1988 Buick Regal Custom 2.8L from North America


A great first car for a student


I had to replace my battery twice because the previous owner installed an aftermarket security system that was hidden behind the dashboard. Although it was mostly removed, an LED was still there to drain the battery continuously.

My alternator had to be replaced.

I just had my catalytic converter replaced.

My front passenger seat is stuck in the reclined position.

Spark plugs were spaced improperly.

Trunk refuses to open occasionally.

General Comments:

It has very quick acceleration.

Heater and air conditioning work great.

Driver's side seatbelt is uncomfortable around the neck area.

The fake wood trim around the dash board pops out easily.

Original stereo and clock no longer works.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2003

1988 Buick Regal Limited 2.8 litre V6 from North America


Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is a drivers big fear, this 88 Regal is no longer scary


Fuel pump went out.

Power steering pump leaking badly.

As a result of this leak, the fluid saturated the alternator, causing it to overheat and short out.

Two vacuum lines collapsed, the heat from the top of the engine and under fuel injector/intake manifold fused hoses shut (fuel, and power steering lines).

Air flow switch replaced.

General Comments:

The car was in great shape, when purchased, visually.

Performance wise, it needed help.

It didn't surprise me, it sold so cheap.

Now I believe it's the best $700 I've spent in a long while.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2003

1988 Buick Regal Limited 2.8 from North America


Great reliable car!


Fuel pump and tank.

Needs new strut in rear.

Odometer works when it wants too!

Mostly on highway driving.

Cold start up -10 or more check engine light has came on, but then went away after shut off and restart.

General Comments:

Best car I've had yet!

This car is a very comfortable driving car, handles very well rain or snow.

I have tinted the windows in my two toned Grey coupe, added air brush decals.. looks pretty sharp!

My next car will be a Regal Grand Sport!

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Review Date: 17th February, 2003

18th Apr 2003, 12:43

I have to agree with the review. I just purchased a 1988 Regal Limited and it is awesome. With only 54,000 miles it handles like a dream. Runs smooth and the V6 is powerful enough to dust the traffic. Leather interior, AM/FM cassette, premium sound, power seats, power windows, power everything, nice wheels, chrome rocker panels, comfort ride, great gas mileage, really nice digital dash display. I love it and will be keeping this car for a long long time. I give this car a ten out of ten on everything.

1988 Buick Regal Custom 208 from North America


Couldn't ask for a better used car


I replaced the exhaust system.

I had to replace the entire back brake system.

The odometer works at random.

The interior dome light comes on a random.

The passenger power window jumps off track constantly.

The strut bearings need replaced.

The dash has cracked on either side of the center windshield heater vent.

General Comments:

I paid $900 after trading in my 1986 Camaro and its been money well spent.

This car is quick to move and gets excellent gas mileage.

I customized this dark gray coupe by tinting the windows, window decals, rain guards and custom wheels. It gets quite a few looks and still has more potential.

Except for a few minor problems this Regal has been the best car I've ever owned. I wouldn't buy anything else, but a Regal. My next Buick will be a Gran Sport.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2002

16th Jul 2004, 00:24

The problems with the brakes were very common. I also had to have the whole back system replaced.

Ditto with the odometer. It worked at random for a while, stopping completely in the mid 60,000s.

Other than that, I was the typical college student, and abused the you-know-what out of the car and it kept going and going.

1988 Buick Regal Custom ltd 2.4L V6 from North America


Don't pay more than $750


I bought car, it had 103000 miles at that time.

Head gasket was replaced.

Alterator replaced.

Brake switch and headlight switch were replaced.

Headliner was falling and reminder bell incessantly went off.

General Comments:

Car is overall now a good running car with no problems. Runs and handles well.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

3rd Oct 2003, 10:25

I believe that the size of engine listed in this review is incorrect. In going to auto salvage yards and consulting with my local general motors dealership these cars came equipped with three different engines. These engines were 2.8L V6, 3.1L V6, or 3.8L V6. I don't believe they offered a 2.4L V6.