17th Mar 2014, 23:43

Totally agree mate. The engine is very noisy on the 2.0L, but I would recommend a manual. My auto box is playing up again. Also, servicing it is not cheap. Japanese imports are good as long as the Ks there are genuine and they're well looked after. Mine came with fog lamp, sunroof, but no cruise control generally with the 2.0 version. With adding few more Ks, a 323 or 325 is a good option. A lot more options, and it's a complete different league.

As you said - Audis are great, but handling wise BMW still rules. I am currently having some reliability issues however, to keep you posted.

Some oil leaks from 3 areas. Done about 10 more Ks since then. Gear box started to slip from second to third. Also the left indicator doesn't come back after turning, which is minor.

So not very happy with it at the moment. Deciding whether to keep it longer or sell it as when things starts going wrong - it's not cheap.

18th Mar 2014, 13:48

When you're up in Auckland, take it to Burger's Motor Works, see what he says. He may know of common faults, or those problems you have may be rectified with a software upgrade (for the gearbox, that is).

23rd Mar 2014, 19:14

I'll surely try. Many thanks. I have taken to European autos and they have updated my software, but that didn't have any impact. I'm little upset over this, as it sits at back of your mind that your car is not 100%. I'll google them up and get their contacts to see them on my next trip.

Many thanks again.

9th Jun 2014, 11:13

I have now upgraded to an E92 coupe 325ci. Will be doing a review shortly :)

23rd Jun 2014, 04:25

Hi - really enjoyed your review. Just bought one (a 2006 320i) a few weeks ago - Japanese import (about 28k - AA verified & was stripped for compliance... et al).

Although the steering column (& the console by the car radio) has the phone buttons, I can't configure it, so I assume that it is not standard. That aside, my real concern is, I have all the manuals for the car including the service history and the likes. Only one problem, it's all in Japanese :( I've searched on the net (including BMW sites) far & wide for an English version of the owner's manual, but still no go. Still can't work out the rest of the functionalities & gadgets in the car... apart from acquiring a Japanese translator :), Any help/suggestions are greatly welcomed. Cheers, GAF.

23rd Jun 2014, 20:14

Hi, when I bought Japanese import Audis years ago, I just went to Continental's parts department; at the time the manuals cost something like NZ$39. It's worth it, because as minimal as the controls look, there is a lot of functionality you won't know unless you're made aware of them. Or, how some features don't seem to function how you expect them to (the interior light will come on when you turn the ignition off - but only if you were driving with the lights on before turning off the ignition, which is different to how my Audis did it; also you'll notice the wipers drop one speed lower when you stop, so if you're on Low, it reverts to intermittent and you think it's stopped). The steering controls need an interface of some sort. My 316TI has them, and I bought an interface off eBay UK adapted to the JVC aftermarket stereo I fitted, which was for BMW on one end and JVC on the other.

29th Jun 2014, 22:03

Agreed on the comment above. A manual is a must to know all these little tricks. Also a software upgrade may allow you to translate these into English? For a manual, also try this guy below:

Michael McCarthy (Director)

JPNZ International Ltd

13-15 Akatea Road



New Zealand

Phone: +64 (0)9 825 0773


29th Jun 2014, 22:05

Also like to thank the gentleman who recommended me Burger's motor works. Great experience. Transmission fluid change and full service only cost me 775 NZD including GST. Last time I paid close to 1200 just for the transmission fluid change itself. Also for the next service it will only be 250 + GST for services. He knows a lot about BMW it appears. Thanks mate. I'll leave a note here when I do my BMW 325ci E92 review. So far a great experience :)

30th Jun 2014, 20:29

Hi, that'll be me - glad you've had a good experience with Burger - I've been going to him since I got an imported Audi 80 in 2000, recommended by the yard that sold it to me. What I like about him (and attested by a few friends whom I've referred to him), he doesn't do stuff which doesn't need doing. A lady friend who knew nothing about cars bought an Audi A4 ex-Japan, I told her to get the FULL service done with the transmission flush, cambelt, tensioner, fluids, spark plugs etc., and when I called him back to ask why he didn't do the transmission, his reply was "...Because it was pink! The fluid was absolutely clean, it didn't need it." The same friend got a discount voucher for service elsewhere, was told her brakes needed doing to cost $700; she called Burger and was told it should only be about $400. When she took it there, he looked at it and said there was no problem with the brakes, nothing needed doing. Well, all the best with your new car!

1st Jul 2014, 11:53

Thanks Loads. Well this is the first time I took a BMW somewhere where his response was the car is in excellent shape and nothing needed doing, where other places will never say that. I knew the car was good because it had only one owner since new, who provided a full service history, and it's NZ new and his opinion was very honest.

Also I have seen him talking to a few customers, and it was very pleasant and so was their response. Also talking about a few technical things - he seems to be quite knowledgeable. So really a big thanks to you. Charges were very reasonable. If you're down towards Rotorua - yell out, I'll shout you a lunch :)

2nd Jul 2014, 20:52

Sounds good - but you MUST take me for a drive. BTW, keep us posted on your new car's life events. This site is also used to find out common problems, and of course solutions.

4th Jul 2014, 03:06

Of course I will :).

I have now posted an E92 review. It's under 2006 BMW 3 Series. I'll keep posting as problems come in. Since I do lots of open road Ks - problems will take a bit longer to show up perhaps. The engine and gear box are both happy to date.

17th Jul 2015, 22:13

Does the BMW 325i E90 2008 have Bluetooth?

Email: williamdintwe@yahoo.com

4th Aug 2015, 16:20

Hi there, it's not very common for an E90 325i to have Bluetooth unless selected as option while buying brand new. Mine shows a button saying Bluetooth, but that additional feature was never bought.