2004 Chevrolet Aveo sl (not sure) 1.4 4-cylinder from North America


Small, powerful vehicle that's a tank


Got totaled by bad driver in Acura.

Air Bags did not deploy in 40MPH collision. (Trust me, you'll do FINE!)

Replacement parts too expensive, and long shipping delays (car otherwise was fixable).

General Comments:

These little cars are TANKS!

Well, what can I say? Even though I only logged in a measilly 1,921 miles, I was impressed with what this car can do.

I currently have a Dodge Neon, and oddly enough, the Neon has to work harder than the Aveo to accelerate at a decent rate on the freeways, and both hold the same RPMs at 55MPH (about 2100), and at 65 (2,700 Aveo, 2,500 - 2,600 Neon). Basically, for what little power the Aveo had, it was as feisty as the "bigger" cars out there.

As for interior size, the "surprisingly big" thing didn't work, although it was spacious, but I had a 1994 Eagle Summit that pulled off the Clown-Car-That's-Huge trick better. :) The craftsmanship and materials used were not exactly the greatest (scratched the daylights out of the glove box when my plastic lunchbox hit it, which never happened in any other cars I had), but you get what you pay for, but in terms of styling, it was basic, but you do get more than what you paid for.

The Air Conditioning was not it's strong point, as it was a bit weak (again, you get what you paid for), but it wasn't really all that bad, except on very hot days, it was a tad tough to take. Can't say about the heat, though, only had the thing from early May to Mid July.

The sound system was awful, sorry to say. I had the radio/CD combo, and 4-speaker system. Maybe the 6-speaker system sounds better, but the one I had sounded very muffled, but I was impressed with the bass output, considering the size of the speakers. At least the radio looked fancy. :)

The "Lockout Prevention" system was annoying, but let's face it, it's a good idea to try and keep from locking in your keys. This hasn't happened to me ever (as of yet), but it's nice to have that ounce of prevention. It also has a rear wiper, which would've been useful during slow commutes in the snow, but that will never happen.

I was a bit uneasy about the handling on slick roads, though. I hit some puddles, and hydroplanes a bit easily. The puddles might be bigger than they looked, being in Massachusetts, where the roads are terrible anyhow. All-in-all, it didn't seem to handle any different, except take off ramps and tight turns slowly, they are tipsy little creatures (like the Focus was).

Then came the awful moment, when at 45MPH, a guy in an Acura (a well-built luxury model), pulled out in front of me with no warning, and we hit, hard (about 40). Surprisingly, the bags DID NOT GO OFF, but they did on the Acura.

Although I was fine, the end result was the front right and front were smashed in, although almost nothing was pushed inward, except a cooling fan. The Acura, on the other hand, the entire front was bent toward it's right side, all components seriously bent in, and everything on the front of the car had to be scooped up with a shovel. To sum it up, the Aveo is one very tough little car! Acuras are supposed to be fortresses on wheels, and this itty-bitty thing destroyed it!

I showed the damage to someone, and to the other car, and was amazed what the little Aveo can destroy.

To sum this part up, GOD FORBID you get into a bad wreck with this little tank, be assured you're well protected, and the other guy will get it worse than you will (unless the other vehicle is much bigger, of course). Maybe your air bags will work, though.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2004

29th Sep 2004, 09:59

My name's Kevin, and I am from an equally "sub-compact" country across the globe called Singapore. I too drive an Aveo LS. Only thing is our engines here are only 1.4L, and we don't get the airbags. Cars here are very expensive, so I guess some accessories got to go to make it more affordable.

Anyway I concur with what have been said about the Aveo being a tank. Just a couple of months back while on an expressway, some guy came from behind, rammed me, and pushed my Aveo into a stationary Toyota in front (was in a traffic jam). His Nissan suffered minor dents and damaged radiator fans. However the Toyota in front suffered a major cave-in on its rear. The cave-in even had the frontal wedge shape of an Aveo.

As for my Aveo, it suffered a damage bumper, a cracked signal lamp, and a warped radiator. My rear end crumpled in by about 20cm. Considering that the Nissan hit me at a probable speed of 35 to 40mph, I would say the Aveo is one tough little car.

2004 Chevrolet Aveo LS 1.6 from North America


Great bargain!


I have had no issues with this this car.

General Comments:

This little car is HUGE inside. There is so much space. I have to take a double-take whenever I get out.

This car has all the options. There are many well thought-out items.

This is the quietest small car I have ever driven.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

5th Jul 2004, 20:01

I just looked up the Aveo at www.chevrolet.com - where is this car made? And do you have any idea how it can be so small and get a 5 star crash test? Anyone?

6th Sep 2004, 01:08

The Chevrolet Aveo is also known as the Daewoo Kalos in Europe and some parts of Asia. It is made in Korea. It is penned by Pininfarina, the same company which penned Ferraris. It got 5 stars due to sufficient crumple zones, airbags and a stiff body.

9th Dec 2004, 09:47

Yes - the car is a Korean Daewoo Kalos with a Chevy badge on front. Daewoo spent a fortune designing a new line-up of world quality cars to compete, but then they went bankrupt. GM stepped in and "took over" Daewoo and kept the Kalos and Lacetti (Aveo and Optra). Both cars are exceptionally well designed and are packed with features not normally associated with economy vehicles.

The poster prior is correct that these cars are true global products. The motors are designed and built by General Motors Holden in Australia (At least for the Lacetti). These motors are great economical workhorses. A great pair of cars.

1st Jul 2005, 09:16

In fact, the car isn't even called Daewoo in Europe anymore. Chevrolet has officially put their badge on the car in Europe too, so now it's called the Chevrolet Kalos.