15th Dec 2003, 07:24

Give the guy some credit. He is checking/changing his oil often enough to monitor the consumption, and he's trying to get the dealer to fix every one of his problems, so how is that a lack of maintenance?! Besides, 22750 miles is way too soon to be seeing the problems that he is having, regardless of the kind of care he gives it.

And finally, anybody who paid that much for a car deserves a trouble-free ownership experience. He shouldn't even need to know how the hood opens.

22nd Nov 2004, 10:54

We have a 2000 Cadillac De-ville with about 70,000 miles and have owned it for approximately 16 mos. The dealership now tells me the torque converter needs to be replaced. No problems, just the check engine light came on. Had the transmission serviced and fluid changed.

Also it is burning oil like seen in other cars this same type. The oil change place has articles in their newsletters about this, but the dealership doesn't know anything about it. I have to add oil about every 500 miles, last week it did much better.

Mainly concerned about torque converter replacement. That's very big money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

20th Apr 2007, 00:23

My 2000 DHS burns oil as well. What causes this? It has 41,000 miles.

17th Dec 2008, 08:56

My boyfriend and I just purchased a 2000 Cadillac DHS, and are now having a few problems with it. When we purchased it, we did not hear any knocking or other problems, but now the air conditioning makes a knocking noise when turned on for about 3 minutes, then stops and starts back up for another 3 minutes.

The CD player only works when it wants to, and when the car is turned off the driver seat goes to what ever seat setting it wants to, either my setting (driver 1), my boyfriend's setting (driver 2), or just any random position it wants to.

But other than that, I love the heated massage seats in the front and rear, and the car came equipped with automatic screens on the rear and back window.

I love the sun roof, and like that I only see few Cadillac DHSs on the road. I always see DTSs and Devilles, but nothing like ours.

19th Dec 2009, 12:43

People who say that using a different octane rating will clog up your engine or cause some other problem are misinformed. Modern engines will adjust timing for whatever the octane of fuel that is being used. You do not get carbon from higher octane fuel. If the car is knocking, the knock prevention system is not working, or it is actually something else causing the knock. Unfortunately, Cadillac is notorious for poorly engineered, over-complex electronic systems that tend to develop faults with time, if not right away. Any modern luxury car, whatever the brand, will be showing problems as time goes by, there are simply too many things to go wrong.

12th Dec 2010, 18:14

I've owned Cadillacs my whole life, though I have also owned a 97'Olds Aurora, a 1995 Buick Roadmaster 5.7 L., a 2001 MB diesel 300TD. I even went to the Japanese side twice... An Infiniti Q45 from the 90's and a Lexus SC430.

The 2000-2005 series Northstar is superior to everything made in America from the 90's with a smaller displacement, by GM, FORD or the other guy.

It is FAR superior to the Mark8's 4.6 or the FWD Lincoln Continental.

The 2000 had fewer problems than the 1996-99 Cadillacs. DO NOT BUY A 1997. Of course if suicide is something that interests you, then by all means buy a 1997 Deville.

I've always been a coup fan, and though I LOVE the body of the 1997-1998 Mark 8, it falls short of the smooth shifting and reliability of the same year Eldo/STS/Deville.

I have never come across a mark 8 that leaked, they rarely leak. ALL 90's Northstars seem to leak by comparison.

The Cady Eldo was pretty ugly, as was the Allante; too bad Caddy and Lincoln didn't co-develop the Mark-8.

The Mark 8 has been shortchanged on its transmission; the only tranny in automotive history was the Dodge Intrepid fiasco.

Do yourself a BIG favor if you are going to be stupid/insane and buy a 1990's Caddy; get one with a 4.9 liter V8... WHY? More reliable than the 90's Northstar, and more fuel efficient.

1997 Caddy Deville - It might be alright and go unnoticed for a few years, but when it gets sick, IT DIES.

1995, 96, 98, 99 Devilles are all equal if containing the Northstar V8.

1994 4.9 L NON-Northstar is FAR cheaper to fix, less problems. 75-100 less HP means you save GAS. I have seen 300k or more on 4.9s.

While the 2000 Deville with the 4.6 L is equal to the reliability of the 1994 4.9, the 2001-2005 are slightly better than the 4.9 in terms of reliability.

Remember that 200 hp 4.9 L. vs the 275-300 hp 4.6 L Northstar saves gas.

If you can save yourself lots of heart ache and buy a 2005 STS (320 hp 4.6L), or a 2006 or newer Cadillac DHS/DTS.

While you do that, I will stay busy with the restoration of my Caddys from the late 60's and pre-oil crisis 70's.

29th Jun 2012, 20:43

I have owned many Caddys in my life, but when I bought 2 different Devilles with Northstar engines. My thoughts about ever owning another Cadillac went down the drain! GM should have been made to recall these motors. They should be ashamed to put such a sorry engine on the market for so long.

For the price of these cars, and all the problems they have caused the loyal customers of long time Cadillac buyers, it's on the verge of outright theft.

3rd Mar 2013, 12:49

I concur with your opinion! Bought a beautiful dark blue DHS series 2005 Cadillac in 2006 with 31k miles! The car has always been garaged and still only has 59k miles. I have had so much trouble with windows, locks, navigation system, power seats, service engine light, all electronics have been a nightmare?

Today... 03-03-13... Transmission blew somehow... somewhere! All fluid out in 3 blocks all over the road and engine compartment. Now I am trying to find out what it could be. It is my last Cadillac! That's a shame, but I won't have another one!