22nd Jun 2006, 23:45

My fan also has a mind of its own, along with the several other problems that I have had with my X5. It stayed at the dealership for over a week and they still could not figure out exactly what was wrong with my X5, seem stupid to me because it is their vehicle, it was almost as if I had taken them a Yugo or something. I HATE this car!!! Anyone want to buy an X5?

22nd Jul 2006, 00:03

I spent 5 hours reading BMW X5 issues tonight, it is a very informative forum. Thanks everybody for sharing the information.

Since acquired the 2002 BMW X5 (3.0) in November, 2005 from a private party (with extended warranty to November 2007 or 100 miles), my life takes it as a burden. I used to drive to humble Toyota camry, and never had any issues in past. Owning the car for only about 8 months and only drove about 2000 miles, I had already three different breakdowns. BMW it is supposed to be the one of most reliable cars, how come BMW X5 can be like that?

Today, the AC/Fan/Vent part has stopping working completely, no air blowing from dashboard, although the rear seat AC/Vent still working (but no cold air). I had one similar instance a month ago, it resumed working after I shut off the fan. Today, no matter what I do, it won't not resume. It is a hot summer, the car is a hell. Any of you have the similar problem, is this covered the extended warranty?

Enough and enough, I have two more other breakdowns for my mere 8 month ownership:

A month ago, my car stalled in the middle of an intersection when I made a very gentle left turn. I was scared because the car stopped suddenly and stuck in the heaving traffic (could had a devastating accident), The car was able to be restarted and the same did not happen last 30 days. Keeping the incident in my mind, I don't have much confidence to have the car for over two-hour away from home, because I am afraid it will stall in the middle of the highway. I saw a few mentions on the forum, but not seeing a resolution and recalls. I did not send it to the dealer yet because I am afraid I will be buying the bill for their hours of hours of no-resulting diagnosis.

My audio/radio has been replaced already during first 2 month of ownership. Funny enough the car had issue with cold weather, the audio did not work when it is parked outside for a while (no sound at all even though the dashboard can display). and it will work after driving for a while. The case lasted for a month, then it turned to a complete breakdown. I took it to a BMW dealer in Boston (Herb Cambers), they charged me $1040 for the repair (they said the amplifier failed due to trim leaking?), I was not happy at all. The extended warranty does not covers CD/Radio, but CD/Radio was OK, the issue was caused the electronics/circuit due to body defects that I am supposed to pay?

I hope BMW-NA is there to read my miserable story. As a loyal believer of BMW products, I have a lot to say about BMW after the experiences. For those who can provide some directions of my problem, please help me, you are highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

16th Sep 2006, 22:55

Sept. 15, 2006 We have always had BMW motorcycles, wonderful, dependable, run forever, so I decided to look at the X-5 (2003) to replace my old dependable Jeep. Luckily I wanted to take it home for my husband to check out, a distance of 80 miles. I had driven 30 miles when it began running very rough and stalling frequently. I managed to get back to the dealership with it after stalling at nearly every red light. I returned the keys to the dealer, got in my old dependable Jeep Grand Cherokee and left. I do not intend to return.

24th Sep 2006, 05:18

I just bought a BMW X5 4.4i from a dealer in Toronto, Canada and after reading some of these comments I think I've made a big mistake!

If only I had done some research.. wish me luck people! : (

20th Oct 2006, 11:52

I wish you good luck!! I was thinking myself about getting BMW X5 (2003-2003) from one of Toronto dealers. I'm considering Murano, MDX and BMW. I don't like RX330 style (that's only my opinion, no offence to actual owners) The last one is the most expensive, but it gives you a "shiny respectable look". Well, after reading about reliability problems I think MDX would be the best choice. Thanks everyone for your posts.

9th Nov 2006, 22:17

My 2001 BMW X5 is having dead battery problems. Based on other postings, this is a common issue. If you have had the repeat dead battery syndrome and had it successfully fixed, please share the solution. The dealer doesn't seem to know how to fix it and I need help. Thanks!

I had the same problem and it turned out to be the alternator. Somehow they did not detect it . I have to go back and forth 2-3x before finally they figure it out.

30th Nov 2006, 16:10

I also has exactly the same problem with my BMW amplifie, as mentioned in 22nd July 2006 comments, It started slowly and turned into a complete breakdown, (now no sound at all even though the dashboard can display,) Dealership told me excatly the same thing (it happened due to trim leaking) and is giving me run around about the warranty. I have refused pay $ 1040to have it repaired, and am looking into the other options (including legal)

11th Jan 2007, 16:56

Hello I have an X5 with 193,XXX miles on it. I purchased it brand new and it is the most reliable car I own. It is a wonderful family car and has no problems. I have never had to replace or do anything for the car. Only brakes and oil. An overal fabulous car!!! Also I looked at the MDX. I do not recomend that piece of CRAP to anyone. It looks and drives like crap! Go for the BMW YA!!!

19th Jan 2007, 10:18

(first, please everyone post your year of your car, it is most helpful when trying to figure out any patterns of problems)

I have a 2000 X5 4.4 which I bought in 2004 with 78,000 miles for $30K. Seemed like a good idea and driving the car has been great. However, I'm really fed up now after my second breakdown in the last 8 months.

Steering rack and pinion is "about to go" for $2,400 in repairs. I've been putting this off. Failed intake manifold gasket (failed inspection) cost me $1,800. It was dripping oil in the garage. I've had the battery fail and need a jump for no reason, luckily just once.

I had the tail light problems, tried replacing the bulb about 3 times before finally getting the entire tail light section replaced for some big bucks.

Transfer case went (this was a fun one, if I accelerated too hard, there was a slipping of the gears). This was about $2,500.

Last night, my front drive shaft broke while just driving at 20 mph on an exit ramp from the Mass Pike in Allston. I got it barely off the road and waited for 1.5 hours for the flat bed tow truck (note to all, if you need a tow, you need a flat bed tow truck due to the all-wheel drive). Also note, the two I-bolt in the trunk was really useful for getting the car on the truck. Winch pulled it right up.

Anyway, I'm very fed up. I do love the car for it's driving and handling, but enough is enough. Really disappointed in the reliability. My wife has a 1997 328I for almost 10 years with hardly a problem, about 90,000 miles now.

Thanks for all the comments.