pilot HX tyres. Road holding is excellent on these boots, wet or dry. Steering is very accurate. Gear box is a joy to use. Motor is very perky and powerful. You can't complain about 0-100km/h in 8.6 secs.

The sports seating is very comfortable. Ride is firm with factory sports suspension as you would expect. As I am tall I would have appreciated more legroom and an adjustable steering column.

Soft-top does not leak or flap about at high speed. Heater and air conditioner are both very effective.

This is shaping up to be the most enjoyable car I have owned. It's pretty, it goes hard, handles well, and it's real fun. I like this body shape more than the later models.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2000

22nd Dec 2000, 18:38

My top leaks around the windows. A repair specialist says he can replace the seals at a cost of $380.00 USD. Can anyone comment on other solutions, or if this sounds reasonable. Thanks

13th Jul 2001, 20:47

For the guy with the leaks around the windows - I have a 90 325ic and have done a lot of leak repair and troubleshooting. drop me a note and let me know what kind of leaking you are talking about. btontheroad@yahoo.com.


9th Mar 2003, 08:27

It must be heaven on wheels compared to your v6 accord :)

1990 BMW 3 Series 320i Touring 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Trendy, timeless luxury wagon


So far (six months), nothing - uses a bit of oil but, after 187,000 miles (over 300,000 km!), that's not too surprising...

General Comments:

For those nervous about buying a high-mileage BMW, don't worry - if it has a full service history, it'll go forever.

Everything still works, and the bodywork is still in very good condition - just a few tiny patches of surface rust around the back window. The interior has aged very well - even the driver's seat hasn't started sagging yet - compared to mass market cars (Sierra, Cavalier, etc) BMW build their cars to last.

It's a bit small for a wagon (my 1989 Bluebird has more space), but they were never designed to be Volvo-beaters. It's difficult to get more than about 28mpg, though...

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Review Date: 25th July, 2000

1990 BMW 3 Series 318 iS 1.8 DOHC 16V from UK and Ireland


Clutch slave and master cylinders failed almost simultaneously. Ticking from hydraulic tappet (esp. when cold) - but does not cause a problem. Discs need replacing.

General Comments:

First rate sports car of the old-school. 137 bhp is reasonable power for swift progress up to ~80mph. iS model has sport suspension, all round discs, 15x7" alloys and 16V which improve every aspect of driving over a normal 318i.

Very tricky in the wet. Suspension is jiggly at slow speeds. Steering is phenomenally heavy when parking (no p/s) but superb feedback at higher speeds.

In summary, it is not a car for commuting (too stiff & responsive) nor long distance (too stiff, noisy at speed and requires 100% concentration) but is perfect for "weekend" speed/sports driving with a big dollop of RWD charisma thrown in.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2000

28th Mar 2005, 14:03

As an owner myself, I wanted to say your description is spot on! In all aspects.

Except one; mine too was unbelievably taily in the wet and demanded full concentration all the time, and all 4 tyres were the same, but changed the full set for Goodyear Eagle Venturas (cheapish good tyres), and the car was transformed. Arguably less fun in the wet, it now has loads of grip and is certainly safer! And superbly balanced aswell; 4-wheel drifts are the order of the day now, but unfortunately you have to be doing silly speeds to achieve them... Great chassis.

28th Aug 2010, 18:13

I drive mine every day to work and back, and every where else. I am in my car all the time. I wouldn't want to drive anything else, and I find it more fun in the wet; definitely wakes you up in the morning, if you catch my drift; DRIFT, see what I did there, hahahaha. Never had any trouble with it; a good solid car, and I think it's earned itself a new paint job and some new wheels.


1990 BMW 3 Series 316 4dr saloon 1.6i petrol from UK and Ireland


Wiper motor faulty at 100,000 miles, replaced 2nd hand £45.

Tappety noise on start-up when cold.

General Comments:

Excellent reliability every morning!

Not too bad on petrol (25-33mpg).

Build quality brilliant.

Parts not extremely expensive.

Rear end steps out even driving moderately in the wet!

140,000 miles on mine. No longer have now as it is in car heaven..

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Review Date: 7th March, 1999