16th Jan 2011, 15:08

We have a 3.0ltr 2002 X5. We have owned it a few months, and had nothing but problems.. 1st thing is the airbag light comes on when anyone sits in the passenger seat.. the boot keeps opening when you're driving, it's booked in now to have the CV joint done (the same one twice in 3 months!) but the most annoying thing is it only starts when it feels like it!!! We have replaced the battery, and it starts when jumped, but it's becoming an issue. We took it to the garage, and they can't find a fault??? Not sure what to do!!! It's so unreliable, but the problem is I love the car to drive, and don't want to sell it... anyone had the same sort of problem??

24th Jan 2011, 18:11

I have a 2002 X5 3.0 with 104000 miles on it.

The only major issue I had was the oil separator freezing problem. It happened twice, 1 year after the first one went bad. That cost me 2k to fix at the BMW dealer. Then when it went the next year it was covered under warranty.

I had other minor issues like one window regulator, thermostat replaced, axles, final stage resistor replaced which was causing the battery to die over night cause the A/C blow kept going after turning the car off.

18th Feb 2011, 19:30

I have a 2005 X5 4.8is. Dealer has had for two weeks because of a self leveling suspension inactive light on the dash. Replaced the control module, but that did not resolve the issue. Now dealer says it needs a new wiring harness, which they say will cost about $11,500 ($3700 for the part and about $7500 in labor). Will be interested to know if the cost is accurate, or I am getting taken?

7th May 2011, 12:03

My 2011 X5 has problems with the auto brake also. I live on a mountain top, and it jerks and stays locked into auto brake after I am down the long hill.

Not good mileage... only 5k miles.

Great feeling to drive, but dread any problems in the future, as some dealers in Southern California are out to charge you a lot without doing any work! Some service managers are bad here!

Will have it checked out soon.

12th Jun 2011, 10:39

I have a same problem. Could you explain where are those wires located, and what do I need to do?

Thank you. Email popesculv@yahoo.com

16th Jun 2011, 14:19

You are one of the lucky ones.

19th Jul 2011, 13:21

Guess what; I own a 2002 3.0 X5 and love it. And bought it with 96k on it, and I'm at 126k miles now.

Yes, the fan motor resistor and window regulators are wear and tear items.

The 6 cylinder engine is one of the most reliable engines ever made!

Don't know about the stalling issues... seems like the models older than the 02.

I have a towing package, and have towed numerous times with no problems as well. I change my oil with synthetic every 5k miles. You should have a warranty with any car to cover yourself.

I also bought my wife an 05 X3, and it has had no problems either.

The car is a highway machine (ultimate) and it goes through the snow like crazy. I would recommend a BMW, but just like Audi and VW, always have a warranty when possible with purchase. Good luck! The X3, X5 family.

20th Jul 2011, 12:45

"The 6 cylinder engine is one of the most reliable engines ever made!"

Nope. The most reliable V6 engines are made by Honda and Toyota. My Brother has a 98 Avalon with over 300,000 miles, and not only has the car not had a single problem, but neither has anything else - and that includes the window regulators, locks, heated seats, power antennae, and the myriads of other electronic doo-dads the car has. That, and it costs a lot less.

26th Jul 2011, 15:41

Well, you can keep having "fun" driving that Avalon, but I think it's time to trade it in for an X5. And good luck in the snow or mud. I just love it when I can cruise at 90 MPH on the open highway, and the SUV is just as stable and quiet as can be!

Some people don't realize that that is why BMW has paid for maintenance up to 50k miles; to make sure the car is taken care of. Older than that, you need to have any car checked before you buy it (leaks, tires, brakes, needs to run well, AC works, etc). Good Luck. X5/X3 Owner.

P.S. Looking forward to this winter.

1st Apr 2015, 01:04

Hello, please email me at kamdan07@gmail.com. I am having the same problem, and would love to fix it myself LOL.

Thank you.