29th Jun 2007, 02:59

Well the next car you choose hopefully it's a good one.

2nd Aug 2007, 11:44

I drive my DTS 120 miles each day round trip for work. At $3 a gallon I spend around $400 a month for gas. I do have a lead foot, and will often drive the Caddy at 75-90 MPH on some open places on I-80. I have been getting 19-21 MPG on the highway, in town the Caddy is a gas hog, only getting 14.5 MPG. I drive our Impala in town!

20th Feb 2008, 18:46

We have a 2006 DTS and we get good gas mileage. on the open highway we get about 28 miles to the gallon. and I drive about 80 on I-70. In town its about 22 mpg. We have the performance package and are very satisfied with it.

7th Feb 2009, 06:03

Obviously these people had no business buying a Cadillac in the first place.

Number 1: you don't buy a Cadillac because you need a cheap commuter car;

Number 2: you don't buy a Cadillac and then complain about not being able to make the payments.

It sounds like they have visions of grandeur, shopping for luxury cars when they should be looking for a Ford Fusion.

17th Feb 2009, 01:43

When gas was around $4 a gallon, I drove my Deville in the slow lane for my daily commute at 58 mph on cruise.

The result: a consistent 28 mpg hwy!

26th Mar 2010, 17:18

Cadillac has come a LONNNNNGGG way. Just ranked as the most reliable vehicle in the world, way ahead of Mercedes and BMW in reliability, the newer models are truly a world-class car. My family has owned C-class Mercedes and 5-series BMW's. They were expensive to buy, expensive to service, and not as reliable as a Ford Fusion.

As for buying a Cadillac as a commuter car, that is up to the buyer. Gas mileage on newer Cadillacs has improved greatly. If I were in the market for another upscale luxury car I'd be hard-pressed to choose now between the Cadillac and the Lincoln (also rated near the top in reliability). My elderly mother drives a Lincoln and it, too, is a truly luxurious and well-built vehicle.

22nd Mar 2015, 17:47

Unless you have a profession that requires the image of a upscale luxury car for a daily commute, I don't feel a Cadillac is a sensible commuter car. If your daily commuter car is a Cadillac, then you shouldn't care about fuel economy because your profession should pay enough to match the car's image.

I have 2 Cadillacs. One is a daily commuter and the other is a weekend warrior. I never thought about fuel economy when I bought luxury cars with powerful V8s. But just for the record, they are very fuel efficient for what they are. I am happy with the fuel mileage on both of mine.