6th Jan 2006, 21:51

I been researching for resolutions for the problems with the X5 and it seems that all I come across is the complaints posted by others. X5 has been nothing more than a problem for me. I am 110% sure that I will NEVER EVER buy another BMW again. Lexus is next for me probably. Anyway for anyone considering this car please do yourself a favor and buy something else. Sorry in advance for the person who ends up buying mine.

1. The front right signal bulb comes on/goes off and there is usually a warning to check side lights.

2. Rear signal bulbs go on/off just like the issue in the front. Very dangerous as people may not notice me breaking. I have received a citation for $50 for this issue.

3. Braking in the snow makes a very cranky sound from the front wheels.

4. Exhaust is giving off an awful smell when the car is idling. When I start driving I am sure it is still smelling, but I am not able to tell since I am in the car.

5. GPS freezes up time to time.

6. CD player has started skipping time to time.

7. Windshield washers do not spray water sometimes.

8. In the summer the air condition would not start immediately. Sometimes the fan would not even start until about half hour.

9. In the winter the rear vents only give air, sometimes hot air comes out.

10. Latest issue which has kept the car home for about a month now is the car needs a battery jump every time I want to drive. I can give it a jump and drive it for as long as I want and keep it on as long as I want, but once the car is turned off it needs a jump. I am planning on buying a new battery on my own tomorrow just so I can at least drive the car.

7th Feb 2006, 20:37

After 20 years of boredome of owning flawless Toyotas and Hondas, we looked upscale to what turned out to be the great misfortune of owning a BMW X5. Before one disastrous problem gets fixed at the price-gouging BMW dealer - only one in town (no one see to want to touch; some don't even know its battery is in the trunk) another even more disastrous problem pops up. Thousands of dollars and days of frustrations in main computer controller failure, radiator burst on main highway (thank god no one got killed) and car stalled, struts and CV joints knocked out before 65000 miles, starter failure.. you name the desease, our dear X5's got it. We are scared to even start the car not knowing how much of this month's paycheck is going to go up in smoke. Those who are thinking of buying one, just don't. If you still want to be the dumb and fall for the looks and sexy drive, well, at least do yourself one big favor - buy as big an extended warranty as you can possible get and pay for. May be buy a pair - you will need the other while the twin is waiting for her date with the mighty BMW dealer, which will take several weeks.

8th Feb 2006, 10:55

BMWs made in America have very very poor quality. The X3, made in Austria under contract, is equally bad.

My ex-business partner bought a new X5 in 2002 and it repeatedly stalled and wouldn't start at stoplights.

The only really dependable BMWs are 3 series and the old 5 series (mine had zero problems in three years of ownership, including a stint on the autobahn).

In fact, a dealer in Los Angeles was having this big 7 series sales. Why? They were all cars that were recalled under California's lemon law.

BMWs are fantastic driving cars and probably the best cars in the world if you take into account price, quality, performance, and other factors. But it's definitely buyer beware, and NEVER buy a first year model ever.

11th Feb 2006, 12:42

I'm happy to announce I've just sold my X5 after 10 months of constant break downs, arguing and fighting with dealers regarding various problems. It's a relief to have offloaded it to some other unfortunate person. This experience has put me off BMW or any other European cars for good. The X5 experience for me consisted of regular breakdowns, waiting up to two hours for a tow only to be told by the dealer there was no problem. These were some of the problems.

Stalling for no reason

Air Con compressor failure

Transmission problems (replaced twice under warranty)

Sat Nav failure

Noisy suspension.

The list goes on too many defects to list. BMW with there poor build quality and unreliable vehicles has forced me to purchase Japanese (which I've never owned).

Lexus RX330 I've owned this vehicle for the last 18 months and 47000kms, no problems. The build quality and reliability would put any high-end European car maker to shame.

16th Feb 2006, 09:38

That's too bad. I know here in the states X5s have horrible reliability, but I assumed the diesel version would fare better.

Guess it's a bad vehicle regardless of the engine.

21st Feb 2006, 23:26

Well it seems many have had problems and don't like the X5.

I have owned a 2002 3.0 petrol sports model, did 70,000 kms in 21 months and not a problem ever. Have now got a 2004 3.0 diesel, just passed 35,000 kms and again not a problem at all.

It is my 7th BMW, 4 2 door 3 series and a 540 sports model before the X5s. Before BMW's, nearly always Ford.

Maybe we have been lucky here in Australia with what has been shipped to us versus what everyone else seems to have got. I have many friends with X5's, Merc, s Lexus, etc and I believe that the X5 is the one that seems to stand out over the others.

At this stage, I would buy another when the new model comes out.

Happy motoring guys.

22nd Feb 2006, 09:34

Your experience is the exception not the rule.

I have owned five BMWs, all made in Germany, and they have been reliable. In fact, my 2000 528i was the most reliable car I had ever owned, including Toyotas and Hondas.

I wouldn't touch any BMW made in America.

3rd Apr 2006, 00:10

I have had two 2001 BMW x5 4,4's and I never had any real issue. The first X5 was bought used at 49k and I had the lower control arms changed under warranty as the ball joints took a bad hit form airborne antics off road. I had it until 79k and nothing, but oil changes were done. I sold it and bought the same model with 69k and every option as the other was just a 4.4. I had to change the AC Climate control module as the fan would pick it's own speed (usually high) I did the repair my self in 15 min's. At 78k just did front brakes and coolant flush. I do not baby my vehicles and both x5's have held up very well to an abusive life in New York City. Also if you have a bad battery NEVER get the dealer battery. It's total crap and low quality as compared to the original. You are better off with Interstate at half the price and twice the warranty.