13th Dec 2008, 09:42

I have a 2004 Aveo, was wondering if anyone knows why my engine light is on? Code says "multiple missfires". Plugs wires coil packs all check good. What else is there? Noticed light oil on plugs when pulled. I think this may be the problem, but probably more money to fix than its worth. Does this eng have a crankshaft position sensor?

P.S. I wish I never bought this car!!! Parts are also hard to find and can't get most of the parts you need.

13th Dec 2008, 16:48

As a mechanic, I can assure you that you paid WAYYYYY too much for your routine servicing on your Aveo. If you purchase a good service manual and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS (very important) you can do all this stuff yourself. At around 65,000 miles I changed the timing belt on my OHC Ford vehicle. The cost: about $20. Paying $130 for a cooling system flush is ludicrous unless they filled it with vintage champagne. My transmission filter change cost me a whopping $10. I DO recommend changing the water pump at the same time as the timing belt because of the hassle in getting to it, although my last water pump only cost me $40.

I always encourage people to learn some about repairing and servicing their own cars. It will save enough to buy you a new car over a period of 5 or 6 years, especially if you own a high-maintenance import. Several months ago I replaced the front brake pads on my GM compact. I've heard of people paying well over $100 for this. It cost me $17 and took all of 15 minutes (it's an INCREDIBLY SIMPLE procedure). $15-$35 for a good repair manual and about $50 for a few good tools will be repaid on your FIRST REPAIR.

17th Dec 2008, 12:03

I purchased my Aveo in February 2004. From November 2007 - July 2008, I had my car in the shop 18 different times for various issues. At this time, my DRL aren't coming on and either are my dims. I only have my brights available. So, can anyone help me with that? We have tried the relay and the fuses and those are all fine. What do I need to do?

17th Dec 2008, 15:09

Anybody who thinks import cars and trucks are expensive to service and repair has not been watching what's going on in the world. Ford, Chev and Dodge are doomed because they keep making poor quality, overpriced, inefficient vehicles.

I wish they would have listened 10 years ago when we all started leaving them for "Japanese Scrap".

Honda has killed our auto giants by making cars people want.

21st Dec 2008, 13:32

"Anybody who thinks import cars and trucks are expensive to service and repair has not been watching what's going on in the world. Ford, Chev and Dodge are doomed because they keep making poor quality, overpriced, inefficient vehicles"

Another myth. I am a MECHANIC, I DO watch what's going on in the world. That's why EVERY ONE of my family's last 10 new vehicles has been a solid, reliable DOMESTIC. The problem with the Big Three is not about quality. Their cars are literally some of the best in the world. The problem is an American public who DEMANDED gas-guzzling SUV's. The American auto makers simply supplied what the public kept asking for. Then the economy went down the tubes due to a horrible government and no one wanted ANY cars because they couldn't AFFORD them.

Honda and Toyota sales are down MORE than Ford's sales. If it were about quality this wouldn't be the case. In addition, domestics offer far, far better warranties because the quality of their current products is so high. No Japanese manufacturer has yet had the confidence in their vehicles to match the U.S. makers warranty.

Finally, many people are waking up to the fact that if we truly care about the future of our country, we will support U.S. industry. Many of our friends and neighbors are making the decision to buy U.S. company's products over those that take money away from our citizens. My family even chooses to buy our electronics and appliances from companies based in the U.S.

I visited a friend at a local GM dealership last week. He was ecstatic because in one day they had sold FIFTY-ONE new GM vehicles!! Granted, our area of the country is far more patriotic than others, but that is still an awesome number of cars for a dealership in a town of 40,000 people to sell in ONE day. My best friend asked me a few days ago if I'd help him pick out a car as a Christmas gift for his son. My reply was "Only if it's a domestic". He readily agreed.

31st Dec 2008, 19:14

I own a 2006 Aveo. I have had the car for three years, and had quite a few problems with it from the beginning. My Aveo now has 53,000 miles on it and it is falling apart. I was told today I need to replace the head gasket, so I wanted to do a little research on the low quality parts that make this car a huge pain. I have had the same problems that are mentioned in the previous posts. I would not advise anyone to buy this vehicle. It is great on gas and cheap, but I wouldn't expect problems like these until I hit 100,000 miles. I had a late model Geo Metro than ran great and did not start having issues until it hit almost 400,000 miles. I will never buy another GM, and when I have contacted the dealer they blow me off. They refused to repair my shifter because I was 500 miles over warranty and I never had my oil changed by them.

2nd Jan 2009, 14:19

My Chevy Aveo 2004 LS hatchback has been reliable and without problems for 54,000. Good gas mileage, able to carry a variety of things, and easy to park in NYC. It handles the road better than my Honda and has more space than the hatchback. Acceleration is OK.

I also appreciate the MP3 player, and automatic headlights.

Had my mechanic check it recently, and he said nothing needed replacement apart from two tires. I will have the timing belt changed soon with one from "gates". That sounds like money well spent.

2nd Jan 2009, 23:33

To comment 19:14: Aveo is NOT a GM, so not buying another GM makes ZERO sense. Aveo is a Korean made vehicle sold through GM. You should have opted for one of the GM built compacts, which are bigger, faster, much more reliable, cheaper AND get better gas mileage.

The Aveo is an import, and like Honda, Toyota or Nissan, it can't be expected to be as reliable as A GM built car. That's why GM warrants their cars for 100,000 miles.

Before buying a car you should do a bit more research. As a mechanic and car enthusiast I get tired of hearing U.S. companies being put down because of flaws in cars not built by U.S. car makers. When my friends back in the late 80's used to gripe about their Chevy Novas falling apart at 50,000 miles, I was quick to point out that it was a Toyota, NOT a GM. Now when friends have trouble with their Pontiac Vibes, I let them know that the car is a Toyota sold by GM. You need to make yourself aware of what companies actually produce the cars you're buying and avoid poorly built imports. Never buy from any manufacturer that does not have the confidence in their product to warrant it for 100,000 miles as GM does.