1999 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6 Northstar V8 from UK and Ireland


It's a good job ours is red, it's a 4 door Ferrari!


Steering rack, this needs to be replaced, not a cheap job.

Mystery Over-heating problem.

Brake discs and pads wear quickly.

Strange, random electrical quirks that sort themselves.

Headlights go out of line easily.

Uses oil, but then they all do.

We are looking at a bill of around £4000 to get this car right.

General Comments:

A very, very fast car, for a big heavy sedan, it will eat practically everything out there, but then cruise silently all day at 100mph on the motorway.

It also handles very neatly and grips forever, you would expect less front end traction, but it just grips even from a dead stop with the throttle wide open.

The brakes are very good too when they are in good condition, the ABS, traction control and Stabilitrak all work very well.

The BOSE sound system is awesome, really fantastic sound, with a radio, tape, 6 disc changer and MiniDisc.

Crimson pearl paint is well worth the upgrade cost, it looks gorgeous in the sunlight.

This car will cost a lot of money to run, but if you want to run a car like this, you have got to live with it, service it frequently and treat it right, ours has not had all the care it needs and thus is costing money to fix, but if you take care of it, I can see it lasting decades.

We will definately have another Cadillac.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

6th Jun 2006, 06:58

We just sold this car with 89000 miles on it and have got a Jaguar XKR now, the Cadillac drove perfectly at the end, what a car, if anything, the Jag isn't as nice to drive as the old caddy!

1999 Cadillac Seville STS Northstar from North America


This is a great car for any avid car enthusiast who wants luxury and good handling


My STS had tire problems similar to those mentioned by others. The Original Goodyear Eagle LS tires were nearly impossible to keep balanced and wore out after 32,000 miles. I replaced the original set of tires with another set of the same tires and experienced the same problem, replacing them with Michelin MXV4 tires at 64,000 miles. The Michelins have performed flawlessly. They provide a smoother, quieter ride and show no problems maintaining balance.

Concerning the burning of oil, my experience has been that I need to add one quart every 4-5 thousand miles. Previously, I owned a Corvette and had the same problem. I believe that kind of problem is enherent in such a high powered engine. I drive the car hard and fast, enjoying the benefits of this fine machine.

This is no $70K automobile. I paid less than $50K, new and loaded.

General Comments:

This is a well-tuned machine that performs as expected.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

1999 Cadillac Seville STS Northstar V8 from North America


A superb American sports sedan


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

My 1999 Seville STS is a dream car to drive, ride in, and look at. Cadillac got it right with this model of Seville. The V8 Northstar engine is full of power and can easily get the car to cruising speed in a matter of very quiet, smooth seconds. Or if you prefer to step down on the gas prepare to get your head jerked back and burn some rubber from your tires as this baby goes from 0 - 60 in a matter of eye blinking seconds.

I really don't have anything bad to say about this car. It's a symbol of American pride and of great American cars gone by.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004

24th Nov 2005, 03:36

Have driven one of the latest (brand new) Seville STS built in 2002, I can tell you: It's not a Sport Sedan.

The Handling is absolutely shocking! 300 Hp, soft suspension and FWD... Torque Steer all the way and pray an Ave Mary, every time you get to a corner - Severe understeer and body roll.

The car feels very twitchy at high speeds. No wonder Cadillac limited the STS to 130 Mph. At 100 Mph the steering started to shake badly - The ride is floaty and the car wallows every bump on the road.

The Brakes lack in feel and why the traction control can't be totally turned off?! The damn thing was always interfering!

25th Aug 2006, 21:58

The above comment sounds like bits and pieces from an automobile magazine, I doubt this person has ever seen a Seville never mind driving one.