23rd Jan 2006, 10:06

What's even funnier about these monstrosities is their resale value. No one, not even in America, is going to pay top used car dollars for something that averages 10 mpg in real world driving, especially if it is used for commuting which 99% of Escalades are used for.

7th Feb 2006, 10:45

I don't consider the 1999 - 2000 to be "TRUE" escalades as they wre just Denalis with Cadillac Insignias and there were some bugs in those models. The new model escalades are nice and look great. A lot better then those Navigators that is for sure.

16th Oct 2006, 14:20

Yes, people listen to this man.

If any of you would like to get rid of your "caddycrap" I'll be glad to help.

Fact is though I switched from a Lexus RX330 that had too many problems (what a horrible tranny!) to an Escalade that has giving me no fits and I'm about to hit over 100k miles.

23rd Mar 2009, 12:42

Sorry to hear you had such back luck with your 99 Escalade. I bought mine of the show room floor in 99 and am still driving it with 272k and perfect.

Have had the usual repairs of fuel pump, water pump, some front end tie-rod, steering rods and 700 bucks for A/C hoses.

Yes I do brakes often, but that is cheap. If you buy from Auto zone they give a life time guarantee on rotors and pads, I have had free brakes for the past 5 yrs. I do my own work on brakes and run Mobil 1 synthetic and use good filters.

I love this thing and for my money you can't buy a better vehicle on the large SUV class. The Japanese big SUVs are not competitive, and they don't really know how to build for long life. I will run this for another 230k, the good lord willing.

I will buy another GM Big SUV, I pull my 6000 lb boat to Fl from Cape Cod every year, and drive out to CO to ski each year. You can't beat this vehicle for ride, power, sound system and looks. The new ones have disks all around, a definite weak spot.

As far as mileage, and I am not inflating, overall it's 14, I can get 12 in the city and as high as 18 on cruise doing 65.

In reality, like all of us, I usually cruise at 75 to 79mph, and get 16. I'd like to get Prius mileage, but I don't think that roller skate will pull a 6000lb boat..

This car is also shockingly good on tires, I ride Michelin LXT and got 126,000 out of the last set. 85k on the Firestones it came with, and am 55k into the new Michelins and they look new.

Never have had a car like this. I am completely sold on large GM products. I will not buy a AWD because of poor mileage. The 2 wheel with 4 wheel option is smart, and I will look for that when I am ready hopefully with even better economy.. one happy Caddy driver.. Tony

I am in no way connected to GM, in fact my son who works for Infiniti can't believe how well the Caddy drives and maintains, he tried to sell me a QX56, what a POS, drove like a bus and the rearend hopped around. I like Infiniti, but the big trucks are not competitive yet..

5th Jul 2009, 12:39

As for everyone who is putting down this car, every gm truck needs to be regularly serviced. I have a 1999 escalade with 180,000 miles on it, it runs great, it has never broken down on me ever, I hate to admit it, but I even drive it hard as well. If you don't take care of things, they tend to fall apart.

29th Jul 2012, 18:36

Nothing in his story indicated he wasn't getting proper maintenance, or that he was. You're just side tracking the whole thing, and trying to turn it into a whole different conversation.

Maybe you're in denial that a Caddy can be a piece a junk. They certainly have lost a lot of their popularity over the years. Back in the 70's, the Caddy was king. Not any more! A Caddy by nature these days is a lolly lagging dinosaur. Ten other companies were already making SUV's for decades before Cadillac joined the bandwagon, and started doing the same thing. Limo companies these days use Lincoln's over Caddy's 10 to 1 in a fleet, because it's just like the guy said, it's GM JUNK!

1st Aug 2012, 18:34

Love the performance of the sedans. They're rockets, and make mine a manual trans car.

2nd Aug 2012, 17:51

No, limo companies use Lincoln because they are / were one of the last RWD cars with an actual frame. Cadillac stopped this platform in 1996.

Don't get me wrong, I love Town Cars, and I do own one, but RWD Caddys were and are just as good, not "junk".

3rd Aug 2012, 18:29

It will be interesting to see which way limo companies will go, now that the Town Car is discontinued. I know the stretched MKT that FoMoCo hopes will replace it in fleet use is hideous. Then again, the new Cadillac XTS or whatever it is looks really odd stretched as well. Whatever happened to the American car?? Detroit can't even build a car that looks decent as a limousine anymore, and they are being pretty blatant on copying their naming process directly from European sedans. Sigh.

7th Aug 2012, 09:51

I will take the Cadillac any day with the same LS motor in my Corvette. Great performance and bulletproof drivetrains. Try either and see my point. This drivetrain with the LS motor came out in 1998.

20th Nov 2014, 22:46

1999 Escalades have throttle body fuel injection, so when you say you had to replace multiple injectors, that can't be right. This review you wrote is not valid.