2000 Cadillac DTS from North America


This car has its faults, but is worth it


At 128,000 miles, I noticed a service engine light. The TCC circuit malfunctioned, causing replacement of the TCC solenoid, a $40 part that totaled $965 to replace.

At 170,000, I am getting the same codes. PCM po741c solenoid stuck off & PCM 1860c solenoid circuit electrical. The torque converter is locking in and out, but each time I clear the codes, in a few days to a week it returns again. Dealer claims the wiring may be loose, but still must go into the transmission as if replacing TCC solenoid, costing now 10 hours labor at $120 an hour.

Steering wheel doesn't work correctly. It goes down on exit instead of up.

Noise in dash that lasts for a minute when turning on the ignition.

Left and now right front wheel bearing hubs have been replaced.

Vibration between 65 & 75; took a set of Michelin MXV4s with 4 wheel alignment and inflating the front tires to 38lbs to cure the problem.

My CD player rejects CDs after 30 seconds.

General Comments:

This Caddy has a powerful 300 horse engine that will get it on.

The car has a very soft smooth ride, and is very comfortable on long trips.

Love the interior, and all the options such as heated seats, lumbar massages, night vision to play with, shifter in the floor console.

Love the stylish 17 inch chrome wheels, the white diamond paint, the sunroof, and too many options to name.

Will repair the transmission myself to save the $1200 labor plus parts, and continue to enjoy driving this great machine.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2010

5th Apr 2014, 20:01

So, how did that DIY transmission repair work out?

2007 Cadillac DTS Performance 4.6 Northstar V8 from North America


I'm very happy with the Cadillac DTS


The car is stored for the winter. I had it stored for the first two years without a problem. However, by February 2010, the battery failed. I was able to recharge the battery and drove it without any trouble until I went on vacation in August. I parked the car outside the hotel during a very bad storm to wait out the rain before unloading my luggage. When the rain subsided, I turned the key and got nothing but a click and dimly illuminated warning lights. I called Cadillac Roadside service, a man arrived and placed a portable charger on the car, and the car immediately started. I thought this was a one-time occurrence until I took the car to a car wash and the battery failed again. I called Cadillac Roadside service and the same man came out and placed the portable charger on it and the car started immediately. To save my vacation, I purchased my own portable charger and used it intermittently throughout the remainder of my stay. Upon my return, I immediately took the car to the local Cadillac dealer. The battery tested bad and was replaced. Apparently, these cars don't like to sit for a long period of time. A friend of mine has a Buick Lucerne, which is the same platform as the DTS, and has experienced the same problem if the car wasn't driven for a period of time.

Another problem was a recall for the heated windshield-washer fluid. I thought this was a cool feature for winter driving and was sorry to see it disconnected. I was reimbursed by GM, but I'd have rather seen a satisfactory replacement for the part instead. I do very little winter driving in this car, so it shouldn't affect me too much.

General Comments:

Other than the issue with the battery, which I must admit is mostly my fault, the car has been excellent. It is an extremely comfortable car on long trips. OnStar and XM Radio are most definitely a plus. The HVAC system heats and cools the car rapidly. The car accelerates quickly, smoothly, and quietly. It stops just as well. Cadillac really did a great job on the quality of the interior. It's a vast improvement over previous Cadillacs I've owned.

It looks stunning in Black Raven with the 18" chrome wheels, but it's very labor-intensive to keep its finish looking top-notch. I'd say it takes me three times as long to detail the car to my satisfaction than my former White Diamond 2002 Cadillac Seville STS.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2010