1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.7 Liter from North America


Performs well... at a price


Constant problems with the 4 wheel drive.

Lights in the dash cluster are possessed.

Rattling coming from spare tire assembly.

Plastic moldings in the "trunk" rattle.

Replaced the idler arm.

Replaced the oil lines.

Replaced the 4x4 switch.

Lights in the radio mysteriously died.

General Comments:

I bought my Blazer thinking that it would be a sensible purchase in order to efficiently deal with a typical Canadian winter. The truck is very comfortable. I love the interior. I love the way it handles and the way it performs in snow, slush and on ice. My only problem with the truck is that you pretty much have to budget for monthly or bi-monthly repairs. I have an 87' Mustang with a 5.0L that I drive in the summer and it costs less to maintain that, and it's old, than the Blazer. Aside from being an endless money pit the gas mileage is horrible, but I was expecting that from the start. In general, it's a good truck if you can budget yourself for the repairs that it will need intermittently.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 Vortec from North America


OK.. Would not buy another


First day driving off lot wheel bearing passenger side went out.

First week recliner knob broke off driver side.

Sixth month excessive front end wear. Was told by dealer that this vehicle goes through tires like water.

Eight month battery needed to be replaced.

At 1 year noticed that there was a rusty like substance in radiator. Dealer stated that this is normal and replaced radiator cap. Year after that I was getting cold air with heat on. Dealer told me that there was something wrong with anti freeze from dealer and would cost about $800.00 in repairs (all before 45K miles) No one would take responsibility even though it was documented a year prior. (no recall for this radiator thing, but there was a notice from GM on how to fix it)

More squeaks than Grandma Moses' house.

Rear window fluid hose got clogged. Dealer wanted $50.00 I fixed for nothing.

Oxidizing on Alum rims.

Driver door sagging.

Passenger vanity mirror flap fell off.

I just hit 51K. I baby this car and maintain it well (all documented) and put about 7K a year. unsat overall!!!

General Comments:

Interior not bad a little small. Fabric holding up with minimum wear and tear. Paint still in good shape. Handling is OK for a 4X4. Gas mileage is OK about 200 miles city to a tank full and about 240 miles Highway. per tank full. (15 gal. tank). average about 13-18 mpg.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 08:37

How do you fix the heat issue? email jk9065@yahoo.com.

1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS from North America


You never know what will happen next


Passenger side recliner handle broke off the first day I had it.

Have replaced three wheel bearings.

Rear hatch window does not latch shut.

Rear window wiper does not work.

Have replaced battery 4 times.

Ball bearings in front end went out.

Glove box door does not stay shut.

Electrical problems cause headlights and interior lights to surge constantly.

Muffler went out at 50,000.

Back left seat does not fold down.

General Comments:

The four wheel drive performs well and has gotten me out of many sticky situations.

The interior is very comfortable and laid out well.

Besides all of the problems that have gone wrong with it, I love my Blazer.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004

1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 gas from North America


Most expensive to maintain vehicle I have owned


Front wheel bearings under warranty, including new front brake rotors.

Oil cooler lines 2 times (once under warranty)

Leaking transmission seal replaced.

Leaking block heater replaced.

Steering idler arm replaced.

Rear wiper not working (not fixed)

Fuel tank sending unit (not fixed)

Seat recliner handles (both replaced under warranty, drivers broken again not fixed)

Prior to the Blazer coming off warranty it was not unusual for me to have to return to the dealer several time to have things correctly diagnosed and replaired. Since coming off warranty this has improved.

General Comments:

The engine performance has been acceptable.

I use the vehicle to tow a boat short distances and it does a good job at this.

The Blazer has a drive line shudder when accelerating which the deal says is normal. I would have expected better having driven Jeeps and other Chev trucks.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2004

5th Jun 2006, 12:17

I own a 1999 Blazer. Biggest mistake I ever made.

(2) 4X4 switches went covered by warranty.

Stalled when going through puddles.

Had 5, yes 5, air pumps replaced until the dealership discovered a back pressure problem with the cat converter was causing the issue.

Right front bearing gone at 60,000

Internal signal switch inside steering column went - covered by warranty.

Upper & lower ball joints gone.

Horn sporadically stops working.

Rear wiper failed.

Rear defroster failed.

Solution..... never ever buy another Chevy.