3rd Mar 2004, 22:34

Never, never fix a fuse that keeps blowing by replacing it with a bigger one. Huge fire potential! All you probably needed was new heated seat elements. (common problem).

13th Apr 2004, 23:49

Shame. I recommend Lexus, but if you want American luxury try a Lincoln Town car, they're quite reliable.

6th Aug 2004, 10:14

I bought a 2002 S.T.S. in May. The dealer had installed H rated Continental ContiTouring Contacts. After a week I noted a vibration beginning at 62 and up. Took it back and rebalanced. Some help, but not fixed. Took it on a trip and began hating the car. Took it back and road force balancing showed 2 tires with road force in excess of recommendations. Replaced those 2 and the vibration was gone. Began to notice then that every seem in the road jarred my teeth. Went on search for the answer. Cadillac T.S.B. states to replace the original Good Years with Michelins. Michelin advised to use MXV4 Plus, but my adviser said he thought I would find that ride too hard, so we put on Symmetry yesterday. Today I am pleased with the ride and handling of these tires even though they are rated below the car's capabilities.

10th Aug 2004, 19:08

I have a 2002 Seville, STS, It is black/black and I have a hard bumping on the drivers side under the front. It can be felt in the steering and especially when braking and turning. Dealer replaced the hub. Stopped for 4 weeks. then returned louder. I bought the car with 27,000 miles on it 2 months ago and has been in the shop for air conditioning problems, window motor, blown bulbs, and the above. It has a 4 yr. warranty, but, I travel 100 miles to take it in and loose 1 day @ work. This is getting aggravating. I had a 97 concours and it used oil and had air problems, but, with 60,000 miles. Starting to reconsider!

12th Jan 2005, 15:51

I recently bought a 2002 Seville with 19.500 miles on it. It is still under warranty. I too have the same problem with vibration. Dealer put on new Goodyears as part of the purchase agreement. The car vibrated all over the place especially between 62-72 mph. Tires were force balanced and still the condition continues, Dealer rebalanced about 3 times. Then the dealer replaced with Michelins Synmetry's-still same problem. Dealer then replaced wheel- (rim slightly out of round) -still the problem. Dealer found bulletin relating to control arms and had them replaced-problem still exists. The dealer that sold me the vehicle was not a Cadillac dealer, but he was a Gm dealer. The manager said he had done all he could do and that maybe The Cadillac dealer had a better idea of the problem. Looking at the previous history of the vehicle-I found that the brake rotors had been turned. No wonder the previous owner got rid of the car!!!

21st Jun 2005, 09:07

I have just read comments about the Cadillac Seville (STS). I was going to buy American. Now I've changed my mind. When are these people going to realize they are losing business to other countries. I want to buy American, but... with these type of comments I will start to look at a Lincoln.

9th Nov 2005, 14:29

I suggest that anyone considering the purchase of a Seville visits www.cadillacforums.com. Here, many of the idiosyncrasies of these autos can be researched in much greater detail than those comments here.

Yes, Northstars burn oil. They are designed as a high performance engine and need periodic cycles of wide open throttle to keep the engine operating at peak efficiency. Most owners do not do this, thinking the engine should be babied. In turn, the piston rings don't get worked properly as carbon builds up. Regular wide open throttle, per the forum's recommendation will reduce, if not eliminate, excessive oil consumption. A well maintained Northstar will go 200K-250K miles before it starts to show its age. Regular maintenance is very minor - the car will tell you when to change the oil, and coolant should be changed before 5 years or 100K.

Some Sevilles seem to have a shudder at 65-70 mph. This is well documented. The suspensions on these cars are so hyper-sensitive to the slightest road or tire imperfection that the vibration will frequently find its way into the cabin. Generally, out of round (bent) rims and defective tires are the main culprits. Sometimes a loose brake caliper can cause the problem, or a worn suspension bushing. The Seville, and specifically the STS, is not intended to ride like a Deville. If you're looking for the plushest possible ride, the Deville will be the better choice.

Referencing the Town Car and Seville in comparisons is rather pointless. These are completely different autos. The Town Car has antiquated engine and suspension technology, putting it in a completely different price point and target audience than the Seville. If a soft, floating ride is what you're after, then again, I recommend you take a look at a Deville.

These are great cars. My '98 STS has over 117,000 miles and is going strong. It still looks every bit as nice as any brand new car, and I regularly get about 25.5 mpg per tank running on 87 octane. Highway trips return close to 29.5 mpg. It is unfortunate that the people who have great experiences (several hundred thousand Seville owners since the '98 model was released) are rarely heard. I feel for the few folks out there that have had a bad experience, or have encountered a service department that wasn't up to the task. Keep in mind that every rose has its thorn, and no other manufacturer is any different.

9th Dec 2005, 08:50

I am awe struck by some of your comments about the 2002 STS. I purchased my 2002 2 months ago and have been putting about 100 miles a day on her. Everything has been working better than expected. This is my first experience with Cadillac, and am very pleased with comfort and style. I am amazed how so many people look my way. This car is 4 years old and still attracts looks and probably will for some time to come. No vibration or road feel at all except for the brake shake on down hill curves. 43,000 miles on her and time to check the rotors. Previous owner may have been on the brake too much. Good to hear that the North star engine can take up to 200,000 miles on her. Technology has come a long way. I hope all who have problems with their STS will soon correct them or try another sts. You may in fact have gotten one of those so called lemons.

22nd Dec 2005, 08:18

There is one thing that you NEVER do when you purchase a BRAND NEW vehicle. You do not ever drive it above 50 MPH on the highway until it has passed it's break in period of around 500 miles. This increases driveline wear, and premature wear of many of the other components of the vehicle.

29th Dec 2005, 13:47

I just bought a 2001 STS with 50,000 miles about two months ago, she has the gold package with custom rims and is BEAUTIFUL. This STS was traded in by a "BMW" person that didn't understand Cadillac's and was frustrated by several "small" issues so she traded the STS in for a BMW? OUCH, now she's in for some real $$$$$.

I saw the STS as I drove by this mom/pop BMW dealership and stopped in to inquire. After a test drive there was no doubt I was going to buy the car. There was however, a clinging sound in the back left strut and it had a clicking sound in the steering wheel. Being that this was going to be my 3rd cadillac, I know these cars (AND LOVE THEM) very well! Most of the time, the problems are easy to identify and fix... IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MECHANIC (and not a dealer!!!). I have a local Cadillac certified mecanic that I have known for over the last 10 years and he has serviced all of my caddy's. I highly recommend to everyone to find a certified caddy shop and never take yours to just any mechanic. I had him take a look at it and he knew exactly the issues. I had both taken care of and it only set me back $275 which the mom/pop dealer took care of!!

I'm 33 years old and on my 3rd caddy. My 1st was a sedan Deville, 91, she was big, plush and a dream to drive. I had to upgrade to a 1995 STS, which I bought with 48,000 miles, I just sold her, in beautiful condition with 163,000 and has 100,000 miles left in her. My new 01 STS drives like a dream and I can tell she wants me to hit 5-6000 rpms! I'm sorry to hear that some of you out there have had bad experiences, but with the 3 I've had the last 10 years, I've been very satisfied.

My last word would be to recommend never taking your used STS to a dealer, try to find a shop that is Cadillac certified and works on older models. If you cannot find one, ask you local Cadillac dealer, they usually recommend older caddy's to local mechanics that are certified.