12th Feb 2012, 02:59

I'm commenting on the negative comment towards my opinion on my 2006. If you read carefully, I stated that high cost maintenance on luxury cars is inevitable; doesn't mean you have to necessarily like it. I took that into account before purchasing it. I still have it, can afford it and have 2 other cars, so BOOM! You need to pay attention to what you are reading before you bother to write.

16th Jun 2013, 18:03

And further more, you are talking about a 90's model Lexus that was cheap to maintain. Now if you purchased a newer Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Acura, or Cadillac, do you think the parts and labor and recommended dealer maintenance cost would be the same as Malibu??? The answer is NO!

I agree the Northstar engines are garbage; this being the main reason I steered clear of that engine, and my decision for not getting the V8 version. Luxury cars equal luxury costs, starting at the purchase of the vehicle, and going throughout ownership period! I don't know what planet you live on, but I have owned enough cars in my lifetime to know the difference.

5th May 2015, 21:29

New cars nowadays are not cheap to maintain, period! I still have my Caddy that I have been able to maintain just fine. Again, I can like the car and not the cost to maintain it, but if I'm willing, then it is plainly obvious that I accept that.

You have a lot of nerve passing your judgment on my opinion. I can tell you one thing, your opinion of mine doesn't matter. I still have it and am planning on getting another very soon, and guess what??? I still don't like how much it will cost me to maintain. But I like the value I get from it enough to keep it and get another!!! Life lesson for you, we work hard for the things we want in life. We may not always like what is required in the process to obtain it, but as long as you deem the outcome worthy, then it's worth it.

Beginning and end, don't bother responding if you happen to read this response from your comment 2 years ago, and I'm officially done with this dialogue.