1988 Chevrolet Beretta GT 2.8 from North America


This is my first car and I love it


I paid 100 dollars for the car, then put 1,000 into right away. At first it was just a sensor, but Pep Boys gave me a list that needed fixed. The roof material is starting to fall, but that is an easy fix. There is an exhaust leak at the dough nut gasket, so I am going to replace all of the exhaust.

General Comments:

The car has nice throttle response, and it can do good burnouts. It still needs a few minor things, i.e. new paint and exhaust.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

13th Oct 2004, 13:23

How did you get the roof material to stay back up? Mine is falling apart as well, but the car is great!!

1988 Chevrolet Beretta 2.8 Fuel Injected Multi POrt from North America


Did you say Beretta or Crap-fest?


The stater broke at 163,000 miles.

The front wheel squeaks because of unknown causes.

The oil gauge broke, don't know how.

The metal that holds my rear springs in place is rotting away, leaving me wonder about my safety.

The interior went to you know where in a hand basket.

The door panels are constantly loose.

The floor boards rotted out before I owned it.

The odometer stopped working at 173,000 miles so I have somewhere around 210,000 miles now, I believe.

Entire exhaust system fell apart, and that's no good.

General Comments:

I believe that I got my $400 worth. It has been a wonderful car for how hard I drive it. It still leaves shocked and amazed that it is still alive and running.

It eats gas like crazy and I have no clue why.

The engine is great though. It's really strong, I'm very surprised.

For how crappy it is. I'm surprised that I am still alive.

But you can't I guess, 400 bucks was a good investment.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2003

12th May 2003, 13:12

You've got to be kidding!!! You're complaining that the starter went out a 163,000 miles!!!???!! Most Fords won't even last that long.

Quit your whining. The Beretta is a great car. Mine had over a quarter million miles when it was totaled by a drunk in an accident.

27th Feb 2005, 00:47

I used to own a 1989 Beretta. It was my first car. I miss it dearly, even tho we called it the "Ghetta Rhetta", because it was "ghetto". I am now going to buy a different one. They are great & dependable cars, so quit fussing. If my Thunderbird ran half as good as my beretta did I wouldn't even consider buying another one. I guess I am just a Chevy girl at heart.

1988 Chevrolet Beretta CL 2.8 V6 from North America


The greatest thing on four wheels!


When I bought the car the fuel pump was bad.

Right now the water pump is going out.

The carpet is shabby.

The headliner is falling.

The dashboard is slightly cracked and warped.

The blinkers are going out.

The tape deck don't work.

The Valve Cover Gasket Leaks oil.

I need new Drum Brakes.

On the trunk lid and the top of the car the paint is faded.

General Comments:

The car is real quick and handles like a dream.

Overall the car is to big for me, I have to sit like two inches away from the steering wheel.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2003

30th Apr 2003, 22:35

That's great Steven. I had most of the same problems with my 1988 beretta GT. it has 220 000kms...but it still runs. the funniest thing I noticed is that everyone's headliners are falling down. mine too... easiest solution --> don't drive with the windows down, because the glue sucks. and about your oil seal problem --> I fixed mine for 2.98 being a fairly new mechanic. I lifted the air plenum off (don't suggest you try this) and simply replaced it with a better seal. places say you have to hoist, but you don't, and really you don't even have to take the plenum off. good luck. AND NICE CAR! ;)