19th Jan 2007, 16:30

Any BMW built in America has horrible quality, and the X5's were some of the worst. My old business partner bought one in 2000 and his just simply stopped at traffic lights and wouldn't start again. He lemon lawed it.

30th May 2007, 09:46

My x5 2002 116000km had four stabilizing link replacements.

Stops twice at very busy traffic without any reason.SCARY.

Noisy suspension.

Problem with locks.

Air condition working on and off.

In 6 months 7 times in garage.

Engine lamp signal on and I'm again going to see mechanic.

Rear signal lights after replacement bulbs won't work properly

I have stopped at mall parking lot and ask other owners of BMW and same story. Where is old good German opinion about their quality. Waste of money.

We are very disapointed. As soon as I will fixed, I will sell it and never be jealous of other owners of x5.

11th Jul 2007, 20:22

Purchased a 2002 X5 last year, had 58,000 miles and it is in excellent condition inside and out. I thought I got an incredible deal, but now I'm wondering if that was really the case.

It completely died a couple months ago. Had it towed to the dealer and the problem was gone, vanished. They could not duplicate it and couldn't find a code in the computer saying anything was wrong. They decided to charge me a few hundred for troubling them.

Now today (a very hot day), the AC/Vent/Fan will not work or even blow warm air. I see others have had this problem too. Shouldn't there be a recall on something like this? If I was driving on the freeway and my window was getting fogged, I wouldn't be able to get any air on the windsheild. That's dangerous right? I think if this many people have the same problem, then they should get the thing fixed.

14th Jul 2007, 00:41

BMW X5 4.4i 2003 has constant "Self Leveling Suspension" failures. I've had it in to the dealer many times to replace the compressors and bags. Also it's been in to replace the sensor. Now the vehicle has a "Self Leveling Suspenion Inactive" light on and it won't start. It has disabled itself in my driveway. After many phone calls BMW has agreed to tow it in. Self Leveling Suspension is unreliable, overbuilt, unnecesary, and extremely high maintainance. We are going to sell this BMW X5 4.4i immediately after it gets repaired. It's way too expensive too maintain and it's high maintainance and unreliable. Lexus time.

19th Jul 2007, 22:44

Is there anybody who can tell me more about the Service Engine Soon light? I drive a 2003 X5 (57K) and I took it a few days ago to a regular shop. The mechanic said that the transmission is overheating, but couldn't give me exact details of the problem because he would have to take out the transmission first to find out what the problem is.

Now what does the transmission have to do with the Service Engine Soon? The mechanic said it can cost anywhere from $700-$200 depending on the problem. Is he trying to rip me off? How should I go about this case?

22nd Jul 2007, 17:09

Bought a used 2003 X5 still under warranty 32k miles - check engine light keeps coming on - the dealer says the engine is carboned up and needs to be cleaned. Warranty does not cover it. $$$ cost to owner $4600 - $6000. Cheap gas was the given reason??? Anyone else having this kind of fun??

27th Jul 2007, 21:36

I bought 4 months ago a 2001 4.4i X5... I got it at a real good price, but when I bought it, my first question was, why is this guy is selling this car at such a good price???

Well the answer came very soon; in 4 months I have been twice in the dealer. The first time was because three different lights went on; the DSC light, the ABS light and the brake light. Definitely scary; the control panel seemed like a Christmas tree.

Well the whole problem was a suspension sensor. Fixing it was very cheap ($400), but the last time it appeared, an indicator appeared which said "self level suspension inactive". I had to change the air suspension level compressor ($2,000); that was the reason I searched the web and found all the bad opinions of this car on this page. It's really disappointing...

Definitely I will sell my X5. The looks of it are really nice, but they are not enough for a such problematic vehicle. If it helps, 2 years ago I also had a 1999 323i BMW, and the same story... bad car... I have now also a Mercedes Benz E320 2000, and it's an excellent car. The problem is not German technology, it's BMW technology.

16th Aug 2007, 09:22

Toronto; 2002 BMW X5.

Problems with engine vent valve; oil all over the engine - repair cost $1500 plus.

BMW big joke.

23rd Aug 2007, 06:08

I have owned a 2002 3.0L X5 for about 4 months. So far I have no major complaints. The Check engine light has came on a few times. Seems to be related to the gas cap. Light would come on a few miles after re-fueling. I took the gas cap off and re-tightened it and the light went out after driving for a short time. Don't bother taking it directly to the shop for a check engine light. Try the gas cap. This not specific to BMW. Most new vehicles have the same issue. There is also sounds (like something is loose) coming from the rear cargo area when going through semi-rough roads. I have checked and everything is tightened down. Anybody else have this problem? I also had to add a quart of oil since I bought the car. There is no noticeable leak. Does this vehicle normally consume oil like that?

Other than those three things, which I think are minor for a used car, I have enjoyed owning an X5.

I saw a post here saying that the front brakes make a clunking noise when braking in the snow. That is your Anti-lock brakes working. It is suppose to do that.

1st Oct 2007, 13:24

Uh Oh! I just stumbled onto this forum when I was looking for a way to reset my 2005 X5 "check side lights." My lights are fine and I really don't want to go back to the dealer for this nonsense. I just bought this car off of swap-a-lease for another 14 months. Got it at 49,000 miles, so thankfully I still have a few hundred miles to go before the warranty is done. A few weeks after I got it I started hearing a popping noise at acceleration. The dealer replaced a worn part in the suspension and that seems to have cured it. Of course 2 days after I get it home this stupid light goes on. I had no idea there would be a page like this bashing BMW and the X5, just assumed it's a Beemer, so its gotta be good. Never went to the dealer once in 3 years with my Grand Cherokee, looks like I'll be there for the second time in 2 months with my Beemer.

21st Oct 2007, 14:04

I bought BMW X5 in 2006 and in 2007 its giving huge problems

(it will need help to start).I have used jump leads probably >50 times and used rescue service three times to jump start it after failing to start with our effort. It has been to BMW dealers twice in a week and costed £1000. First they sorted battery problems and the key. On further visit, they have changed the fuel injector and problem started again 2days after repair. It is now booked again and they are thinking to change fuel pump! However rescue mechanic says problem is probably with a spark plug!?

What a waste of money on this BMW and losing money truck on the driveway.

Dr Khalid.