1999 Chevrolet Blazer LT 3.1 V6 from North America


Poorly made; 2K a year in repairs, not worth it!


Passenger side recliner handle broke at the dealer when the dealer was cleaning it. They replaced it, and it broke again.

Glovebox door does not stay shut, I have to put a wedge a piece of plastic in it to keep the glovebox light from draining the battery.

Gas gauge stays at full for 70 or so miles, then plummets to 1/2 tank.

Handle that you pull to open the hood broke off, have to use pliers to pull wires to make the hood pop open. Eventually the wires kept breaking off so I had to chip away at the plastic surrounding them to get them long enough to pull again. Any suggestions on how to remedy this would be great.

Left rear seat does not go down.

Rear window hatch does not latch shut, flies open on the freeway.

Rear windshield wiper does not work. The motor keeps running on it, so I have to take out the fuse so it does not drain my battery.

If I lock my doors, it drains the battery and my alarm will randomly go off in the middle of the night or when I am at a store for 15 minutes.

Have had to replace alternator 3 times.

Replaced battery 4 times.

Replaced left and right wheel bearings 3 times.

Ball joints are bad, causing the inner ring of my front tires to wear down to wire after only 10,000 miles. I am saving up money to replace them, until then I just buy new tires.

Replaced muffler after 50,000 miles.

Replaced fuel pump at 140,000 miles; it is starting to go again, I have trouble keeping it started in the morning.

Coolant/Antifreeze system is leaking, just discovered a couple weeks ago. It leaves a nice puddle for me in the morning, have yet to get it fixed.

Drivers side seat belt does not retract automatically, gets caught in door if I don't retract it myself.

Drivers side door pin is loose, and falls out of place, making the door not shut. I have to put it back in every once in awhile.

General Comments:

Four wheel drive works great.

Heater works great.

Interior is comfortable and laid out well.

If it wasn't' for all of the problems I have had with it, I would love this truck.

I only have two years left to pay on this thing at $365/month. I hope it lasts that long, I put on a lot of miles delivering pizzas!

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Review Date: 16th December, 2004

14th Aug 2005, 15:29

I'm in shock, you just described my car... the passenger seat recline handle, the alternator, the hood release and the bearings. Seems too much to think just coincidence.

Can you enlighten me on replacing the bearings myself. I've read so many things, some are not able to be repacked, some are...

Just looking for a definitive yes or no I can do it and if you know where I can find out HOW to do it. Hate to spend $400+ after just replacing alternator and rear end 2 weeks ago.

28th Aug 2005, 19:01

Replacing the bearings usualy requires proper tools. as when the bearings fail its not the balls its the races. they get indexed and need to be removed and replaced.

Within 3000km I had to replce both from hubs, ABS sensors and pads calipers and rotors. wipers are haunted and my seat recline is gone... glad I only paid 12,000 for it.

15th Oct 2007, 10:57

Bought one of these used and have replaced transmission, front end, and have been having problems with failure to start. Had it towed to mechanic twice and it starts for them. Has not started for 2 now so I am having it towed to get the fuel pump replaced. I can't wait to get rid of it after that. No more GM products for me.

1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 Horsepower from North America


I would never buy a Chevy again and GM needs to fix the problems they have created


Transmission went out at 60,000.

Electrical in dash melted and started on fire.

Heat went out completely.

Door Hinges broke.

Handles on seats broke.

Steering column shorted out

Ball bearings broke.

Rattling in hood.

The back window has leaked when it rains or when I go to car washes.

Gas mileage was excellent when I purchased it, five months later, now it eats gas.

General Comments:

The car is a money trap. You have to keep paying to fix it. There is always a problem with it. The Blazer is very unpredictable and not reliable. The dealer told us to bring it back in two years and we would break even with it. Now, I can't get rid of it. I am VERY upside down on the payments!! I just want to get rid of it. No one wants them!!!

GM dealerships won't even stand behind their work. They put in rebuilt transmissions instead of new transmission. They charge you an arm and a leg to get it fixed.

My husband has a Silverado truck and they were going to charge him $1,000 to replace a $100 part, which he did in 1 hour.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2004

11th Nov 2004, 11:34

A period of 5 months depending on the miles put on the blazer could indeed led to a over consumption of gas. Did you ever try replacing the spark plugs, wires, cap or rotor. Did you ever do the recommended maintenance to the vehicle. Any vehicle not properly maintanied has the apparent possibility to consumer more gas than it orignally did. Don't down grade a vehicle on your blurred perception.