26th Nov 2006, 08:40

I own a 2002 STS, I am the original owner. I love my car, but I have had some problems. there is a "clunk" in the front end when turning, the dealer has never been able to figure it out. I have replaced the passenger side front wheel bearing and now have to do the driver side rear wheel bearing. I have lost both crank angle sensors, all 3 O2 sensors, and the fuel guage goes nuts when I get down to 1/2 a tank of gas. Again, I love this car, but will NEVER by another Cadillac.

7th Dec 2006, 08:46

I purchased a 2002 SLS this year with 65,000 miles. It vibrates in the 62-76 mph range; to Cadillac's credit I will state that the the former owner had after market rims and generic tires put on. Within a month of my purchase I had to replace engine heat sensors, the water pump, and the front engine mount. Within three months I had to replace both front wheel bearings. The driver's side heat warmer doesn't work; which I just found out this winter, and the heater-blower quit working two weeks ago. The car burns oil to the extent that I try to check the dip stick at every fill up, and I tend to have to add about a third of a quart every other fill up (I use Mobil Synthetic 5W-30). I now realize that this is a normal occurence for the North Star, but it doesn't make checking the oil any more convenient. The SLS gets approximately 24 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway which I am happy with, especially for such a large engine. It safe, accellerates well and looks nice. Although the car is used with 80,000 miles (at present), I just figured owning a Cadillac under a 100,000 miles meant minimal maintenance. After reading the seemingly common problems with this series I am seriously considering trading the vehicle in after Christmas. This is too bad because I really like the car's style and the nestalgia of owning a Cadillac, but I am increasingly hesitant to spend more money on repairs. On a final note, my father and grandfather have never had problems with their Devilles.

17th Dec 2006, 08:45

I purchased my BEAUTIFUL blue onyx 2002 Seville STS two months ago from a local Cadillac dealer. It had 56K miles and was a one owner vehicle (the previous owner bought a new Caddy). My previous vehicle was a 1998 Jeep Wrangler, so this was quite a change. I was looking at (and test drove) Saab's, Audi's and other foreign made cars before "falling" for the Caddy.

It is a fantastic piece of automotive technology. The vacuum fluorescent display is unlike any other car's "bland" instrument panel (the only one that even comes close is the display that was on my 2002 VW Golf). The award winning interior design is beautiful (the real wood trim is very elegant and doesn't look tacky like it does in some other cars). The exterior lines, high intensity headlamps, four tailpipe exhaust and the 17" chrome wheels make for a very sporty, but classy look.

I love all of the other technology in this car including the OnStar hands free phone (which I had upgraded at no cost to digital capable and enabled as part of my Verizon cell phone plan), the driver information center (DIC) and the stability and traction control. The 425 watt Bose stereo with the 6 CD changer (plus one CD in dash), XM radio and weather channel is incredible. This car was obviously ahead of it's time in '02 (I believe the Seville and Deville were the only cars available with factory installed XM radio for the 2002 model year).

The ride is very smooth, yet cornering is sports car crisp. The Northstar engine is unbelievable. At idle it is extremely smooth and quiet, but step on the pedal and it lights up with plenty of power. It does seem to use a couple of quarts of oil between changes, but that's only a small inconvenience for having such a wonderful engine.

Since I have no factory warranty (it was not GM certified and I just went over the dealer's used vehicle 3K mile warranty) I'm keeping my fingers crossed regarding the car's reliability.

So far the car has exceeded my expectations and I'm proud to own it.

18th Dec 2006, 08:47

"Award winning interior design"?

Proof please.

Even the Cadillac managers at GM admit the interiors are ugly (as reported in AutoWeek).

Cadillac may be good at some things, but interiors it is not.

26th Jan 2007, 22:35

Interior of the sts 98 04 is very nice.

22nd Feb 2007, 17:47

OK, I found this article regarding the Seville's interior.


It references the 99 Seville, but I don't believe the design changed much (if at all) in subsequent models, including the 2002 Seville STS.

Personally I think it's awesome looking and very functional.

23rd Apr 2007, 21:10

Love my 98 STS, but been having a weird problem. I start the car (turn key to start engine) then my dash goes crazy with a few lights (ABS, air bag, traction control). After that happens my stock Bose radio resets to 12 o'clock and I have no radio control. I also lose control of windows and sometimes my climate control. When I cut my car off (shut down engine) and put it in Accessory position, I get all functions back to normal. But the weird thing is it will happen for a few days, then months go by then and nothing happens.

4th Sep 2007, 11:07

For that steering wheel vibration, don't bother going back to the dealer. No matter how carefully they balance with their static and dynamic spin balancer it won't help if something else is off balance. Find a front end out fit that will balance your front tire ON THE CAR, and I'll bet your problem will be solved till the next set of tires.

2nd Nov 2007, 16:21

I own an '02 STS and bought it with 50,000 miles on it. It's a great car, but I've had all the issues that others have mentioned: 1) burns oil, particularly synthetic; 2) front end "shimmy" - took 3 weeks to completely diagnose; 3) driver's side seat warmer doesn't work; and 4) some random electrical problem in the radio circuit - sometimes pulls current when the engine is off overnight.

It bought it for $14,000, but I've put nearly $3,000 in parts and labor to keep it running.

12th Nov 2007, 05:47

Just bought 2002 STS with 88000 miles. I paid $8k. Hoping I don't have problems other owners have mentioned...

11th Dec 2007, 20:54

Own a 00 STS. Bought it around last April.

I have had this serious vibration since day one. Nothing has worked so far. Dealer balanced tires 4 times. Then I took it to a Cadillac dealer and had them balance the tires. Still nothing. Went back to where I bought it and they finally put 4 brand new Michelin's on it. Still same problem.

Since then I just recently replaced (myself) both front wheel hub's and outer tie rod ends. Still same thing, vibration still just as noticeable.

I just ordered 4 brand new cross drilled/slotted rotors for front and rear along with all new semi metallic pads. Hoping that the new rotors and pads will help a little bit.

Also does use oil, dual zone climate control.. the air on the drivers side just stopped blowing cold air, yet the passenger side does. And the center console rattles and is super loose and will not tighten, which causes an awful rattling sound every time the wind blows.

Great power from the Northstar, and the transmission shifts smoothly except into 2nd, which is a little on the hard side.

Cabin noise is fair, but could be a little better.

Overall hard to rate the car's ride because of the awful vibration. Don't know if I'd wanna buy another one.