2011 Cadillac DTS 4.6L V8 from North America


Fantastic car. Highly recommended


Front rotors had to be replaced already.

There is a squeaking sound coming from the back seats; not sure what it could be.

General Comments:

People will look at you in this car... this Cadillac is the ultimate American status symbol.

Beautiful interior, leather seats, chrome accents, wood trim, plush carpeting, etc.

Heated and cooled seats work incredibly well in the winter/summer.

Excellent interior room and very quiet at highway speeds.

The air conditioning is awesome, it gets so cold after 5 minutes I have to turn it down!! Same with the heat!!

Massive trunk, you will have extra room left even when it's full.

Very strong acceleration from the V8 in this car... you will not be disappointed!!

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Review Date: 9th April, 2014

10th Apr 2014, 16:03

"Massive trunk, you will have extra room left even when it's full"?

What, are you holding down the trunk lid with bungees?

10th Apr 2014, 19:27

We had a similar car, same model, same engine. Great luxury ride, just keep on top of the cooling system with that Northstar engine. If it starts to run hot, lose coolant, or overheat then stop driving it immediately and get your head gasket looked at. Mine started leaking, blew out and warped the head at only 51,000 miles. Would've been a lot cheaper to fix if we hadn't kept driving it hot. Great cars, it's just that a lot of people forget that you may find a used Cadillac cheap, but you definitely need a Cadillac budget to maintain one. Good luck, happy miles.

2007 Cadillac DTS Platinum 4.6 from North America


The ultimate American status symbol


Nothing major... just very minor things.

Trunk brake light strip has a few burned out LED's.

Several new wheel bearings/hubs needed replaced.

Power steering leak, which was an inexpensive fix.

Not to complain... but gas mileage is pretty disappointing... I'm getting around 12-14 MPG... but that's to be expected from such a large vehicle.

General Comments:

Super smooth and powerful... this car drives like a dream.

The 4.6L V8 has TONS of reserve power on tap... excellent for passing on the highway!! It sounds like a jet taking off when you floor it.

Interior and seats are super comfortable. The leather still looks and smells like brand new and holds up well.

The factory Bose sound system and XM radio are awesome and sound fantastic. There is also a factory Monsoon amplifier in the trunk for added effect.

Highway travel is a breeze, and you never get bored with all the extra toys and features in this car.

The paint and exterior always shine like new with one trip through the car wash... especially with the factory chrome wheels.

Bluetooth dialing and voice controls are also fun to play with. The OnStar navigation is surprisingly accurate.

Plenty of interior room make this the perfect cross country cruiser. It feels like you are sitting on a leather sofa in your living room, even at 100 MPH.

The auto-start feature is AWESOME in the winter!!

This model also came with rear window blinds and sunshade built into the windows... adding that extra level of privacy.

If you want the ultimate in top of the line luxury and performance... look no further than a Cadillac DTS... but be prepared for the maintenance and running costs.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2014

2nd Apr 2014, 12:15

Be prepared, no doubt when it comes to that Northstar.

4th Apr 2014, 11:45

My dad has owned a 2007 and 2010 DTS, and he got 28 MPG from them. Talking about sounding like a jet engine when you floor it and going 100 mph is probably why you are getting 12-14 MPG. Performance is nice, but don't complain about gas mileage as a result.

2000 Cadillac DTS from North America


This car has its faults, but is worth it


At 128,000 miles, I noticed a service engine light. The TCC circuit malfunctioned, causing replacement of the TCC solenoid, a $40 part that totaled $965 to replace.

At 170,000, I am getting the same codes. PCM po741c solenoid stuck off & PCM 1860c solenoid circuit electrical. The torque converter is locking in and out, but each time I clear the codes, in a few days to a week it returns again. Dealer claims the wiring may be loose, but still must go into the transmission as if replacing TCC solenoid, costing now 10 hours labor at $120 an hour.

Steering wheel doesn't work correctly. It goes down on exit instead of up.

Noise in dash that lasts for a minute when turning on the ignition.

Left and now right front wheel bearing hubs have been replaced.

Vibration between 65 & 75; took a set of Michelin MXV4s with 4 wheel alignment and inflating the front tires to 38lbs to cure the problem.

My CD player rejects CDs after 30 seconds.

General Comments:

This Caddy has a powerful 300 horse engine that will get it on.

The car has a very soft smooth ride, and is very comfortable on long trips.

Love the interior, and all the options such as heated seats, lumbar massages, night vision to play with, shifter in the floor console.

Love the stylish 17 inch chrome wheels, the white diamond paint, the sunroof, and too many options to name.

Will repair the transmission myself to save the $1200 labor plus parts, and continue to enjoy driving this great machine.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2010

5th Apr 2014, 20:01

So, how did that DIY transmission repair work out?