5th Jan 2016, 13:12

If you don't agree, it's your choice.

But the guys in the front line are really helpful.

Moreover, quality-wise they have improved a lot on the 2016 model year Tiggo 5. Please don't get confused between the Tiggo and Tiggo 5.

If you have any doubts, please go and visit the showroom to view one.

11th Jan 2016, 07:57

I am not talking about the Tiggo or Tiggo 5. I am talking about the value of chinese vehicles. As an expatriate, chinese vehicles are not worth it for us.

When I check the value of my vehicle in the same dealers pre-owned store, they told me AED 22000 for my AED 50000 vehicle after 5 months. Is that good for you?

If you go for any Japan made or any brand other than chinese, you will get 80 or 85% of the value (in one year).

At least the dealer can support us to avoid loss. If they are not ready to give 80% of the vehicle value, then where we can sell this vehicle? As per my experience, no individual will take a second hand chinese vehicle.

Here we need to think about our financial security. In an emergency how will you recover your loss? You are spending money for service also. It will come to 450 to 750. For oil and filter a maximum of 120 AED. Water wash 35 AED. The balance for what? So there also you are losing money. Then after selling your vehicle, you are losing more than 50%.

I am writing here with my own experience, not from my imagination.

Last week I got call from the dealer saying that they are not selling the vehicle because of my writing in this site. Why did they call me for that? When I make a complaint, they are avoiding me and now they are calling me to change my attitude.

28th Apr 2016, 12:41

Does not look like a value for money car...

11th Nov 2016, 08:27

OK - you did know it was Chinese when you bought it, didn't you?

What did you expect?

A friend used to sell Chinese motorcycles. A customer asked once why the Chinese only gave 1 year warranty while the Japanese gave 3.

My friend replied the difference with these bikes is if it breaks down out of warranty, you just buy another one and keep the first for spare parts.

27th Apr 2017, 12:10

I am not commenting or complaining. The Chery brand is a waste of money. From my experience it is the worst experience in my life. Don't buy any Chinese car since you are expats.

All managers and supervisors are playing between management and customers.

Anyone need more evidence, call me and come to see my vehicle, and I will show all the evidence which I got from my recent experience.


No argument needed... Just come and see... Whoever is not accepting... come and see. I am challenging anyone.

Today I was checking for an insurance quote - purchase value - 50000. AED first depreciation 10% and second year 20% - but I got 26500 value for my vehicle except the quote from the dealer's insurance company - that's also a high premium.

Most of the online inquiries are not accepting Chinese brands. [compareit4me.com](http://compareit4me.com) is not accepting it even online also.

22nd May 2017, 17:11

Anyone want any proof against this Chinese vehicle. Call me 0551990074.

19th Apr 2018, 11:04

I have a 2010 Tiggo 2.0L TXE automatic with 170,000 km on the clock.

The only fault was the catalytic converter on the exhaust, for which a replacement was not available so I had one fabricated in stainless steel and the sensors disabled.

No other problems have occurred, and I would recommend the car to anyone wanting a big car at a small price.

18th Jun 2018, 18:11

Can you send it to my e-mail?


30th May 2019, 07:11

Don't close the doors hard, and by that I mean just bang it like it's crap, then perhaps you might not come across the issue with power windows at all.

2nd Jul 2020, 11:25

Never ever buy Chinese car. No argument, no opinion. Just avoid any brand owned by China.