2006 Cadillac DTS from North America


Enjoy the experience


I had to replace the front brakes.

General Comments:

I have owned many cars and SUV's, from Lincoln Town Cars to Chevy Suburbans. This Cadillac DTS has to be the most comfortable and relaxing ride I've experienced. The power is mind blowing.

This DTS is black with chrome wheels and a head turner for once was called "Dad's Car". In the Cadillac commerical on TV, when the hot girl says, "When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?" It does!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2009

2000 Cadillac DTS from North America


I would buy another of these before a new one of anything else


Great driving car with DTS package, leather seats and all thing working when we bought it from private party.

1. In a year, within 4 months all four window regulators failed (the plastic clip breaks when the window motor jumps or is stopped in its cycle) $1200

2. We had a road hazard flat on the right rear tire, and expected warranty, negative. Vogue tires cost $500 for two new one.

3. In same year we began to have check lights start. Low coolant, check stability system, etc.

4. Next the right front wheel assembly hub became loose, and we replace for $585, the whole assembly is required... gone are the wheel bearing replacement days.

5. Boiling pot lid noise, taken to dealer. Ouch $400 for air conditioning blower baffle replacement and blower motor... more oops, the noise persisted... and dealer diagnosed as struts and shocks... my my...

6. Oops another right front wheel hub assembly needed, as diagnosed by dealer... out of the 12000 and 12 month warranty...

7. The dreaded front wheel vibrations, shaking... dealer balanced... turned out to be two rear tires with belt separation, expected some adjustment from Vogue... not a chance...$550 for two more new tires...

8. Motor mount replaced... just 4 months ago... now dealer says the other mount needs replacing.

9. Oil user too.

10. Wife had small front bumper bender... private repair estimate $1200... Dealer repairs $5800, and the paint was poorly done.

10. Battery replacement... after tow to dealer in Ontario... nearly four weeks later and terrible service dept communication (lies mostly), we got our DTS back with $800 service bill... for check out and battery replacement... Dealer bought the bill after I complained to Cadillac... and Calif Bureau of Auto Repair...

11. Air conditioning no cold blowing... and burning replacement fuses... Dealer estimate $1280 for new AC compressor and dryer... my repair at local auto electric... $125...

Why do I keep this car? The ride, when it is not shaking... the road mileage of 26 when driving freeway, the fabulous metallic cherry red color, and the unique 2000 style... there is a price for arrogance and elegance.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

17th Apr 2014, 10:44

No offense... but it's a very bad idea to keep a car after ALL the repairs you mentioned. Thanks for warning me about this POS! =)

23rd Oct 2015, 20:30

With 99,000 on the clock at the time you purchased it at, it was bound to have problems.

24th Oct 2015, 21:50

I thought arrogance and elegance went out in the excessive 80s. I had that symptom myself except it was with Mercedes. A lot of your expense could be softened with some time of your one under the hood. There are plenty of YouTube how to videos and places like Auto Zone that guide you in the right direction. I have bought a lot of automotive parts right through Amazon. When I get home, the parts are at my door.

2001 Cadillac DTS from North America


Pile of junk!


OIL GUZZLER; 1-2 quarts a months with the Northstar engine.

Tire air pressure sensors are inaccurate.

Oil coolant and transmission fluid life sensors are bad.

I'm constantly replacing the window regulators.

Service engine soon light stays on - oxygen sensor is faulty I'm told this time.

Front heated seat stopped working.

Neutral safety switch is faulty.

Does anyone know if any of this is covered under a recall as they seem to be common problems?

General Comments:

This is a nice car on the rare occasion it runs. It rides nice, and you can enjoy the ride when you are taking it back and forth to the dealers to get something fixed on a weekly basis.

If you are considering buying a Cadillac, don't! Run as fast as you can from these mechanical piles of junk!

I had two Toyotas, never had a problem. Brakes, battery, tires; I put 170k miles on them before I traded them in. My 1996 Corvette, same thing, while not quite as reliable as the Toyota, no major issues.

I can't wait for the day when I can break even on the Cadillac and trade it in for a Toyota!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2009

6th Jul 2009, 14:13

"Pile of junk!"

- Look, it's a used car. All used cars are that way.

14th Jul 2009, 15:32

Yeah, trade it in for the "MYTHICAL" Toyota quality. You might want to read some of the Toyota reviews before you make that decision. Next time buy a new Cadillac so you know how it's been maintained. With any used car, you run the risk that it has been owned by a moron who didn't believe in proper maintenance. You just been had. Don't feel bad, it happens all the time to people who aren't technically savvy when it comes to cars... one word, CARFAX!!!