1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy 500 3.1 V6 1st Generation from North America


The wonderful powerful brother of the Camaro - you should have one


Just about nothing. Of course when you buy a used car, the first thing is to give it a good check over. I've replaced:

Thermostat, battery, spark plugs, spark plug wires, all things needed for tune up, all 6 fuel injectors, digital dash (still isn't the best but can see things clearly), Sony radio, brakes pads/rotors/calipers/brake shoes, 2 new front tires, water pump, timing belt/chain, interior accessory lights in footwell, transmission cable & bracket (bracket rusted off).

For a minute it had this weird high idle (2000 rpm the minute you start it) but somehow it magically went away (even the Chevy techs were stumped) & it runs beautifully.

Also replaced the side mirrors (folding Indy 500 mirrors). Found Beretta mirrors online at Ebay & painted them same teal color.

The paint is now patina & every car painter said to really paint it right & get the 32 year old paint code, it'd be about 3-4 grand to paint. So it's a teal/patina sort of thing going on. The worst thing is it leaks when it rains on the passenger. Getting a new headliner should end that.

General Comments:

I honestly think buying it from a one owner, $1500 for 126000 miles isn't bad.

After putting about 2000 in it, it's a great car, always starts no matter how cold it gets, NEVER runs hot, just a little bit on raggedy side inside, but still I'm happy with it. Even in its current condition, I get people who had one & I hear their stories about them. I ALWAYS wanted an Indy 500 teal with sunroof. And now I can happily say I'll drive it til it won't go no more.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2022

1990 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ 2.3 i-4 from North America


Expensive pocket rocket




Ignition coil.

General Comments:

Found my GTZ off a guy that wanted 900. Was my 1st time being taken by a private seller. Didn't know much bout cars then, didn't know how to drive a stick either, so I had my friend test drive. I still remember the sound of the quad 4 with NO exhaust system.

Later once I got plates, I learned the loud exhaust was from the manifold not the convertor as originally thought. The turn signals only worked if I flashed the stalk myself, 5th and reverse didn't work, nor did the brake lights. And I was lacking an air cleaner element.

Drove the Beretta for 5 months before the clutch went, partly due to me thinking I was in a Fast and the Furious movie. She'd go from a dead stop to 110 before I even got thru a freeway on-ramp. Garaged her for a year, fixed the clutch, shift linkage, & coil for the same price I paid. Drove her for a couple months til winter, then kept as a project car.

Eventually, my son was born and needed a bigger car. That and the clutch was going AGAIN. So I let her go for once again, $900.

Interior was crappy from day one, the car obviously wasn't taken care of by the previous owners. This being my only GM model car, I can't fairly base my opinion on the company off one small car.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2009

7th Dec 2009, 08:50

"She'd go from a dead stop to 110 before I even got thru a freeway on-ramp."

It is a wonder that you didn't kill someone or yourself, driving so recklessly.

I certainly hope that you have learned to drive responsibly, for your son's sake.

9th Dec 2009, 10:28

Why is it expensive if you sold it for what you paid for it? Also, your most expensive repairs were admittedly caused by you, so you really can't say the car was expensive. In this case the driver was the major expense. Show some restraint and treat a daily driver car, that is sporty but by no means a "Fast and Furious" car, with some respect and care.

You also admitted the previous owner didn't take care of the car, which really reinforces the point about falsely claiming this car is "expensive" in the repair and upkeep departments. You'll go broke with any car you refuse to stay within the limits of it's ability on.

I am amazed at how many reviews are on this site where people complain about cars that are 1. over 100,000 miles and 2. abused by them or previous owners. These reviews are not helpful at all really, and just serve as a gripe session for a jilted owner who lacks the ability to properly drive or care for their car.

17th Jan 2017, 04:53

A "pocket rocket"? These were about the size of a midsize sedan. It's a bit of a stretch to call them small.