2002 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6 Northstar from North America


A car to love!


Nothing, the car is a dream!

General Comments:

If you are even slightly considering one of these cars stop reading right now. Go out and buy one.

These machines are awesome. Where to start? 300HP? This has to be under-rated by GM. For a 2 ton car, it takes off like a muscle car from the 60's.

The seats are beautiful, and super comfy for long trips.

The Bose stereo is incredible.

At speed, I've had mine over 95MPH, it is solid, stable and attached to the road. You really feel safe in this car.

Not to mention that the car itself is drop dead gorgeous!

The technology in this car is so well integrated that you forget its there. Take the automatic wipers. No extra buttons, just a regular old wiper stalk. Except when the rain starts so do the wipers… Amazing!

One word of warning, some (maybe even most) of these cars will vibrate near 70MPH There are a number of causes, most problems are linked to low quality Goodyear tires. Plan your test drive to include a deserted bit of flat smooth freeway and open her up. If she does not vibrate between 65 and 75 you have found your car.

I test drove four, two vibrated two did not. Interestingly enough the higher mileage cars were smooth! This might be one of the rare cases that a high mileage used car might not be so bad. High mileage cars will be on their second set of tires and almost no-one replaces the OE Tires with another set of Goodyear's.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2004

27th May 2005, 09:58

Mine is a 1997, bought from a Wholesale dealer. Checked with Carfax after I bought it, had been a leased car twice. Love this car! No vibration at any speed. Have had some oil usage. Actually, this is my fourth Cad and I think my favorite, although the 1979 Deville Deluxe is pretty close. Will try to keep it "up to par" so I can have it forever!

2002 Cadillac Seville STS Norhstar V8 from North America


Nice car if you don't drive it over 50mph


Vibration at highway speeds.

Burning engine oil.

Electrical problems.

Clunking in the front end

General Comments:

Was so excited the night we went to pick up our brand new black on black STS. A new Cadillac, what more could you want.

Salesman was great, He went over that car with us with a fine tooth comb. He showed us how everything worked, Set up our On-Star account, Programed our seats you name it he did it.

We left the dealer as happy as you could possibly be about a new vehicle, after all we just got a brand new Cadillac, The car we always dreamed of having, The one we worked years for to be able to afford.

Our first few miles were great. We were ecstatic. We decided to take it for a fast ride on the freeway, After all this is the American version of a luxury sports sedan. This car will be best at highway speeds. As soon as we got to about 60-65mph we noticed a vibration-pulsation in the steering wheel and could also feel it in the seats. Didn't think much of it, figured it just needs to break in a little bit.

THEN THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS. After the first week we decided to bring it back to our dealer to have it looked at. They said probably just needs the wheels balanced, it will be just a few minutes. Go to our customer lounge, have a cup of coffee, maybe a donut, we will have it done for you in no time. Left the dealer and sure enough it was still vibrating. Seemed like it could of been a little worse.

Over the next few months we got really familiar with the service department at our dealer. Not only for the vibration problem, but for a few others like heated seats that kept blowing fuses, They tried fixing that about 6 or 7 times, finally just putting a larger fuse in to correct it, and excessive oil consumption, They wanted us to come back every week to measure the oil to see if it was to GM specifications. No wonder the customer lounge was so nice, they knew we were going to be spending a lot of time there. They finally threw a service bulletin at us and said it was normal for the engine to burn 1 or 2 quarts of oil every few thousand miles. We thought they must know, This is a Cadillac, The best of the American cars. But the worst one was the vibration. We had everything done that was recommended, Tires repalced with special Michelin's, Rotors cut, Special wheel balancing procedures, New control arms, You name it they did it. You've heard it all before.

The car still vibrated. I talked to the service manager and he said "That's the way these cars are, they have a tight sporty suspension they are supposed to ride a little rough" That was not what I was expecting to here about a $50000.00 car. Not that beautiful black Cadillac I worked so hard for.

Next I contacted Cadillac customer service. They then contacted my dealer to try to resolve this problem. I was told by the service manager there was nothing more he could do with the car. He did everything Cadillac told him to. He also told me I wasn't the only one with this problem.

Next I contacted an attorney. I won't go into details, but I don't have the car any longer, The one I thought I would keep forever, Only had it for a year and a half. Its a Cadillac where could you possibly go from here. I will never look at a Cadillac the way I did before ever again. They blew it.

Don't let them get away with it. I have read a lot of other postings to this site about the same problems over and over.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2003

3rd Jan 2004, 11:01

This is all becoming very familiar. I have had my 99 STS for about 2.5 years. Bought it used and the warranty was about to expire so I took it in, mainly because the Service Stability light had started to come it, but it had also developed a "shudder" when applying the brakes at higher speeds. I also requested an alignment, which had never been done, and got the service "special" which included a tire rotation and wheel balancing as well. Also requested that they re-look at the engine oil consumption (again) as the de-carbonization procedure did nothing to reduce the consumption of oil (my check oil level light comes on about every 1200 to 1500 miles).

Anyway, only the brakes (which ended up needing the rotors turned as well as pads), alignment, rotation, were able to be completed at the time. I picked up the car and immediately took it out on the freeway and noticed at about 62-70 MPH, this vibration, seemingly in my seat. Took it back to the dealership a couple of days later where they rechecked the balance on the tires. They now say that the balance was perfect, but that my tires are cupped, and the vibration is because of that. I was just researching what cupped tires were when I stumbled across all the issues with the vibration.

Did your dealers put the new tires on? They are telling me that I need to purchase new tires which I am about to do, but not if there is a warranty issue here.

My dealer has said nothing to me about the "service order" referencing this issue, but I am about to bring it up.

I find it interesting that before I took it in, there wasn't any vibration from cupped tires, but after having all the things done that should put the car in an optimum driving state, that this vibration has come up. Maybe because of the rotors being turned???

2002 Cadillac Seville STS Northstar from North America


Over rated, over priced


Vibration at highway speeds 65-75 mph.

Various electrical problems.

Excessive engine oil consumption.

General Comments:

Cannot believe Cadillac would continue to build these cars with the vibration problem they know, but don't tell all of us that can't be corrected.

Very disappointed in the car and the service. Would never consider having another one.

Don't buy one, you will be disappointed too.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2003

21st Sep 2003, 17:59

What? I have one and it did have the vibration, but my dealership fixed it. That was the only problem with it. It has about 15000 miles and the engine runs great and no electrical problems.

18th Oct 2003, 18:14

You say the dealership fixed your vibration problem, but you did not tell us how. My dealership has replaced the tires and will be replacing the lower control arms as soon as they come in. Is there something else they should be looking for?