29th Jun 2007, 02:59

Well the next car you choose hopefully it's a good one.

2nd Aug 2007, 11:44

I drive my DTS 120 miles each day round trip for work. At $3 a gallon I spend around $400 a month for gas. I do have a lead foot, and will often drive the Caddy at 75-90 MPH on some open places on I-80. I have been getting 19-21 MPG on the highway, in town the Caddy is a gas hog, only getting 14.5 MPG. I drive our Impala in town!

20th Feb 2008, 18:46

We have a 2006 DTS and we get good gas mileage. on the open highway we get about 28 miles to the gallon. and I drive about 80 on I-70. In town its about 22 mpg. We have the performance package and are very satisfied with it.

7th Feb 2009, 06:03

Obviously these people had no business buying a Cadillac in the first place.

Number 1: you don't buy a Cadillac because you need a cheap commuter car;

Number 2: you don't buy a Cadillac and then complain about not being able to make the payments.

It sounds like they have visions of grandeur, shopping for luxury cars when they should be looking for a Ford Fusion.

17th Feb 2009, 01:43

When gas was around $4 a gallon, I drove my Deville in the slow lane for my daily commute at 58 mph on cruise.

The result: a consistent 28 mpg hwy!

26th Mar 2010, 17:18

Cadillac has come a LONNNNNGGG way. Just ranked as the most reliable vehicle in the world, way ahead of Mercedes and BMW in reliability, the newer models are truly a world-class car. My family has owned C-class Mercedes and 5-series BMW's. They were expensive to buy, expensive to service, and not as reliable as a Ford Fusion.

As for buying a Cadillac as a commuter car, that is up to the buyer. Gas mileage on newer Cadillacs has improved greatly. If I were in the market for another upscale luxury car I'd be hard-pressed to choose now between the Cadillac and the Lincoln (also rated near the top in reliability). My elderly mother drives a Lincoln and it, too, is a truly luxurious and well-built vehicle.

22nd Mar 2015, 17:47

Unless you have a profession that requires the image of a upscale luxury car for a daily commute, I don't feel a Cadillac is a sensible commuter car. If your daily commuter car is a Cadillac, then you shouldn't care about fuel economy because your profession should pay enough to match the car's image.

I have 2 Cadillacs. One is a daily commuter and the other is a weekend warrior. I never thought about fuel economy when I bought luxury cars with powerful V8s. But just for the record, they are very fuel efficient for what they are. I am happy with the fuel mileage on both of mine.

27th Dec 2018, 01:48

Look some people drive big cars because they need to. I'm 6'3" and around 300 pounds. I can't fit into small cars.

I drive 20 miles round trip in my 2008 DTS that I paid $8,000 for a few months back. It has 103,000 miles on it and it drives like a dream. It cost about $6/day for gas. If I got a tiny car, it would cost me $4/day in gas. Two bucks extra a day is worth it.

I personally think people are crazy for driving small cars. The DTS is safer not only because of its size, but because it has air bags in the doors and in the ceiling.