1995 Buick Century Special 3.1 from North America


Absolutely Great


We have more trouble with the ABS brakes, than anything.

Head gaskets replaced at 150000 miles.

General Comments:

This 1995 Buick, is the best darned car we have ever owned.

The ride is roomy, very comfortable, and smooth.

Even now, with over 273000 miles, this car has never failed us.

It's the only car we own, we drive it every day. WE have kept a normal, and regular maintenance schedule.

We get anywhere from 23 to 26 MPG - still.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2010

1995 Buick Century Custom 3.1L V6 from North America


Ugly!!! But there when I need her!!


1.) Window motors went bad.

2.) Brake line rusted through once.

3.) Front tires currently out of alignment.

4.) A/C not that great, but never bothered to have it looked at.

General Comments:

This car is ugly as all get-out, but has been great. I bought it from an old lady, so I know it was taken care of.

I've been around 2k-4k past due on nearly every oil change. The car has never once been kept in a garage or covered in anyway. I don't think I ever once took her to the car wash. Also, this car has been driven almost everyday for the last five years.

Bottom line: This car is really similar to an ugly woman... I treated her like crap, but she just kept taking my **** over and over again.

The acceleration is good for when I need it. She starts right up every time, even in the dead of winter after sitting for two weeks. Also, as mentioned in a previous post, the map light is a really cool and useful feature.

I'm thinking about having a celebration of sorts in a month or two when she rolls over to 200K miles.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2010

13th May 2010, 11:04

Leaving aside the egregious misogyny in your report, Buick Centuries are nice looking cars.

13th May 2010, 19:45

Maybe you can celebrate by taking 'er thru a car wash finally! :)

14th May 2010, 06:12

My mother is 78 years old and has owned this model and 1995 year for several years. She has the aftermarket roadster kit gold color with the dark special roof and luggage rack and the wire wheel look hubcaps. It is loaded with options. I still do not find it a very nice looking car, but it is very reliable. I have driven it quite a few times and it has very good power. She may have the bigger engine. She has had no engine issues whatsoever other than a alternator and a battery. Sometimes one of the power windows does not work and then it does. She has 77000 miles on hers and really likes the driving position and the size a lot. Nice visibility for her. It will likely be a great car the proverbial nice old lady car that someone else (not me) would love to have to get around daily someday. I suspect it will be running a long time. It is very dependable. I take it out on the interstate sometimes as she rarely drives over 45! It's a very comfortable car and good room inside.

1995 Buick Century V6 from North America


This 95 Buick century, map light and all, is an amazing car


Alternator needed to be replace around 60,000 Miles. The car sat in a garage for 10 years, then became a delivery vehicle. It's first winter was particularly rough starting.

Also when installing a CD player I was forced to take apart the entire dashboard, which was way more work than truly necessary. Every piece on the dash is interlocked, so you will have about five hundred different screws about. I was never able to properly reassemble the ashtray.

Also I found the location of the battery and the bar above, sometimes referred to as crush bar, to be quite horrid. Many times I spent cursing the location of said battery and bar.

General Comments:

This car was amazing. I would jump at the chance to own one of low mileage again. I am deeply saddened that this car did not live to see even 100,000 miles. Unfortunately the Buick Century does not have any featured which prevents other drivers from running stop signs.

The map light was perhaps the most crucial mechanism in my life for the years 2005-2007. This is probably the single best feature of the car.

This vehicle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deliver. The comfortable bench seats in the front and back offer plenty of room. Also the previously mentioned map light is the perfect accessory to double check the locations of orders, or do anything else you have to do.

Also this car is great for long drives like vacations or even a simple road trip. It is inconspicuous and more often than not you will be mistaken for an old woman. So if avoiding flashing lights and badges is your priority, this is a car for you. When you couple this with the bench seats and the general interior design, you have a lounge on wheels.

Oh yes I feel obligated to at least mention how many cars I destroyed off the line with Grandma's last gift. Oh it was fun. Sure people caught up with me eventually, but that's when I was sick of wasting gas!

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Review Date: 13th March, 2007

19th May 2007, 17:17

Your comments about using the Buick Century to do deliveries reminded me of my days as a taxi driver in Columbia Missouri back in the late 1990's. We had a 1984 Century with the 'iron duke' four cylinder - we loved that car! Not only was it the most economical car in the fleet at that time (not a difficult feat when everything else was a Dodge Diplomat), but it was very agile handling. I remember loving the 'dome light' as we called it - I think that's the map light. Unusually bright light for checking directions.

The boss finally gave up on that car somewhere near 300,000 miles, if I remember rightly because it just staretd to look too bad, not because it broke. We never had another Century in the fleet, but we did get a few Celebrities, which inexplicably were not reliable.