2001 Cadillac DTS from North America


Pile of junk!


OIL GUZZLER; 1-2 quarts a months with the Northstar engine.

Tire air pressure sensors are inaccurate.

Oil coolant and transmission fluid life sensors are bad.

I'm constantly replacing the window regulators.

Service engine soon light stays on - oxygen sensor is faulty I'm told this time.

Front heated seat stopped working.

Neutral safety switch is faulty.

Does anyone know if any of this is covered under a recall as they seem to be common problems?

General Comments:

This is a nice car on the rare occasion it runs. It rides nice, and you can enjoy the ride when you are taking it back and forth to the dealers to get something fixed on a weekly basis.

If you are considering buying a Cadillac, don't! Run as fast as you can from these mechanical piles of junk!

I had two Toyotas, never had a problem. Brakes, battery, tires; I put 170k miles on them before I traded them in. My 1996 Corvette, same thing, while not quite as reliable as the Toyota, no major issues.

I can't wait for the day when I can break even on the Cadillac and trade it in for a Toyota!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2009

6th Jul 2009, 14:13

"Pile of junk!"

- Look, it's a used car. All used cars are that way.

14th Jul 2009, 15:32

Yeah, trade it in for the "MYTHICAL" Toyota quality. You might want to read some of the Toyota reviews before you make that decision. Next time buy a new Cadillac so you know how it's been maintained. With any used car, you run the risk that it has been owned by a moron who didn't believe in proper maintenance. You just been had. Don't feel bad, it happens all the time to people who aren't technically savvy when it comes to cars... one word, CARFAX!!!

2006 Cadillac DTS Luxury II 4.6 Northstar from North America


It will make your wife love you if you buy her one



General Comments:

The quietest ride of any car I have ever driven.

Acceleration is exceptional.

Handling is adequate for a large car, this is no sports job.

Highway gas mileage is very respectable, 26-27 mpg in my experience.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2009

2006 Cadillac DTS 4.6 Northstar V8 from North America


Not as good as we thought it'd be (Response for Excellent car with cheap price)


The dealership busted up the door locks after getting it serviced after 6000 miles (3 months of ownership). With that, they deleted the car's computer system. The dealership was so careless about our car, and after the service the radio died (covered by warranty).

Other than problems after the service, the car was driven almost 130 miles a day on average, and because of it we spent $850, I repeat 850 American Dollars a month on gas. Since it's my parents car, I drove it myself and the handling is not at its best. Since we realized that owning the car is too expensive to fill up and keeping up with payments, we may get rid of it in the next few weeks.

General Comments:

It is a nice car, but now we totally regret buying it in the first place. I myself am somewhat disappointed that we are going to sell it, but hopefully we will find a more fuel efficient, Luxurious alternative. I'm thinking of a G35, Lincoln MKX, or a Lexus. German cars cost too much to maintain. I wish it doesn't have to go, but it does.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2007

26th Jun 2007, 17:18

I calculated you drive 3900 miles in one month in that time you would need 12.74 refuels with an 18 gallon tank, to the most you would need 687.96 dollars in fuel in one month, assuming gas is $3.00 a gallon. Spending 850 dollars in one month is excessive unless you have a lead foot. By the way that was calculated with 17 MPG EPA estimate in city limits. Or something is mechanically wrong with the car. I also understand you said 130 miles average.