1998 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 from North America


Car has been good to me for 7 years


Power steering pressure hoses at 35000 had to be replaced.

I am on my 3rd set of ball joints.

Passenger side seat adjuster broke in the first week I owned it.

On my 3rd set of wheel bearings/hubs.

Original tires replaced at 65,000 miles, and I am on my 2nd set of tires, which are dry rotting (Michelin LTX).

On my 2nd battery.

Windshield wiper module replaced at 125,000 miles.

On my 3rd set of front shocks.

Gas gauge does not work.

The fan for the heater/AC does not have a 2nd speed.

Front speakers blown since 90,000 miles.

Rear windshield wiper does not work at 130,000.

General Comments:

The car has been very dependable and no body rot. Tie for something newer.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2009

1998 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4-Door 4.3 High Output V6 from North America


The best first vehicle I could have ever gotten!


I purchased this car on my 16th birthday, in October of 2003, for $5000. It came with new tires and a new muffler. My Blazer LS had the ZR2 suspension, giving it 2 inches in height, and 3.5 inches in width over the stock Blazer LS. This was a Custom Option.

The mechanic changed the oil, which he compared to sludge, and handed me the repair history, which the previous owners had included. It received new tie rods at around 65,000 miles, and a new gas tank at 95,000 miles. Other than that, just tires, brakes, and oil have been replaced.

Here is the list of repairs in the last 5 years...

105,000 - PVC valve clogged. Ran on 2 cylinders for about a week. STP fuel additive recommended by mechanic. No charge.

115,500 - A/C blew hotter than the heater. Charged for about $40.

119,000 - Passenger side caliper froze. Replaced brakes all around, and both front calipers for $450.

121,000 - Brake line snapped on highway at 70MPH, but managed to use the transmission to save my life. Fixed brakes, emergency brake, and serviced my transmission for a cool $600.

Started going to a Chevy dealer for my repairs...

130,000 - Blew my front passenger side strut. Not bad for the original suspension! Due to the lack of funds at the time, being full time in college, I opted to remove the ZR2 lift from the Blazer, and went with a new stock suspension. This ran me about $900. Wow, the performance from my GM touring suspension package is amazing! To this day, it runs quiet, and handles bumps and jitters like a dream! It takes corners like a car!

132,000 - replaced my radiator after it cracked, and spewed antifreeze all over my engine. $150 in total *neighbor runs a shop*

132,300 - Throttle spring rusted due to antifreeze. Accelerator stuck down, and engine ran at 5500 RPM, until I attacked the spring with a healthy helping of lithium grease.

142,000 - Fuel pump blew, after filling tank. $700 for the pump and labor, and $150 for the tow. Lost all of my gas!

142,345 - 2PM, middle of nowhere, lost low beams, and driver side high beam. Drove home with the assistance of a mag light, and the running lights. Replaced the stock headlight bulbs with Silvana High Intensity Halogens for $70. I swear that those lights could melt the skin off your hands! Highly recommended!

143,900 - Noticed that rear end was leaking from rusty cover. Spider gears had no lubrication. Caught it in time!!! $30 bucks for a new cover!

147,500 - Fuel pump blew again! Covered under warranty. Paid $150 for labor, and lost my tank of gas again! Mechanic recommended 8oz. of Marvel Mystery Oil with every fill up.

151,000 - Front end fell apart going 70MPH on the highway. Discovered the emergency brake doesn't work at all. Tie rods hammered into a use-able shape, heat treated, and reapplied. Replaced struts and cross members as a result of the sudden drop on the roadway. Replaced oil pan, transmission line, brake line, and plastic shroud that covers the bottom of the engine for a cool $997.84. *I told the mechanic at the dealer that I would marry him if he kept the repair bill under 1000*

153,500 - At about 100 miles after an oil change, and a quick inspection at the dealer, my head gasket blew! This was in January of this year, one week after I broke my knee. In driving the Blazer to the dealer, I inadvertently overheated my engine to the point where a crack can be seen through the block. This cost me $800, after receiving a $200 employee discount *I guess they felt bad for me* Apparently, this is a normal occurrence for Blazers of this mileage.

155,000 - Driver seat broke while driving. Almost plowed into a plow! Pulled up on the wheel, and the door panel. Ripped the door panel off. Dealer installed rivets all around *stopped interior rattle!*. $100 for the handle and lumbar part. Installed it myself in about a half an hour.

Rolled over to 160,000 yesterday, and still running strong!

General Comments:

This truck is a beast! It out performs my mother's Jeep in the winter.

I get an average of 17 MPG mixed, mostly city, running on premium with STP additive and Marvel Mystery Oil added per fill up.

Car turns, and stops on a dime, and it is a pleasure to drive. My friends are amazed with the performance my Blazer puts out. Fast and very torque heavy!

Remarkably quiet, once the rivets have been installed on the interior panels. Engine clicks for about 10 seconds when started in sub zero temps, but not too bad for being 10 years old!

Dark green paint still shines strong! People compliment me on my OCD care of the car, when in reality, it only gets washed down twice a year, on average! It has never been waxed *too lazy*, but it always has that mirror shine to it.

I am 6'7", and I have plenty of stretch room, and can move the seat up halfway to accommodate for my 6-foot friends.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2008