1st Feb 2005, 02:40

Quite frankly, I fail to see how this car sells in the numbers it does.

Apart from looking pretty in hatchback form, the finish is scrappy, the quality of trim dire and refinement woeful!

The less said of its dynamic abilities, the better as it understeers badly when pressed on its admittedly skinny tyres of Korean origin.

It is adequately roomy, but for rear seat headroom, but access to the rear is poor as the door opening angle is too narrow.

Simply adding leather seating and a CD changer to what is basically a mediocre design does not turn it into a good car.

And what were GM thinking about by migrating from Daewoo to Chevrolet branding?

2nd Feb 2005, 01:58

I'm the original person who reviewed this car. The tires were upgraded to 195/50-15. Much better performance on the turns. Using Falken ST115.

11th Mar 2005, 03:06

I've been driving the 'Aveo' Sedan for about six months now and I have very little to complain about, besides the gear shift which seems a little rigid and rough. It is still, in my humble opinion, value for money for its class. The body work is superior to the 'Kia' Rio (from observation) and the Aveo comes with ABS which is a big plus point if you're into safety. The fuel consumption is pretty decent so you wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. The car is also quite spacious and comfortable due to the high seats. If you are into a low cost family car, this is probably a good choice. However don't expect much in terms of speed and acceleration.

14th May 2005, 18:19

Please note this is not a U.S. market Aveo in this review. U.S. models do not get leather or other luxury items. However. the U.S. does get a larger 1.6L engine where most markets do with a 1.4L or smaller.

14th Jul 2005, 22:21

What is your gas mileage? For a full tank, how many kilometres can it go? I am thinking of getting the aveo 5 & need some opinions from chevy drivers.

5th Mar 2006, 05:26

I just booked an aveo5 manual. Pretty excited. Got 14 inch alloys.

5th Mar 2006, 10:38

Yup, they are addictive. I got mine a year ago and now a friend of mine picked up the same model in silver.

The only difference between 2005 and 2006 is the awful LAWYERS!

In addition to the owner's manual now being half full of "how to be safe" (read: here is everything an idiot should know about driving so you won't sue GM), now you have TWO idiot lights. One is the BRIGHT light in the instrument cluster telling you your daytime running lights are on. The more annoying light is on the dash, and it IS annoying. It is telling you the passenger airbag is OFF when no one is sitting there. You can't turn either light off without disabling other vital controls.

If this is the future, I don't want it. Soon the entire car's dash will look like Times Square with lights telling you everything is "on" or "off" so you don't sue. Stupid.

Guess a penny worth of black masking tape is the only solution.

Wish GM would treat their buyers like customers instead of potential plaintiffs.

6th Dec 2006, 19:25

I'm the original poster of the review. The car is now 2.5yrs old and has done 91,000km. Timing belt got changed at 60,000km as advised by the owners manual. Brake fluid changed out at 30,000km intervals. Faithfully followed oil changes at 10,000km intervals.

It gets 14.5km/L consistently from 80% highway miles if I don't encounter any traffic congestion.

Twice a year during my driving vacations, the car gets a stressful workout at 165kph (about 100mph) for 3hrs.

Pretty much did what it does as a simple passenger car.

6th Feb 2007, 15:41

I work for a collision repair shop and we are currently fixing a 2006 Chevy Aveo! Upon doing the four wheel alignment we found the rear axle to be out of alignment on the right side! We have ordered two replacement axles and both were more out of alignment than the first one we had taken out! There is no adjustment on the axle except to replace it! We are currently waiting on GM to call us back and tell us why this is!With the rear toe out on the axles it will wear tires out extremely fast!If anyone else has had the problem please post a comment!

6th Feb 2007, 19:03

What does this mean? The Aveo you working on was in an accident, or are you simply doing maintenance on it?

18th Feb 2007, 10:48

Chevrolet Aveo 2006 Hatchback Rear Wheel Alignment. I just had my 2006 Aveo aligned and the after alignment specs show that the left rear axle TOE adjustment is out of alignment. Specified range is -0.04 to 0.29 and the actual and before readings are 0.32 (*). The notation (*) states that "This value is not within specifications. Tire wear, handling and safety problems may result." I plan to take the car to a Dealership Service Section this coming week.

9th Mar 2007, 08:21

The Aveo's power is acceptable to me as long as you got two or less people in it. Sure, it could benefit from more horsepower, but what car couldn't? Being slow or fast is a relative thing. My old Supra would smoke the Aveo, but it was a dog compared to a Z28, for example. The point is, the Aveo was never intended to a fast car from the start and I've honestly never seen GM attempt to market it that way either.

There's good value in the Aveo for what you pay. Build quality is way up there, embarassing GM's own higher level cars if you ever rode in one, you'll see the difference.

What really impresses me about the Aveo is how the car rides up higher, feeling more substantial in size than it really is. We have tons of potholed roads around here and they jar cars like crazy, but the Aveo held its own a lot better than I thought. No skittish hopping that a typical short wheelbase car would have had. It feels almost like a mini-minivan if you could call it that.

Overall I'm so hyped up about the Aveo because it's the best value I've ever had in a new car. I've owned sports coupes in the past that were plenty fast, but they had serious comprimises and not really such good bang for the buck as a typical commuter car. I really like the Aveo.

9th Mar 2007, 11:48

In the real world, not the Fast and Furious one, I smoke people at lights all the time with my 5 speed Aveo. Yeah, the car isn't fast, but the reality is most drivers are on the cell phone, applying makeup, or otherwise distracted, so are incredibly slow off the line.

Highway, city, whatever, I'm always in the left lane leaving the gas guzzlers in the dust.

14th Mar 2007, 14:24

Had my '04 Aveo now over two years. I am the orginal owner. I have been to the shop roughly 40 times only two major repairs... a bolt arm and glazing on my brakes. Dealership, that I visited provides negative comments regarding my car (which I bought elsewhere). However, still receives looks on the street and we like it. Approaching the end, and am a little worried. So far, dash clock has been replaced twice; thermostat, and repairs above. Just make sure you have brakes checked often for glazing.

Other than that, my only adivce is to hold on to your repair slips. On a scale of 1-10; 10 being the best. This little car gets a 5; for value and reliability. I stress pick a dealership that doesn't follow maintenance request with, "Are you sure you want that fixed? After all don't be surprised it is an Aveo."